opposition to the nazi s n.
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Opposition to the Nazi’s

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Opposition to the Nazi’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opposition to the Nazi’s. Jeremy. Opposition under the Nazi’s. Non-compliance with Nazi regulations Attempts to assassinate Hitler Resistance regimes . Volksgenossen. Volksgenossen meaning “Race comrade” People not fit to “ Volksgenossen ” suffered intimidation and persecution

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opposition under the nazi s
Opposition under the Nazi’s
  • Non-compliance with Nazi regulations
  • Attempts to assassinate Hitler
  • Resistance regimes
  • Volksgenossen meaning “Race comrade”
  • People not fit to “Volksgenossen” suffered intimidation and persecution
  • Forced to wear identification badges
  • Arrested and sent to labour/concentration camps
  • Euthanasia to the disabled, protested against by the church
german resistance
German Resistance
  • FreieArbeiter Union (FAUD)
    • Distributed anti-Nazi propaganda
    • Encouraged people to leave Germany
  • Red Orchestra
    • Anti-fascistsand communists
    • Assisted Jewish friends
  • The Churches spoke against the Regime
    • Christian Churches, Catholic and Protestant
  • Germans helping the Jews survive the Holocaust
    • Hiding the Jews
    • Getting papers/documentation to aid them
july bomb plot
July Bomb Plot
  • Senior military figures believed Hitler was dooming Germany
  • Claus von Stauffenberg
    • Injured during a battle in North Africa
    • Met with Hitler on a regular basis, spearhead to Operation Valkyrie
  • Took place July 20 1944 at the Wolf’s Lair
  • Involved placing a bomb in a meeting between Hitler and his generals, could only place one of the two bombs due to time constraints
  • With Hitler dead, hoped to overthrow the Government
erwin rommel
Erwin Rommel
  • “The Desert Fox”
  • General Field Marshal of World War II, let several tank regimes in Africa
  • Regarded as a humane person and was not accused of war crimes
  • He ignored orders to kill Jewish soldiers, civilians and captured commandos
  • Linked to an assassination attempt to Hitler
  • Was seen as a national Hero so Hitler wanted his death to be quite
  • Agreed to kill himself in exchange his family not be harmed
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  • Authoritarian and Single-Party states