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Agenda. 7:00 PM - Food & beverages 7:25 PM - Introduction of Sean Van Tyne event 7 : 40 PM - Sponsor announcements - Cross Campus, DIRECTV’S D LAB, TechJobsLA 7:55 PM – Community announcements ( o pen floor) 8:00 PM – Sean Van Tyne’s Presentation

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  • 7:00 PM - Food & beverages

  • 7:25 PM - Introduction of Sean Van Tyne event

  • 7:40 PM - Sponsor announcements - Cross Campus, DIRECTV’S D LAB, TechJobsLA

  • 7:55 PM – Community announcements (open floor)

  • 8:00 PM – Sean Van Tyne’s Presentation

  • 8:50 PM - Questions and answers

  • 9:00 PM - Book signing

  • 9:20 PM – After party at Bodega

The los angeles user experience meetup
The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup

Follow us on Twitter: @LAUXMeetup

Follow Sean Van Tyne: @Sean_Van_Tyne

Event hashtags: #CXRevolution, #LAUX

Sponsor hashtags: @CrossCampusLA

@we_ideate (DIRECTV’s Digital Innovation Lab)

San van tyne @sean van tyne
San Van Tyne | @Sean_Van_Tyne

Sean Van Tyne is the co-author of The Customer Experience Revolution and the User Experience Director at FICO

Book signing
Book Signing

After the presentation

After party gathering
After Party Gathering

Bodega Wine Bar814 Broadway, Santa Monica

Cross campus @ crosscampusla
Cross Campus | @CrossCampusLA

Thank you for providing the venue

D lab directv digital innovation lab
D Lab | DIRECTV Digital Innovation Lab


Thank you for providing refreshments

Techjobsla @techjobslafair free saturday march 9 th
TechJobsLA | @TechJobsLAFairFREE | Saturday, March 9th


Thank you for your sponsorship

Community announcements
Community Announcements

Companies hiring, upcoming events, etc.

The Customer Experience Revolution:

Ask, Watch and Listen

Sean Van Tyne

Los Angeles User ExperienceSanta Monica, CA

February 21, 2013


Sean Van Tyne

Cx defined by experience makers
CX Defined by Experience Makers

Sean Van Tyne

Customer Experience (CX)

All interactions people have with - or about - an organization’s messages, people, products or services.

From potential customer to customer to advocate.

User Experience (UX)

A person’s experience directly interacting with an organization’s products or services.

The proof pointthat promises made are true.

The customer experience revolution 3ds
The Customer Experience Revolution 3Ds

Sean Van Tyne

The best experience are purposely …

Determine what the experience should be

Developthe experience by engaging people, anticipating their needs

Deliveron all their promises

Ask watch and listen

Ask, Watch, and Listen

Sean Van Tyne

Do it early do it often
Do it Early, Do it Often

Sean Van Tyne

  • Do it Early - or you will spend more time and money in the later stages when it is harder and more time consuming to make course corrections, make the best trade-offs, or do rework.

  • Do it Often - and minimize guesswork by involving your customers all along the way.

Delighting your customers is not a destination
Delighting Your Customers is not a Destination

Sean Van Tyne

Market needs change, customers’ goals change and technology changes.

…and when you get there, what it takes to delight them just got harder or changed

Constantly monitor and improve

Follow your customers the quicken story
Follow Your CustomersThe Quicken Story

Sean Van Tyne

The skinit story
The Skinit Story

In 2006, Skinit had five employees making personalized adhesive logos and other artwork for consumers to stick onto cell phones, laptops, digital cameras and other electronic gadgets.

Sean Van Tyne

Case study skinit customizer
Case Study: Skinit Customizer

Sean Van Tyne

In 2007, the company was preparing to enhance it’s previously successful Photo Uploader, a web-based application that allows consumers to upload their own photos and manipulate designs for their personal electronic devices.

The objective was to enhance the features of the new solution and provide an intuitive and flexible interface with a rich customer experience that increased conversion.

Determining the experience profile your customers
Determining the Experience:Profile Your Customers

Sean Van Tyne

Developed profiles at the very beginning of the project based on the demographics and psychographic – lifestyle – information

Skinit developed their profiles from website analytics, third-party information and customer interviews

Note:If you do not have the time or budget to purchase data to develop your profiles, you can interview customers and talk directly to them to create profiles.

Developing the experience do it early and often
Developing the Experience:Do it Early and Often

Sean Van Tyne

  • First, we asked employees at Skinit that hadn't used the photo up-loader.

  • Then we brought in friends and family who had never used it before that matched the profile

  • We moved from lower fidelity – paper prototypes - to higher fidelity – HTML prototypes.

    Note: Soliciting employees was easier, faster, and cheaper than finding and bringing in people from outside.

Delivering the experience results
Delivering the Experience:Results

By integrating knowledge of the customers goals and design best practice with business objectives, we deliver a solution that exceeded projected revenue estimates. Increased conversion by 350%.

Sean Van Tyne

Ceo endorsement
CEO Endorsement

Sean Van Tyne

“Increasing the conversion of our Customizer application not only increased revenue it also enabled us to provide a more compelling customer experience which has driven significant interest in new and existing partner programs.”

– Paul Buss, CEO of Skinit.

Thank you
Thank You

Sean Van Tyne