Media evaluation pt 2
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Media Evaluation pt.2. What have you learned from audience feedback? By Richard Maguire. Target Audience / Feedback.

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Media evaluation pt 2

Media Evaluation pt.2

What have you learned from audience feedback?

By Richard Maguire

Target audience feedback
Target Audience / Feedback

The target for the music video is 14-25 year Old's. Through the Media product ( music video) We did a clear representation of the hip-hop rap industry. This representations is clearly known through the lyrics such as “watch friend turn foes” which could easily be interrupted as friends going on separate paths , i.e. different gangs or hanging with different people and doing different hobbies. And also “see the haters rise” could be a message of the government rising and how it doesn’t portray a clear realistic message of the working class poverty inflicted areas and how it only gives a positive representation of the middle class richer people.

My feedback and self promotion of my media product was gathered via social networking sites ( e.g. Facebook),youtube and questionnaires. By using these methods to gain data it allow me to easily gather data and present the data in various ways such as ‘bar charts, pie charts and etc. websites such as youtube are easy to get feedback by comments left beside the videos as youtube has millions of regular viewers ,also as its uploaded and gaining comments it helps to expose the artist towards more people gaining him a higher status then prior. Social networking sites as Facebook can be easy to get feedback on nearly anything as its instant messaging and you can send a link to some i.e. a music video and get a response as soon as the videos been watched.Questionaires are also useful in gaining feedback as some people don’t tend to use social networking sites or youtube – and if did unlikely to be in contact with them such as teachers , so by giving a questionnaire your able to get a professional view and improve your product if needed.

The Questionnaire had four questionnaires to get a quick easy view of the feedback on my product.

Question 1 2
Question 1 + 2

Did you like Music video ? Did you understand the message in the music video?

This Clearly shows that the Music video is successful

As not many negative comments.

This clearly shows that the message is easily understood

which means the message can be easily spread through

the viewers of the music video.?

Question 3 4
Question 3 + 4

Would you purchase a song or album in the Do you think the Music video Represents your lifestyle /social class?

Future if the artist released any?

This clearly shows that my artist has made a clear This Clearly shows that the audience can relate to the music

impact on the hip-hop rap audience that they would video.

buy future releases from the artist.

Feedback comments
Feedback Comments

Some Positive feedback towards the music video.

“Great job!!! Keep it up we need more eyes opening songs nowadays xEdilkosa1 month ago ( –youtube comment

As we were not professional film directors our music video was not top notch and found some criticism on the way such as “could of done the shots in a lighter background” and “ should spend more then 2 weeks making the video” which was a harsh sarcastic criticism.

But overall from all the comments and lack of criticisms I found that the music video was actually a success , as the people enjoyed it , understood the message of the video and could relate their lifestyle towards the videos lyrics and message.