Universities of california research project
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Universities of California: Research Project. James Grizzle AVID 9, Period 3 10/27/10. Basic Information.

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Universities of california research project

Universities of California:Research Project

James Grizzle

AVID 9, Period 3


Basic information
Basic Information

The university I decided to research is University of California: Davis. UC Davis has a student population of 32,153 students (including students studying off-site). The campus is 5,300 acres large. UCD runs on a quarter system.

Student Demographics:

Location and social economic statuses
Location and Social/Economic Statuses

UC Davis is located in Davis, California. It is a suburban-type setting, and also a small city (around 64,938 people live in Davis).

In Davis, the median income for a household (in the city) was $42,454, and the median income for a family was $74,051.

24.5% of all Davis residents are below the poverty line.

Campus housing
Campus Housing

At UC Davis, 92% of all first-year students live on-campus. There are several choice for housing options:

Coed Housing

Women's Housing

Apartments For Married Students

Apartments For Single Students

Cooperative Housing

Special Housing For Disabled Students

Wellness housing (alcohol/drug/smoke-free)

The general* prices for living in at UC Davis are:

Single-occupancy - $13,029

Double-occupancy - $11,925

Triple-occupancy - $10,725

*General prices based off of Residence Hall fee, most premium package, so fees may vary.

Common student profile
Common Student Profile

50% of the first-year students of UC Davis generally score between 520-640 on SAT Critical Reading, 560-680 on SAT Math, 520-650 on SAT Writing and 24-30 on the ACT Composite. For all of the above except for ACT Composite, 75% of students who tested submitted their scores.

Freshman attendees’ high school GPAs generally fall between 3.6 and 4.0.

Undergraduate degrees are awarded mainly in psychology (10%), biological sciences (7%), economics (6%), managerial economics (5%) and biochem & molecular biology (4%). The rest of the undergrad degree makeup falls in various other degrees.

Level of difficulty to get accepted
Level of Difficulty to Get Accepted

At UC Davis, only about 46% of applicants get accepted.

At that, only 92% of first-year students return for a second year.

Campus life
Campus Life

As you can tell from the above slide (see “Basic Info” for demographics), UC Davis has a high population of white and Asian ethnicities.

UCD has several student-ran organizations. These include UCD’s own radio station (KDVS), Unitrans, UCD’s student-ran transportation system and the Coffee House, UCD’s student-ran restaurant.

Apporximately 8% of the student body’s undergraduates are involved in a sorority or fraternity of some type, which have been at UCD since 1913.

Campus life part ii
Campus Life, Part II

There are many clubs at UC Davis as well, some of which including campus ministries, choral groups, concert band, dance, drama, jazz band, a literary magazine, marching band, student government, Symphony orchestra, Television station and Yearbook.

The list goes on.

Average costs
Average Costs

The costs of UC Davis vary depending on whether you live on or off campus, and whether you live in-state or out of state. If you live in-state, you have a tuition fee of around $11,984. The price of an out-of-state tuition fee is immense: $34,863.

Average Costs at UCD fall into this general category:

A brief history of uc davis
A Brief History of UC Davis

UC Davis’s mascot is Gunrock the Mustang, and its colors are the Aggie Blue and Gold.

UC Davis began in 1905, in a town called Davisville (present-day Davis, CA), as an extension of UC Berkeley, and it was called “University Farm.” Several years later, in 1951, it became known as UC Davis and was officially recognized as the UC system’s 7th campus.


UC Davis is involved in the NCAA Atheltics program, and has 23 men’s and women’s sports teams.

Such teams include:

men’s and women’s basketball


cross country





  • track and field

  • water polo

  • women’s lacrosse, softball and volleyball.

Universities of california research project

UC Davis has an excellent arts program. For one thing, UCD has an art studio, whose major provides a very broad understanding of the visual arts.

UC Davis also offers, within the art studio, several courses, ranging from beginning drawing and spanning across a variety of categories, including beginning video, electronic arts and even an advanced video course of experimental video documentaries. In total, there are over 30 courses in the art studio of UC Davis to choose from.

UC Davis also includes several internship opportunities about art and art history.

Degrees offered
Degrees Offered

UC Davis has a very wide variety of degrees. The college offers over 90 degrees, and they range from typical degrees like biology to obscure degrees, such as clothing studies!

One area in specific I found interest in is UCD’s many language majors. UCD has majors in languages such as Italian, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Chinese and Spanish.

UC Davis also has several degrees in natural resourcres and conservation. Among these are environmental studies, general knowledge of natural resources and conservation, urban forestry and wildlife biology.

Highlights what we re known for
Highlights (What We’re Known For)

UC Davis is affiliated with several research centers, including the Center for Visual Sciences, the Advanced Highway Maintenance Construction and the Technology Research Laboratory UC Davis was also the first university to run the Energy Efficiency Center.

UC Davis also houses the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory on campus, housing a nuclear accelerator since 1966. The laboratory is used by leading scientists and engineers from across the nation.

UC Davis is one of the 62 members in the Association of American Universities.