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Collin Polk’s Portfolio

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Collin Polk’s Portfolio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Collin Polk’s Portfolio By: Collin Polk Table Of Contents *Footprints 8 x 11 *Shoe Ad 14 x16 *Portrait 20 x 24 *Urban Raleigh 16 x 18 *Ceramics 4 x 6 *Pencil Drawings 8 x 11 *Driftwood oil painting 18 x 24 *Block Print 6 x 8 *Mixed Media 14 x 16

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table of contents
Table Of Contents

*Footprints 8 x 11*Shoe Ad 14 x16*Portrait 20 x 24*Urban Raleigh 16 x 18*Ceramics 4 x 6*Pencil Drawings 8 x 11*Driftwood oil painting 18 x 24*Block Print 6 x 8*Mixed Media 14 x 16

footprints pen and ink
This is a picture I drew using pen and ink. It also symbolizes my belief in god; so I feel that plays a big role in why I decided to draw this picture.


“Footprints” Pen and Ink
shoe ad
I did this drawing in Visual Arts ll. These are the pair of shoes I have chosen to draw for my shoe ad. This was done using Pencil.

All Star Shoe Ad

Shoe Ad
This is also another picture I did in Visual Arts ll. This is a picture I drew of myself in the 10th grade. This was drawn using chalk.

Self Portrait

urban raleigh
This is a picture that I have created using a building located in Raleigh. This picture is done using color pencils.

Urban Raleigh Building

Urban Raleigh
  • This Project was using ceramics and I have made a tree with an owl in it in a park scenery.
pencil drawings
Pencil Drawings
  • These drawings were one of my final project drawings, to show off the detail of driftwood.
driftwood oil painting
Driftwood Oil Painting
  • I have done this painting using oil painting. This is a picture of driftwood.
block print
Block Print
  • I have done this print using black paint on blue construction paper.
mixed media
Mixed Media
  • For this mixed media project I painted a tree with driftwood around it. The paints I used were acrylic and watercolor. I outlined the painting in black ink.