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Prepared By Abdullah Mustafa Abu Nada 120070069 Hussian Abd-Jaleel Shaalan 120070105 Nael Wael Skaik 120070275. Supervised By Prof. Mohammed Mikki. Online radio station requirement . Contents. 1. Introduction. 2. Overall description. System features. 3. External interface req.

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Online radio station requirement

Prepared By

Abdullah Mustafa Abu Nada 120070069

Hussian Abd-Jaleel Shaalan 120070105

Nael Wael Skaik 120070275

Supervised By

Prof. Mohammed Mikki

Online radio station requirement





Overall description

System features


External interface req.


Other non-functional req.





  • Internet radio (also web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio) is an audio service transmitted via the Internet. Music streaming on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting since it is not transmitted broadly through wireless means.

  • The project includes three main sections :

  • The first is the creation of a database.

  • The second section is the creation of a radio station website.

  • The third section is the creation shout cast program.

Overall description
Overall description

  • Product Perspective:

  • The product basically will depend on an audio service transmitted via the Internet. This process consists of 2 basic stages for internet broadcasting as follow:

The transmitter side

  • the transmitter computer mixes together the audio sources coming from any sound devices attached to the computer as Mp3's being played on computer, live voice or other inputs from CD players. Then makes them into a stream of data. Then the shout cast streaming data from pc to radio station website.

The listener side

  • include anyone in the world have an internet connection so they can connect to the server. They will be able to hear everything you transmit to the stream server.

User classes
User classes


He has fully privilege to control of transmission and C.P


Can be control of streaming operation

Three type of user can be interact with this system.


  • Can only listen to the radio.

External interface req
External interface req.

Windows app : Music player , shout cast , server monitor.

Web app : home page, listen page , playlist page, DJ page, links page and contact us page.

User interface

You probably need a fast internet connection so you can broadcast without buffering occurring. The system will use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as its main communication standard and TCP/IP as an implementation platform for calling and use Ultravox Protocol for steaming media.

Communication interface

External interface req1
External interface req.

  • Mouse & Keyboard , External storage and Audio input and output

Hardware interface

  • Operating system , Web audio player and Integrated commercial component

Software interface


  • Appendix A :

  • Include the SRS glossary .

  • Appendix B :

  • Include the Use Case diagrams.

  • Appendix C :

  • Include the legal issues about online radio station.

  • For more details read the SRS document.