finding legal resources online the easy way l.
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Finding legal resources online: the easy way PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding legal resources online: the easy way

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Finding legal resources online: the easy way - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding legal resources online: the easy way. Aims of the session.

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Finding legal resources online: the easy way

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    1. Finding legal resources online: the easy way

    2. Aims of the session • To introduce students to the nature and structure of the principal legal electronic services for academic study, and to familiarise them with the basic navigation of the services in order to locate primary and secondary legal resources

    3. So I just search Google, right? • No! – use specialist, subscription-based legal services (databases) • Principally WestlawUK and LexisNexis Professional (there is also LawtelUK) • Both include domestic case law and legislation and a range of legal journals • Accessible on and off campus

    4. Learning outcomes • After the session, you will be able to: • locate and access the electronic services available at Warwick for legal studies • use these services to consult case law, legislation and journal articles contained on a typical course reading list • carry out basic searches to locate journal articles on a particular legal topic to assist you with seminar and assignment work

    5. Structure of session • Use workbook as a teaching resource • Work through Tasks 1 and 2 together to gain confidence and familiarity • Work through Tasks 3+ individually to progress your skills • It is not a race, so work at your own pace • To close, look at issues with locating journals and draw thoughts together

    6. Task 1… • Page 2 of workbook


    8. Anybody not know about ATHENS usernames and passwords?

    9. Scroll down to bottom of screen…

    10. UK case law UK Legislation (Acts and SIs) Journal articles

    11. Task 2… • Page 3 of workbook

    12. Over to you… • Work through Tasks 3 onwards in the workbook at your own pace • If at any stage you need help or have a question to ask, please seek our attention • Wrap up/summary in the last 10 minutes

    13. Wrap up • Pause now - you can continue and refer to the workbook exercises outside the class • Any questions at this point?

    14. Relationship with print sources • Not dealing with different legal sources • Primary sources: case law and legislation • Secondary sources: journal articles • Essential difference is the mode of access to and delivery of the material • Digitally on a computer, rather than in print

    15. Accessing an e-journal article • Two-step process: • Access the journal on an electronic service using Library e-journals listing or Catalogue • Locate the article on the particular service by searching and/or browsing • Example: • Bamforth, N. Sado-masochism and consent. [1994] Crim. L.R. 661-664.

    16. 1. Search by journal title

    17. Off-campus, Library barcode and PIN are required for access

    18. 2. Search and/or browse for article

    19. WestlawUK v. LexisNexis • To some degree, which you use is a matter of personal preference • Coverage of main case law series: • Law Reports on both, including Appeal Cases (AC) • Weekly Law Reports (W.L.R.) on WestlawUK • All England Law Reports (All E.R.) on LexisNexis • WestlawUK provides extra analytical information on cases and statutes and cross-referencing • Because no crossover of full-text domestic journals, you may need to use both services • Practise to gain confidence

    20. If ever you feel like this… AAARRGGHHH!!!

    21. Help is at hand • We are here to assist – please ask! • See Floor 4 lift lobby for database guides • General Library database search training weeks 3-9 – sign up Floor 1 Enquiry Desk • Help is offered by LexisNexis student rep. • Further training for you in week 8 as part of MELS course, details to follow