development of education community centers in the manu biosphere reserve l.
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Development of Education & Community Centers in the Manu Biosphere Reserve CREES Foundation Our History Since 2003, CREES Foundation has worked with local communities and government to improve the sustainable livelihoods of people living in the Amazon.

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our history

Our History

Since 2003, CREES Foundation has worked with local communities and government to improve the sustainable livelihoods of people living in the Amazon.

Our work with local communities has involved 3 main areas:

  • Development & reconstruction of community and educational infrastructures
  • Capacity Building & training programs
  • Educational outreach programs
success to date

Success to date

Development & reconstruction of community and educational infrastructures

Beneficiaries: 220 students, 15 teachers and 5 families.

  • Reconstruction of Student Housing Block (Salvacion)
  • Refurbishment of Computation Classroom (Salvacion)
  • Provision of computers (Salvacion)
  • Complete refurbishment of 2 classrooms (Salvacion)

Capacity Building & training programs

Beneficiaries: 85 students, 45 teachers and 78 families.

  • Provision of fulltime educational specialist to develop government curriculum.
  • 2 environmental education books & teacher manuals
  • 5 annual workshops
  • Specialized skills learning (English Language)

Educational outreach programs

Beneficiaries: 120 students, 15 teachers.

  • Weekly Outreach programme (15 students) travels to Manu Learning Centre
the new challenge

The New Challenge

Because of the success of our work, we have been asked by surrounding communities to work with them in improving their educational and community centers.

From 2008 - 2010, CREES aims to complete the first stage of our work, the development and refurbishment of all community and education centers along the Alto Madre de Dios (approx 15 centers in total). The following stages will be started at each educational and community centre once its infrastructure has been revitalized.

The scale of our involvement now requires a much larger financial investment, how much will depend on how successful we continue to be at representing and raising money to fund these initiatives.

our general objectives

To create a quality education and community spaces within rural communities.

To provide students, parents, teachers & governments the educational and sustainable tools for improved development.

To create sustainable communities that work together for a joint future.

Our General Objectives

our specific objectives

Our Specific Objectives

  • Repair & Rebuild physical infrastructure providing a safe and hygienic space for the provision of education.
  • Provide equipment and tools for the enhanced education of the students.
  • Provide a balanced diet and provisions against malnutrition.
  • Develop capacity building and training programs for education professionals.
  • Involve community members and parents in the education and personal development of the children.
how we work

How we work?

CREES Foundation, goes beyond just working with communities, it pairs them to global partners who are interested in developing long term relationships.

By finding a development partner CREES can provide local communities not only a potential source of continual funding but unite people from different background and realities.

Local involvement is key to the success of our work, all the physical labor and as much of the building materials are sourced locally.

Education is also a key part of the experience for workers, students, teachers as well as parents.

complete rebuild of community centre restoration of education centre

Complete Rebuild of Community Centre & Restoration of Education Centre

Project Story:

Aguanos is a typical poor rural community in the Amazon.

Houses lack running water and basic facilities.

The majority of children suffer from malnutrition and consistent illness.

Their education centre floods during the rainy season badly damaging the infrastructure and contents.

Due to the poor conditions, the number of students who attend the school has reduced some 40%.

the project

The Project

Project Stages:

Building of Flood defenses

Rebuilding of Community Centre

Refurbishment of Classrooms

Construction of new Bathroom Complex

the project11

The Project

Project Stages:

Provision of Water supply

Installation of Waste system

Restoration of Sports grounds

Installation of new recreation area.

Building Interconnecting walkways

the project contd

The Project (contd..)

Total Funding Requirement:

$15,000 USD

Project Start Date:

15th August

Project Length:

35 days

Funds Solicited:

$500 USD (Ministry of Education)

$500 USD (Regional Government)

$500 USD (Municipal Government)

Global Development Partner:

South Bank International School

Funds Provided:

$1,500 USD

Remaining Funds needed:

$12,000 USD

CREES Foundation accepts donations starting from $50 USD and as large as contributors can make.

what we need

What we need?

CREES Foundation needs to raise the remaining funds by the 30th of August. These funds will purchase the following:

  • Building, Roofing and plumbing materials
  • Bathroom Appliances & Fixtures
  • Furniture & Fittings
  • Educational Books & Materials
  • School Supplies
  • Dietary Provisions (Breakfast and lunch)
  • Professional Educators & Health specialists
  • Instructors & leaders of community development programs
contact us

Contact US

  • International Donations

5/6 Kendrick Mews

London SW7 3HG

Tel: +44 (0) 207 581 2932

  • Peruvian Donations
    • Calle San Miguel 250
    • Cusco, Peru

Tel: +51 (84) 262433