Volunteer leaders working with judging teams
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Volunteer Leaders Working with Judging Teams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Volunteer Leaders Working with Judging Teams. 4-H In-service, April 24 -26, 2007 Carmen G. Burgos Extension Specialist, Volunteer Development. Why have a judging team program?. Judging: Is a valuable teaching technique is a way to present project information

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Presentation Transcript
Volunteer leaders working with judging teams l.jpg

Volunteer Leaders Working with Judging Teams

4-H In-service, April 24 -26, 2007

Carmen G. Burgos

Extension Specialist, Volunteer Development

Why have a judging team program l.jpg
Why have a judging team program?

  • Judging: Is a valuable teaching technique

    • is a way to present project information

    • can stimulate interest in project work

    • can motivate youth to do better work

    • can be an incentive for youth to expand involvement in 4-H

Value to 4 h members l.jpg
Value to 4-H members

Judging teaches youth to:

  • recognize best characteristics or quality; to appreciate high standards

  • expand their skills of observation

  • develop reasoning ability(critically thinking)

  • make sound and systematic decisions

  • improve their own work

  • develop ability to concisely express thoughts

  • think “on your feet”

  • develop self-confidence

  • be a team member (responsibility and accountability )

Why involve volunteer leaders l.jpg
Why Involve Volunteer Leaders?

  • You can reach a larger number of youth, expanding the county 4-H program.

  • Increase the quality of the 4-H experience for members.

  • Volunteers bring a unique set of experiences, knowledge and skills.

Cont why l.jpg
cont. Why?..... Leaders?

  • Youth need validation from nurturing adults outside of the immediate family circle… increases resiliency.

  • Volunteers model contributing to the wellbeing of community… strengthening community ties.

  • Provides an opportunity to create ownership in programming efforts… increasing commitment and resources.

Consider l.jpg

Judging Team opportunities Leaders?

Consumer Decision Making


Dairy Products




Life Smarts


Meat Science

Plant and Seed Identification



Your goals and interest

Different ways of involving volunteers in judging activities.

Select a starting point

your knowledge/interest

potential volunteer coaches you already know about

decide which judging team(s) you want to start with

Consider ….

Prepare before you recruit l.jpg

Prepare … Leaders? before you recruit!

What do i need before i recruit volunteers to coach a judging team l.jpg
What do I need before I recruit volunteers to coach a judging team?

  • Establish procedure for enrolling volunteers.

  • Collect teaching materials and resources volunteers & youth will need related to judging and subject matter.

  • Talk to other agents that have been successful in coaching and in utilizing volunteer judging coaches.

  • Establish a time-line and study plan

  • Develop marketing plan.

Cont what do i need l.jpg
Cont. What do I need?... judging team?

  • Prepare short “Orientation” for potential coaches and volunteers (use as recruiting tool)

  • Prepare a core training for coaches

    • Expectations

    • Youth development information

    • Event requirements

    • Teaching youth: methods

    • Judging and subject matter materials & resources

    • Fund development

    • Organizing a 4-H judging event

  • Draft a county recognition plan for volunteers and youth (coaches could have input)

Tools l.jpg
Tools judging team?

  • Volunteer position description

  • Marketing/recruiting information

  • Time-line

  • Study schedule (tentative)

  • Communication plan

Where and how can i find volunteers l.jpg

Sources: judging team?

Local businesses

Professionals in the industries

4-H alumni

Collegiate 4-H or

college student

Teen leaders

School teachers

Retired professional


Handouts at club meetings

Flyers at events

Personal visits

Attend or contact association/chapter meeting


Where and how can I find volunteers ?

Training l.jpg
Training… judging team?

  • Familiarize them with the opportunities

    • The benefits of judging

    • Who is eligible

    • Recognition program (county, regional, state

  • Expectations (position description)

  • Working with youth

  • Time-line and study plan

First meeting l.jpg
First meeting judging team?

  • Good beginnings are important and will pay off with high interest by the boys and girls.

    • Welcome – Ice breakers

    • Preview – experiences, trips, friends

    • Schedule

    • Positive learning environment

      • Evaluate individual progress

What does it take to have a successful experience l.jpg

Trained judging team? volunteers

Study resources and materials

Plan or study schedule

Coordinate paperwork requirements properly

Good communication

Clear expectations

Interest in helping each child reach their potential

Commitment: (youth, parents, and coaches)

Youth interested in subject matter and involved in the “doing” aspect of learning

Judging situation at every practice

Positive learning environment


What does it take to have a successful experience?

Recruit hire train l.jpg

Recruit, Hire, Train… judging team?

And Manage!

Thank you l.jpg

Thank You! judging team?