Robotics 10 electronics autonomous mobile robotics
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Robotics 10 Electronics/Autonomous Mobile Robotics. M. Chalmers. What this course is not about What this course is about An appreciation for the problem Some examples Focus of the course Evaluation of Work Why you should drop this course. What this course is not. Industrial Robotics

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Robotics 10 electronics autonomous mobile robotics

Robotics 10Electronics/Autonomous Mobile Robotics

M. Chalmers

  • What this course is notabout

  • What this course is about

  • An appreciation for the problem

  • Some examples

  • Focus of the course

  • Evaluation of Work

  • Why you should drop this course

What this course is not
What this course is not...

  • Industrial Robotics

  • Robot Simulation

  • Remote Control Systems

What this is
What this is

  • Course is both electronics and Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMRs).

  • The intent of the course is to introduce participants to the

    • concepts,

    • problems

    • Problem solving

    • Team work

An appreciation for the problem
An Appreciation for the Problem

  • A satellite containing plutonium has crash landed at the base of a volcanoe.

  • How do you retrieve it?

Dante ii
Dante II

  • Tethered,

  • Autonomous Walking robot,

  • Descended into Mt. Spurr volcano in July 1994.

Whatever happened to dante
Whatever happened to Dante?

•At 6:45pm ADT, Dante had climbed to about 200 feet above the crater floor. While ascending on a steep cross-slope the terrain under the left legs of the robot collapsed, causing the robot to slide across the slope and roll onto it's left side. It appeared that the terrain, having been saturated with water from the ongoing snow melt, was not able to support the weight of the 1700-pound robot and simply gave way when weight was applied to the legs of the robot as it walked.

•...The most likely option will be to complete the extraction of the robot from the crater via helicopter sling-lift early next week

NASA press release

Sojourner the mars rover
Sojourner the Mars Rover

  • Who/what was Sojourner ?

  • How much did it weigh on earth?

  • How much did it weigh on where it was sent.

  • What was it method of movement?

  • What happened to Sojourner ?

  • Find a picture of Sojourner .

What happened to sojourner
What happened to Sojourner?

  • After a near collision of mars rover 'Sojourner' with the rock 'Yogi' on Wednesday 9. due to a false timed signal, Pathfinder`s computer resets itself on Friday 11. and Monday 14., breaking the connection for a while.

  • NASA press release


  • Understanding Behavior

    • Why do things behave as they do

    • Why achieving behavior is important

  • Understanding Autonomy

    • What do we mean?

  • Building Vehicles

    • I tell you what!

    • You figure out how

Get out
Get Out!

  • Reasons to drop this course

    • You don’t like to implement things that actually work

    • You like to be evaluated through written work

    • You like to be told exactly what to do

    • You don’t like to build things

    • You don’t like to work in teams or groups