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On-Line Work-Based Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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On-Line Work-Based Learning

On-Line Work-Based Learning

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On-Line Work-Based Learning

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  1. On-Line Work-Based Learning Professor Tony Toole University of Glamorgan November 2007 From Margin to Mainstream

  2. On-Line Work-Based Learning • Work-based Learning • The Wales e-Training Network • Collaborative Development and Delivery • The Validation & Management Models • Summary of Key Issues for the HE Sector From Margin to Mainstream

  3. Work-Based Learning • Leitch: To achieve world class skills by 2020 the Review recommends widening the focus of HE targets to encompass both young people and adults via workplace delivery. • Reaching Higher: We shall encourage the HE sector to work closely with local business and respond to their needs - promoting increased participation, lifelong learning and upskilling and driving for innovative and flexible delivery. • The Strategy: We wish to support you in using technology to enhance the learning experience regardless of location of delivery, including the workplace. More than 70% of the 2020 Workforce is already over 16yrs old More than 60% of the 2020 Workforce is already over 22yrs old From Margin to Mainstream

  4. The Wales e-Training Network Key objective: To provide SMEs with Essential skills development opportunities At a time and location that suits their Business work and time constraints From Margin to Mainstream

  5. The Wales e-Training Network • A collaboration between all HE and FE institutions in Wales creating training solutions for SMEs • Development and delivery of a range of modules from NVQ level 2 through to level 4 • Validation of level 4 modules as an on-line Foundation Degree • Collaborative delivery with tutor support from a range of HE and FE institutions across Wales • A very different management and delivery model compared with conventional campus-based courses From Margin to Mainstream

  6. The Benefits of Collaborative e-Learning Development and Delivery Significant cost savings in development Scalable capacity to deliver nationally and internationally Sector-wide e-learning capacity building From Margin to Mainstream

  7. Development 24 Modules Structured materials Navigation Discussion Forum 20 Institutions Structured tasks Shared Pedagogy Assessment Common Ownership From Margin to Mainstream

  8. Delivery Common VLE: Moodle Multi-Institution Team of Tutors Weekly On-line Team Meetings Mobile Technology Support Quality Assured Process From Margin to Mainstream

  9. The Validation Model Want a model where all institutions Can contribute to delivery But Universities can only award their own degrees And We want the FE sector to be an equal partner So We developed a completely new validation model That allowed all institutions to participate From Margin to Mainstream

  10. Wales e-Training Network Institutions and Agencies Management Board HEFCW /ELWa Financial Management Quality Assurance Joint Validation Unit Scheme Management Quality Evaluation Scheme Regulations Universities HEIs & FEIs Programme Management Learning Activities M1 Tutor 1 Institution 1 Learning Activities Mn Tutor n Institution n Programme Team The Management Model From Margin to Mainstream

  11. Deeside Menai Llandrillo NEWI A Sector-wide Programme Delivery Team De-Institutionalised Education Aberystwyth Lampeter Ystrad Mynach Merthyr Trinity Glamorgan SIHE Swansea UWIC Sir Gar Neath Glan Hafren From Margin to Mainstream Swansea Bridgend

  12. The Current Situation …. Scheme launched in April 07 Over 75 SMEs currently registered Over 100 employees participating 1st Year of the Award validated Now moving to embed as core business New issues and challenges to address From Margin to Mainstream

  13. The Future: Issues for HE in Wales • A commitment to work-based learning and the Foundation Degree structure • The support of collaborative on-line learning development and delivery • A recognition of the transformational potential of on-line learning • A strategy that is dynamic and drives the political agenda From Margin to Mainstream

  14. On-Line Work-Based Learning Professor Tony Toole University of Glamorgan Contact: Web: Wiki: Applies to public services, the corporate market, LLL & ACE generally … It really does Work! The collaborative approach is very Cost-effective From Margin to Mainstream