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Lasilky Team . ECE 582. HEALTH MATE. Wireless Health Monitoring System. Outline. Motivation Goals and Specification Concept Design System View - Preliminary Design - System Models * Sensors , MCU, Wireless Comm., GUI Future Improvements. Motivations.

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Presentation Transcript
health mate

Lasilky Team

ECE 582


Wireless Health Monitoring System

  • Motivation
  • Goals and Specification
  • Concept Design
  • System View

- Preliminary Design

- System Models

* Sensors , MCU, Wireless Comm., GUI

  • Future Improvements
  • Improving health care:

-Patients regain their mobility and independence.

-Reducing the needed time and effort.

- Minimizing the probabilities of medical errors.

specifications goals
Specifications & Goals
  • low cost ,small, portable, & light
  • Low power consumption
  • Accuracy of ± 1°C
  • Interactive GUI
  • GUI support Windows
sensors model
Sensors Model

* DS 1620 Digital Temperature Sensor

  • - accuracy of ± 0.5°C
  • range of -55 to 125 °C
  • digital interface included
  • - $ 5.75



polar a1 heart rate monitor



* Polar A1 Heart Rate Monitor



  • Heart rate comes from chest strap sensor / transmitter
  • Signal is taken from the wrist receiver as a negative going pulse for each heart beat
  • Signal will be conditioned using Low Pass Filter to remove noise
  • Average taken as frequency over three samples
  • There is a Problem !!
the microcontroller model

The Microcontroller Model

The microcontroller model will collect the sensory data and create a data package to be transmitted to the host computer.

Lasilky team chose AT86ZL3201as the microcontroller chip. Why?

The development kit for the desired microcontroller will be: STK500.

The STK500 development kit gives an opportunity for designer to code on AVR.

The STK500 has features for testing new designs and developing prototypes. It also supports Atmel’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

wireless communication model
Wireless Communication Model
  • The wireless communication model of Health Mate consists of transmitting transceiver and a receiving transceiver.
  • Transceiver at the wearable unit sends the encapsulated data package processed by the MCU to the Atmel transceiver at the base station.
  • ZigBee technology is used in the MCU, transmitting, and receiving chips. Why ZigBee?
  • Lasilky team chose AT86RF210 as the transceiver chip.Why?
  • Antenna: ANT-2.45-CHP
graphical user interface gui
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Why Java?

  • Java is object oriented language .
  • Java is independent of the host platform.
  • Java is considered being a higher-level language than similar languages such as C and C++.
  • Java contains language facilities and large libraries for different network systems.
  • Java is available in most of the engineering laboratories .
future improvements
Future Improvements
  • Web Page using HTML can be easily updated and uploaded whenever there is new information.

-Patients will use health Mate at home

-accessible at any time.

-It will show the date and time of the updated process.

-feedback by nurses.

  • Different sensors can be added to the system, such as a shock sensor and a blood pressure sensor.