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Charles I and James II Trial

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Charles I and James II Trial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Charles I and James II Trial. By Brandon Thomson. Charles I trial video part1. The divine right of kings .

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charles i and james ii trial

Charles I and James IITrial

By Brandon Thomson

charles i trial video part1
Charles I trial video part1
the divine right of kings
The divine right of kings
  • The divine right of kings is a list of things that states the kings abilities which are almost godlike. These things are his ability to make and unmake there subjects they also have the ability of raising and casting down as well as life and death
charles i trial video part 2
Charles I trial video part 2
war on spain and france
War on Spain and France
  • Since the videos are only 30 seconds long so for the sake of time I will explain it in this slide. First was the war on Spain Charles taxed his people the money needed to fund the war. This made the people angry as well as parliament. They didn't want to pay so Charles was enraged then dissolved parliament for the first time.
war on spain and france1
War on Spain and France
  • Next was the war on France. Buckingham, Charles’s right hand man led an army of 6000 men but when they got to France they noticed the scaling ladders were 15 feet to short, this resulted in a huge failure and waste of money for England.
charles trial iii
Charles trial III
james ii trial
James II trial
more info
More info
  • Since the videos were short and fast I will explain in more depth about the topics. First is Charles and his ship tax. This was a way for Charles to fund his wars by taxing his people without having to run the idea through parliament. Next is his indulgences Charles liked the finer things in life so he bought a lot of fancy paintings and such with the peoples money because you know he's king he can do whatever he wants or so he proclaims, its his right.

Also, about his rule with parliament. After he dissolved parliament for the 3rd time he ran without it for 11 years and this is where things started to go down hill for him and his ruling. In total Charles dissolved parliament 4 times due to his belief that what he says goes and no one could object to his decisions, this is what led him to disband parliament and to fly solo for a while.


Another thing Charles liked to do was fight parliament because Charles was a crazy old king who thought he and only he had power. Which was completely wrong as parliament made there own army which was better than Charles's and had better funding to. Long story short Charles lost the war and was forced to sign a death warrant then fled to Scotland on the island of Wight. Scotland held him for ransom which is when England got Charles back and put him on trial.

james ii
James II
  • James the second was a catholic king who had quarrels with parliament due to him filling it with loyalists to more easily bend to his will. He did this so he could drive towards his goals easier. Also James was very catholic. He worried his allies by threatening the pre-eminence of angelica church he also put Catholics as officers in the military
william and marry
William and marry
  • William and Mary were next in heir to James throne as Mary was his daughter. William was a military leader of the Dutch. William fought wars against James over France. William was ultimately successful. Mary eventually died in 1694 and that left William a sole monarch. William and Mary had made a deal with parliament that would help support the war over France. Parliament feared James returning and will needed all the support he could get as well as funding

The initial constitution settlement was worked out in 1689 in the English bill of rights. This was that the toleration act and the mutiny act witch made the monarchs respect parliament and parliaments laws. Fiscal laws were to stop the monarch from the authority of collecting taxes for life. By the end of the war in 1697 the fiscal laws were largely in place

heroes or villains
Heroes or villains
  • Charles I: Charles was a villian due to his hatred towards parliament as well as him dissolving it multiple times also he started war against parliament and believed with every last breath that a king and only the king should rule.
  • James II: James was also a villain because he tried to fill parliament with loyalist to bend parliament to his will that way he could enforce more catholic ideas and beliefs on people

Will and Mary: Will and Mary were heroes of parliament. The reason for this is that they weren't to hard on religion also they applied the fiscal laws which allows parliament more say in how things are which makes this a very democratic ruling