ceramics 1 week twelve n.
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Ceramics 1 Week Twelve PowerPoint Presentation
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Ceramics 1 Week Twelve

Ceramics 1 Week Twelve

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Ceramics 1 Week Twelve

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  1. Ceramics 1 Week Twelve

  2. Harmony • The visual elements are repeated in different ways that appear the same or similar to other areas in the work. • How are the shapes found in this work by Bruce white similar?

  3. Example of Harmony Repeating directional lines and/or shapes within the piece similar to the outeredge of the work Layering similar colors so that all the parts seem to fit together

  4. Kick Wheel • Pottery wheel not run by electricity but rather the potter’s feet kick a lower wheel to get it started and reenergize it when it slows down.

  5. Soaking the Kiln • Maintaining the kiln at a temperature below the boiling point of water for an extended period of time, ensures pots are completely bone dry before firing. Under 212⁰ F/100⁰ C

  6. Glaze Fit • Glazes fit when they expand as the clay expands and shrink at the same rate as the clay being fired shrinks when cooling

  7. Good Glaze Fit • Means the glaze is always firmly attached to the pot throughout the firing process • Glaze should look smooth and free of defects

  8. Poor Glaze Fit: Shivering • Glaze flakes off the surface in chucks because the glaze shrinks faster than the pot when cooling in the kiln

  9. Poor Glaze Fit: Crazing • Cracking or distortion of glaze caused by the admission of cold air to the kiln during cooling or poor glaze fit • Glaze applied to thick may craze

  10. Japanese Cracked Vase • Sometimes crazing is encouraged • Japanese cracked vase is stained with concentrated tea to create a natural and interesting pattern in the glaze

  11. Health Warning • Crazed surfaces allow bacterial growth so artists who want to emphasize these cracks should only encourage cracks on the outside of pots • Or stain cracks with contrasting glaze and re-fire the pot with a clear glaze to seal cracks

  12. Wax Resist • Wax creates a barrier keeping glaze from soaking into the ceramic surface • Glaze drips on waxed areas are easy to remove with a damp sponge

  13. Wax Resist Warning • Glaze drips not removed from waxed surface will reach the pot’s surface when wax melts away in the kiln

  14. Dry Footing • Brushing wax resist onto the foot of a pot before glazing will help you to easily wipe away glaze if it accidentally drips on the foot ring when dipping • All glaze should be removed from the bottom of a piece before firing • To make stilting • unnecessary

  15. Creative Problem SolvingThink Positive! • I think positive I always think we’re going to score Dan Marino Hall of fame 2005 9 time pro bowler

  16. Zig Ziglar: Expert Salesman, Author, and Public Speaker • Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will

  17. Herm Albright (1876-1944)Wrote for Saturday Evening Post • A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.