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Agenda. Introduction Advisory Circular Changes Consultant Selection Procedures Contract Format and Provisions Methods of Contracting and Allowable Costs Appendices Summary of Significant Changes Questions / Comments. Introduction.

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  • Introduction

  • Advisory Circular Changes

    • Consultant Selection Procedures

    • Contract Format and Provisions

    • Methods of Contracting and Allowable Costs

    • Appendices

  • Summary of Significant Changes

  • Questions / Comments


  • Purpose of AC – Guide sponsors in selection and engagement of consultant

  • Guidance in three areas:

    • Procedures for selection

    • Contract format and provisions

    • Methods of contracting and allowable costs

  • Update replaced version 14C as of September 30, 2005

  • Applies to AIP funded projects. Projects fully funded with PFC’s not required to comply with AC.

  • Guidelines comply with federal laws and regulations for projects funded under federal grant programs

Consultant selection procedures
Consultant SelectionProcedures

  • Qualifications Based Selection Procedures (Section 2-3)

    • Add’s QBS Process Flow Chart (Figure 2-1)

Consultant selection procedures1
Consultant Selection Procedures

  • Selecting Organization (Section 2-5)

    • Added statement regarding sponsor requirement to maintain written Code of Conduct

  • Policy for Selection (Section 2-6)

    • Discourages sponsors from combining eligible and ineligible work in same solicitation

  • Selection Criteria (Section 2-7)

    • Encourages sponsors to include selection criteria with RFQ

    • States selection criteria must be appropriate for project and may vary based upon sponsors goals and objectives

    • Allows geographic location as criteria if it leaves an appropriate number of qualified firms to compete

    • Adds DBE as selection criteria

Consultant selection procedures2
Consultant Selection Procedures

  • Selection Process (Section 2-8)

    • Adds consultant selection flowchart (Figure 2-2)

    • Discusses additional steps and efforts to show good faith efforts to involve small and minority firms

    • States selection board at its discretion may bypass interviews and rank firms based upon submittals

Consultant selection procedures3
Consultant Selection Procedures

  • Alternate Selection Procedures (Section 2-9)

    • Increases the monetary threshold for using informal procedures from $25,000 to $100,000

    • Authorizes and identifies non-competitive procedures for contracts of $10,000 or less

  • Fee Estimate (Section 2-12)

    • Requires sponsors perform some form of fee analysis for every contract. Method and degree of analysis dependent on facts of contract

    • Added paragraphs to help sponsors evaluate reasonableness of fee proposals. In general if within 10% fee proposal may be considered reasonable.

Contract format and provisions
Contract Format And Provisions

  • Division of Responsibility and Authority (Section 3-3)

    • Clarified and added language addressing the consequences of expanding consultant liability beyond scope or purpose of contract

  • Mandatory Contract Provisions (Section 3-4)

    • Updated mandatory contract provisions. Added summary table.


Contract format and provisions1
Contract Format And Provisions

  • Time Overruns Beyond Control of the Consultant (Section 3-5)

    • Added sentence stating that additional costs resulting from contractor caused delays should be included in the liquidated damages established for the construction contract.

  • Ownership of Drawings and Contact Documents (Section 3-6)

    • Added sentence that contract should include terms and conditions for sponsor’s reuse of documents/data on other projects.

  • FAA Contract Approval (Section 3-9)

    • Added language encouraging sponsors to utilize and FAA offices to accept certifications for selection of consultants.

Methods of contracting and allowable costs
Methods of Contractingand Allowable Costs

  • General (Section 4-1)

    • Added Table 4-1 Methods of Contracting and Allowable Costs

  • Alternate Delivery Methods (Section 4-8)

    • Added guidance for 3 basic forms of alternative delivery methods:

      • Construction Manager at Risk

      • Task Order Contracting

      • Design Build


  • Definitions (Appendix A)

    • Similar to definitions included in Section 1 of previous AC 14C

  • Bibliography (Appendix B)

    • Added bibliography of Public Law, FAA Orders, other AC’s, and Code of Federal Regulations referenced in the updated AC

  • Sources of Consultants (Appendix C)

    • New appendix providing names, addresses, telephone numbers of professional societies that are sources for identifying potential consultants


  • FAA and State Agency Addresses (Appendix D)

    • New appendix providing web address and/or addresses of FAA, State and U.S Territory aviation offices.

  • Scope of Services Samples (Appendix E)

    • Added sample scope of services for ALP Update project and Construction Services. Sample project design scope of services is also provided as it was in the previous AC.

  • Consultant Services Fee/Costs Sample (Appendix F)

    • Updated format of sample

  • Detailed Fee/Cost Analysis Sample (Appendix G)

    • Updated format of sample

Summary of significant changes
Summary Of Significant Changes

  • Add’s flowcharts for QBS and selection process

  • Provides guidance for evaluating fee proposals; acceptable if within 10%

  • Increases $ threshold for use of informal selection

  • Provides clarity and consequences of expanding consultant liability

  • Updates mandatory contract provisions

  • Provides guidance for alternate delivery methods

  • Provides additional sample scope of services

Questions comments

Questions / Comments

Thank you for your attention!