top ten tips for the startups n.
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Startupscope - Tips to overcome failures PowerPoint Presentation
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Startupscope - Tips to overcome failures

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Startupscope - Tips to overcome failures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get to know the details of the international startup conference in India by IFERP & Manipal University.

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top ten tips for the startups


Startups in India:-

The startups in India and worldwide are increasingly day by day

with various business ventures from agriculture to venture

capitals. Each and every business is launching its unique factors

with an aww factor to impress the audience. Meanwhile, there

are many reasons for a startup which fails.

what are they

What are they?

Startup failures:-

1. Improper market Analysis

2. Financial crisis

3. Not the Right Team

4. Get Outcompeted

5. Competitive Prices

6. Poor quality Product

7. Poor Business Model

8. Inefficient Marketing

9. Customers retention

10. Product Delivery etc…

don t miss

Don’t miss:-


*Harmony on Team/Investors


*Hot spot for your business

*Investors Interest

*New Investors

*Legal Challenges


last but not the least

Last But Not the Least:-

The passion is a wholesome cocktail that runs your business

and it can make your business reach in to different heights. So,

never ever lose your passion towards the business.


Startupscope :-

IFERP opens up an exclusive opportunity for the upcoming

entrepreneurs in India to have an open discussion forum on

how to improve their business to reach different heights and

the other miscellaneous business facts that can drive their

business to the dash drive.