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AIAA Structures TC. Honors & Awards Brett L. Anderson. AIAA Structures TC. Upgrades (On line or Paper summittal) Fellow Associate Fellow Senior Member Special Service Citations Sustained Service Award Structures, Structural Dynamics & Materials Award. AIAA Structures TC. Upgrades

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AIAA Structures TC

Honors & Awards

Brett L. Anderson

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AIAA Structures TC

  • Upgrades (On line or Paper summittal)

    • Fellow

    • Associate Fellow

    • Senior Member

  • Special Service Citations

  • Sustained Service Award

  • Structures, Structural Dynamics & Materials Award

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AIAA Structures TC

  • Upgrades

    • Fellow

      • 121 Nominations last year for ~ 38 openings

      • Must be Associate Fellow to be nominated

      • Nominations due to AIAA by June 15th

      • 5 References required

        • One Fellow

        • One Fellow, National Officer, Section Chair or TC Chair

        • At least 3 references from outside of Organization

      • New Fellows announced December 15th.

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AIAA Structures TC

  • Upgrades

    • Associate Fellow

      • 212 Nominations this year for ~ 200 openings

      • Must be Senior Member to be nominated

      • Must have 12 years of professional experience

      • Nominations due to AIAA by April 15th

      • 3 References required

        • Associate Fellow or Higher

      • New Associate Fellows announced December 1st.

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AIAA Structures TC

  • Upgrades

    • Senior Member

      • Automatic after certain term of membership

      • Can be submitted by others.

      • No required time line

      • Online and requires 3 senior members or higher

Aiaa structures tc8 l.jpg
AIAA Structures TC

  • Special Service Citation

    • Recognition for one time effort or outstanding accomplishments

    • Must be approved by Regional Activities Committee then RSAC

    • Simple form to fill out.

    • Work through Regional Directors

Aiaa structures tc10 l.jpg
AIAA Structures TC

  • Sustained Service Award

    • New Award in 2000

    • Recognizes continuing support to AIAA at all levels of organization.

Aiaa structures tc past winners sustained service award l.jpg

2001 –  

1.Christine M. Anderson

2.Vernon L. Arne

3.Norman Bergrun

4.Charles M. Ehresman

5.Dale A. Fester

6.Anita E. Gale

7.Raymond J. Goskowski

8.Ashwani K. Gupta

9.James D. Lang

10.David G. Lilley

11.Gisela W. McClellan

12.Julie Albertson

13.J. Michael Murphy

14.Bob G. Noblitt

15.Donald W. Richardson

16.Virgil K. Smith, III

17.James T. Van Kuren

18.Ben Wada

19.Robert C. Winn

AIAA Structures TCPast Winners Sustained Service Award

2002 –

1.Ranney Adams

2.Ramesh K. Agarwal

3.Richard G. Culpepper

4.L. S. “Skip” Fletcher

5.Ferdinand W. Grosveld

6.Roy V. Harris

7.Jerry N. Hefner

8.Teresa M. Jordan-Culler

9.John E. Lagraff

10.John C. Madden

11.Gary D. Park

12.Janusz S. Przemieniecki

13.Kenneth B. Sanger

14.George L. Seibert

15.Joseph Shang

16.Roger L. Simpson

17.Aubrey Tom Smith

18.Harry L. Staubs

19.David A. Throckmorton

E. Vincent Zoby

2003 –

1.Bobby L. Berrier

2.John C. Blanton

3.Charles A. Chase

4.Oskar M. Essenwanger

5.Paul S. Fedec

6.Thomas R. Gagnier

7.Michael D. Griffin

8.Joseph S. Morano

9.Donald E. Nash

10.George C. Nield

11.Dennis G. Pelaccio

12.G. P. “Bud” Peterson

13.Allen Plotkin

14.Daniel P. Raymer

15.Morton David Rosenberg

16.Gerry E. Schneider

17.Lee H. Sentman

18.Sy Steinberg

19.C. Randall Truman

John L. Whitesides

2000 –

1. William Best

2. Neil W. Blaylock

Robert F. Brodsky

4. Norman H. Chaffee

5. William Chana

6. Joseph E. Garrett

7. Paul Kutler

8.Gordon A. McKinzie

9.Kenneth W. Randle

10.John C. Ruth

11.Robert Lewis Sackheim

12.Roland J. Schoenhoff

13.John Swihart

R. H. Woodward Waesche

Aiaa structures tc14 l.jpg
AIAA Structures TC

Structures, Structural Dynamics, & Materials Award

Established in 1967, this award is presented to an individual who has been responsible for an outstanding recent technical or scientific contribution in aerospace structures, structural dynamics and materials.

Nominations due October 1st.

Aiaa structures tc15 l.jpg
AIAA Structures TC

Structures, Structural Dynamics, & Materials Award

Past Recipients

  • Dr John C Houbolt 1969 Dr. Holt Ashley 1970 Joseph D Van dyke

  • Prof. Nicholas J Hoff 1972 M jonathan Turner 1973 Dr. G p “bud” Peterson

  • William D Cowie 1975 Prof. Theodore H Pian 1976 Mr. Charles F Tiffany

  • Mr. Warren A Stauffer 1979 Prof. Lucien A Schmit 1980 Dr. Earl H Dowell

  • Richard R Heldenfels 1982 John H Wykes 1983 Dr. Leonard Meirovitch

  • Eric Reissner 1985 Chintsun Hwang 1986 Mr. Bryan R Noton

  • Dr. James W Mar 1988 Prof. Satya N Atluri 1989 Mr. Mike J Dubberly

  • Dr. Richard H Gallagher 1991 Dr. H N Abramson 1992 Dr. Elbert L Rutan

  • Mr. Thomas D Arthurs 1994 Mr. Robert S Ryan 1996 Prof. Peretz P Friedmann

  • Dr. Chinteh Sun 1998 Dr. Christos C Chamis 2000 Dr. George S Springer

    2001 Dr. Edward F Crawley 2002 Prof. Inderjit Chopra

Aiaa structures tc honors awards l.jpg
AIAA Structures TCHonors & Awards

  • Next Steps / Recommendations Upgrades

    • TC to sponsor 1 or 2 nominations per year for Fellow. Start process in November and track.

    • TC to sponsor tbd nominations per year for Associate Fellow. Start process in November.

    • Promote Senior member upgrade opportunity throughout TC

Aiaa structures tc honors awards18 l.jpg
AIAA Structures TCHonors & Awards

  • Next Steps / Recommendations Awards

    • TC to identify candidates for Structures Award ASAP! I will coordinate the nomination.

    • TC to identify candidates for Special Service Citations based on Recent contributions.

    • TC to identify candidates for Sustained Service Award from the TC.

    • I will coordinate with Regional Directors and Membership committee to submit nominations on behalf of the TC