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Pilgrims and Catechism Center. CAMP CRYSTAL.

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  1. Pilgrims and Catechism Center CAMP CRYSTAL

  2. Christian Center Crystal was purchased by the Russia United Methodist Church in 2003 with charitablefunds gathered and donated for the Camp by German children and youth. Camp Crystal is a unique property of The United Methodist Church in Eurasia. It welcomes people for relaxing, fora variety of Christian activities,and just for having fun.

  3. Crystal Center is situated in the picturesque forest on the banks of the best and cleanest river of Voronezh -- the River Usmanka -- 15 miles from the city.

  4. The woods area is a mixed forest reserve where you can meet real elk. Lilies and water-lilies blossoming in the shallow waters are the hostesses of the Usmanka rivers.

  5. The climate of the area is among the best for rest and relaxation for people of all ages.

  6. There is a central residence building, a number of log cabins, a large dining hall … and a hall for worshipservices and programs.

  7. The Camp needs restoration. That is why not only brothers and sisters in Christ from Russian cities, but also volunteers from other countries are workingtogether here.

  8. The restoration of the three-storymain residence buildingwill allow for hosting people during all seasons, including winter.

  9. Let us Serve the LORD together!

  10. One can find some cozy shower-rooms a large canteen and the big hall for services in our camp.

  11. The residencebuilding can now host 100 people at a time. Between 2005 – 2007, 1,500 people had a rest at the camp and there have beena total of 15 campsessions.

  12. "ANT HOUSE" The Youth Christian Camp The aim of the Ant House program is to bring the good news of salvation to non-believers and to deepen the relationships with Jesus among youth who have already taken Christ into their hearts.

  13. The program encourages young Christians to strengthen their faith in Christ… …to feel their strength in Jesus and to learn how to be responsible for their deeds.

  14. The youth are able to know God, to come to the Church, to find new friends in Christ, as well as to change their attitudes towards life and to find new circles of people for fellowship.

  15. Celebrating Christmas together

  16. "TRES DIAS" The Seminar of Faith Reborn The aim of the seminar is the renewal of love between GOD and people.

  17. ОМЖ UMW Conferences of United Methodist Women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan are held annually.

  18. The number of our church parishioners is not large, but all of them are precious stones. They are as holy springs from which the rivers of mercy and God’s deeds begin to flow. We teach the Bible lessons, listen to lectures, share experiences of the spiritual life, conduct prayer services.

  19. Creativity lessons feature the sharing of craft skills.

  20. OUR PLANS ARE: A variety of programs to support and strengthen the health of children and youth. A rehabilitation center will be created for women who have suffered from family violence.

  21. Missionary Service We assist refugees, who have lost practically all their belongings, and who are in need of medicine, clothes, books for children, and other forms of help.

  22. In the camps children and youth can hear the Good News about Jesus as well as receive information about AIDS prevention, drug and alcohol addiction, and more.

  23. The center is meant for multifunctional purposes but primarily is intended for camps serving children and youth living in orphanages, prisons, and alcohol-addicted families.

  24. We need your help! In addition to your much-appreciated spiritual and financial support, there are many opportunities for volunteer service!

  25. We invite volunteers to our Camp to take part in - construction and renovation work; - children and youth camps; - evangelism and mission services.


  27. We are always ready and glad to receive and share opinions and suggestions. We are waiting impatiently and hope for your help and participation in the work of the Pilgrims and Catechism Center of the Russia United Methodist Church. Our address: Camp Director: Irina Efremova, 32-a, Moscow Avenue, VORONEZH, 394026, Russia Phone :( 4732 ) 78-61-90 e-mail: rinamel@box.vsi.ru Photos by Irina Kozhevnikova and other United Methodist Church of Russia members.

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