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Learning Objectives PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning Objectives

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Learning Objectives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health Promotion in Context of Culture Casey Chamberlin,Jameelah Harris Andreea Molcut,Umair Athar Source: Promoting Health in Multicultural Populations . R. Huff and M. Kline. 1999. Learning Objectives. Distinguish between health promotion and health education Provide definitions of key terms

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Learning Objectives

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Health Promotion in Context of CultureCasey Chamberlin,Jameelah HarrisAndreea Molcut,Umair AtharSource: Promoting Health in Multicultural Populations. R. Huff and M. Kline. 1999

learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • Distinguish between health promotion and health education
  • Provide definitions of key terms
  • Examine implication and impact of cultural barriers in promotion and education
  • Provide ways to break cultural barriers to health care
definitions of key terms
Definitions of key terms
  • Health promotion- any planned combination of educational, political, regulatory, and organizational supports for actions and conditions of living conductive to health of individuals, groups, or communities
  • Health education- any planned combination of learning experiences designed to predispose, enable, and reinforce voluntary behavior conductive to health of individuals, groups or communities
what s your definition
What’s your definition?
  • Culture
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Acculturation

-how do you assess this?

  • Assimilation
  • Cultural competence
rate your cultural competence
Rate your cultural competence
  • Cultural awareness
    • sensitivity
  • Cultural knowledge
    • understanding
  • Cultural skill
    • assessment
  • Cultural encounter
    • relating
characterizing barriers patient
Demographic Barrier




Language spoken


Educational level/literacy

Occupation/ finances


Generation in the USA

Cultural Barrier


Gender/family dynamics


Time orientation

Language spoken

Religious beliefs and practices

Social customs, values, norms

Traditional health beliefs and practices

Dietary practices

Communication patterns and customs

Characterizing Barriers-Patient
characterizing barriers patient7
Characterizing Barriers- Patient
  • Health Care System
    • Insurance/Financial resources
    • Orientation to preventative health services
    • Perception of need for health care services
    • Ignorance/distrust of Western medical practices
    • Poor doctor-patient communications
    • Lack of bilingual/bicultural staff
strategies to overcome barriers
Strategies to overcome barriers
  • Improve your cultural competence and skills
    • Asking patients questions about their culture
    • Education of patients through designing and employing materials relevelant and culturally appropriate to target group
    • Diversifying medical staff
final words
Final Words
  • Melting pot vs. salad bowl
  • Robert M. Huff and Michael V. Kline, Health Promotion