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History & The Bible

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History & The Bible. July 29 th , 2008 Joel Lampe. Quick Review. Date of Creation 4004 BC Date of Flood 2348 BC Repopulation of Earth Via : Noah Shem Ham Japheth. Population of Continental Africa. Safe To Write In Margins Of Your Bible. Djoser in place of Pharoah

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history the bible

History & The Bible

July 29th, 2008

Joel Lampe

quick review
Quick Review
  • Date of Creation 4004 BC
  • Date of Flood 2348 BC
  • Repopulation of Earth Via :
    • Noah
    • Shem
    • Ham
    • Japheth
safe to write in margins of your bible
Safe To Write In MarginsOf Your Bible
  • Djoser in place of Pharoah
  • Imhotep in place of Joseph
  • Moses is Senmut / Tutmoses II
  • Gold Refining, Idol Making, Jewelry Making IS NOT Foreign To Israelites
    • Because of Aaron
today s theme
Today’s Theme
  • Leave Egypt – Head North-West To Crete
  • The Cradle Of Civilization
  • Archaeology a 1,000 Years From Now
  • Archaeology 101
  • Occam’s Razor
  • Genesis 9 : 19 - 29
  • Amos 9 : 7
archaeology 1 000 years from now
Archaeology 1,000 Years From Now
  • How Will the Hampton Inn Be Perceived?
  • How Will Dr. Lampe’s House Be Perceived?
turkey crete cyprus the greek islands
Turkey, Crete, Cyprus & The Greek Islands
  • Before We Look Forward 
  • Let’s Look Back 
  • In Short Let’s Know Our Written History
the dead sea scrolls the book of jubilees
The Dead Sea Scrolls & The Book Of Jubilees
  • Largest Text Source Found
  • Except for Psalms, Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Exodus, and Genesis
  • Therefore Highly Valued & Highly Regarded
  • Jubilees Created More Excitement For Jewish Scholars Than The Torah
  • ***
what does jubilees say
What Does Jubilees Say?
  • Jub. 7:16-18 - "And Shem dwelt with his father Noah, and he built a city close to his father on the mountain, and he too called its name after the name of his wife. And behold those three cities are near Mt. Lubar; fronting the mountain on its east; and on the south, and towards the west.
  • Jub. 10:13-17 - "And Noah WROTE down all things in a book...And he gave all that he had written to Shem, his eldest son; for he loved him exceedingly above all his sons. And Noah slept with his fathers and was buried on Mt. Lubar in the land of Ararat. Nine hundred and fifty years he completed his life...And in his life on earth he excelled the children of men save Enoch because of the righteousness wherein he was perfect. For Enoch's office was ordained for a testimony to the generations of the world, so that he should record all the deeds of generation to generation till the day of judgment.
  • ***
where is mt lubar
Where is Mt. Lubar
  • Translated Today as Mt. Cudi
what does josephus say
What Does Josephus Say?
  • "and the ark rested [...] on the mountains of Armenia", Book 1, Chapter 3, Line 5
at the base of mt cudi we find
At The Base of Mt. CudiWe Find…
  • The Ruins of Heshton
  • Oldest City/Village Ever Uncovered In Old Armenia / Present Day Turkey
  • Before City Was Given Ruins of Heshton
    • Was Known As “The Village of The 8”
    • ***
josephus agrees to
Josephus Agrees To…
  • “Now I have for witnesses to what I have said, all those that have written Antiquities, both among the Greeks and barbarians; for even Manetho, who wrote the Egyptian History, and Berosus, who collected the Chaldean Monuments, and Mochus, and Hestieus, and, besides these, Hieronymus the Egyptian, and those who composed the Phoenician History, agree to what I here say.” Book 1, Chapter 3, Line 9
continues to say
Continues To Say
  • Now when Noah had lived three hundred and fifty years after the Flood, and that all that time happily, he died, having lived the number of nine hundred and fifty years.
  • Confirms Our Biblical Account
here we go again
Here We Go Again
  • The Period Between Genesis 9 : 19 – 29
  • 350 YEARS!!!!
what we already know about noah
What We Already Know About Noah
  • Founder of China
  • Has More Children
  • Travels Frequently Around The Known World
  • Has Palace at Thebes, Egypt
  • Has Palace on the Island of Crete
  • Dr. Tryon Lectures (Weeks 1 & 3)
archaeology 101
Archaeology 101
  • The Fundamentals
  • Knowing Dates & Their Reference Dates
  • Don’t Be A “Cretan”
  • Be A “Mazarian”
  • It’s Not Science Fiction
  • It’s Science!
the fundamentals
The Fundamentals
  • There’s Near East Archaeology
  • There’s Crete Archaeology
examine handout
Examine Handout
  • Crete is the Only Identity That Segregates Itself From Traditional Archaeological Dating
  • Minoan Dating Scheme For Crete
  • Bronze Age Dating For The Rest Of The “Known World”
  • ***
it s all about the pottery
It’s All About The Pottery
  • Shape
  • Hand vs Wheel
  • Color
  • Size
  • Look At Us … We’re Smart
    • Oil Lamps
    • Perfume
    • Food Storage
people love to drink cook
People Love To Drink & Cook
  • Wine Storage #1
  • Olive Oil Storage #2
  • Water Storage #3
  • ***
where manetho was wrong as equally wrong was sir arthur evans
Where Manetho Was Wrong As Equally Wrong Was Sir Arthur Evans
  • Simply Put – Hands Down The Worst That Could Have Engaged Crete
  • March 16, 1900
    • Worst Date In Known Archaeological History
    • His Biggest Fault? The Earthquake of 1700 BC
if evans publishes
If Evans Publishes…
  • Throw It Out!
  • Discard It
  • It – For Lack of Better Words Is WRONG
so what s the truth
So What’s The Truth
  • “Don’t Be A Cretan”
  • “Be A Mazarian”
look to the pottery
Look To The Pottery
  • What Does The Pottery Say?
    • Earliest Wine Storage Vessels Ever Found
    • Earliest Olive Oil Storage Vessels Ever Found
    • Earliest Water Storage Vessels Ever Found
    • ***
  • 2250 BC
  • Flood 2348 BC
  • Noah Lives 350 Years After Flood
  • Easy Math – Noah Dead At 2000 BC
occam s razor
Occam’s Razor
  • What Is Occam’s Razor?
  • Anyone Want To Take A Guess?
  • "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best."
let s examine crete
Let’s Examine Crete
  • Earliest Date For Crete Occupation Using Flood
  • 2343 BC
crete today
Crete Today
  • 20 % of All of Greece’s Wine
  • 130,000 Tons of Olive Oil of the 430,000 Tons of Olive Oil Greece Produces Annually
  • “LEFKA ORI” Greek For “White Mountains”
  • 50 peaks over 2000 m high, towering over the old town of Chania.
crete 3 100 years ago
Crete 3,100 Years Ago
  • The Archaeology of the Near East Proves
  • 82 % of All of Mediterranean Wine
  • 100,000 Tons of Olive Oil For Mediterranean
  • Unknown Fresh Water
what is crete in 2300 bc
What Is Crete In 2300 BC
  • Crete Will Always Be Knossos
  • What Is Knossos
the palace
“The Palace”
  • Home of Sir Arthur Evans Monumental Debacle
  • NOT Even Arguably the Worst. Simply Put…The Worst
  • He Had NO Skill Set. Just Wealth
  • No Minimal Education For This. Just Wealth
what did he do wrong
What Did He Do Wrong?
  • Dug Too Deep – Too Fast
  • Amateur Diggers
  • Cross Catalogued Pottery
  • Dug Thru Destruction Zones
  • Ignored History
  • Will Never Scientifically Know! Unless We Lean On the Bible.
so let s lean on the bible
So…Let’s Lean On The Bible
  • Four Men – Four Women On the Boat
  • Off in 2350’ish
  • Earliest Date For Palace
the pottery dates to 2300 bc what else
The Pottery Dates To 2300 BC – What Else?
  • Identical Egyptian Seals
  • Statues
  • Frescoes … ?
  • Figurines
  • The fresco (Italian meaning "fresh") is a type of mural painting.
  • Frescoes Illuminated the Walls. Fragments Crumbled On The Ground
  • Piet de Jong Put Them Together.
  • Dates of Artwork Range From
    • 2300 BC to 1700 BC
  • Most Archaeologists Suggest Much Earlier Date
  • What Did He Put Back Together?
figurines idols
Figurines / Idols
  • At 1480 BC “It” Shows Up
  • Disappears in 1440 BC
  • Never Seen In the History of Crete Again
  • Give it a Guess
go figure
Go Figure…
  • 1440 BC Is The Last Date Of Minoan Occupation
  • Linear A Stops At 1440 BC
  • Linear B Starts At 1440 BC
  • Minoans Disapear in 1440 BC
  • Mycenaeans Appear in 1440 BC
go ahead and say it
Go Ahead And Say It
  • Moses Flees To Midian?
  • Occum’s Razor
  • "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best."
it s not my style but i go with occum
It’s Not My Style – But I Go With Occum
  • Crete is the Site of :
  • Gen 9:21And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent.Gen 9:22And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without.Gen 9:23And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid [it] upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces [were] backward, and they saw not their father's nakedness.Gen 9:24¶And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.
good idea but not concrete
Good Idea / But Not Concrete
  • Time Between Leaving the Boat & The Curse On Ham
  • And in the seventh week in the first year thereof, in this jubilee, Noah planted vines on the mountain on which the ark had rested, named Lubar, one of the Ararat Mountains, and they produced fruit in the fourth year, [1320 A.M.] and he guarded their fruit, and gathered it in this year in the seventh month.
  • And he made wine there from and put it into a vessel, and kept it until the fifth year, (Leaves Turkey – For Crete) until the first day, on the new moon of the first month…You know the rest of the story.
  • Jubilees Chapter 7
and who are these people
And Who Are These People?
  • Good Idea But Not Concrete … I lean on Occum.
  • It Cant’ Be
  • Moses Flees For Midian 1480 BC & The Ox Shows Up
  • Minoans Flee Crete In 1440 BC At Same Time of Exodus
  • Linear A Stops
  • Linear B Starts
this isn t joel
This Isn’t Joel
  • This is HIS Story
amos 9 7
Amos 9 : 7
  • Here’s Dr. Tryon