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We are going to read a book called Holes? It follows a teenage boy. PowerPoint Presentation
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We are going to read a book called Holes? It follows a teenage boy.

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We are going to read a book called Holes? It follows a teenage boy.

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We are going to read a book called Holes? It follows a teenage boy.

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  1. We are going to read a book called Holes? It follows a teenage boy. What do you think the book might be about? Now that you can see the bookcover would you like to modify your prediction?

  2. Narrative hooks What is a narrative hook? When would they be used? Can you think of examples of any of these techniques? Techniques Short sentences Shock/start with something strange Unanswered questions Mystery Attention grabbing characters Look again at the opening chapter of Holes? Can you find any of the narrative hooks above? Use examples.

  3. Chapter 2 Why do you think that Stanley chooses to go to Camp Green Lake? What do you think that he expects to find there? What do you normally associate the word ´camp´ with?

  4. Survival Guide You are going to write and illustrate a survival guide for new arrivals Camp Green Lake. Make a list of the main points you would pass onto new arrivals. How can we turn these into instructions.

  5. Write a rough draft of your instructions. Check with your partner and me before you begin your neat copy. How could you illustrate your Survival Guide to make it more effective?

  6. Character building? What has helped to make you the person that you are?

  7. Stanley´s story: why he ends up at Camp Green Lake Select at least 5 things that happen to Stanley that contribute to his ending up at Camp Green Lake. Stanley´s luck Events

  8. What is a superstition? Can you think of any that you follow? What happens with a curse? What is a sub plot?

  9. Put this mind map at the centre of a page and add the evidence/quotes that you find that tell us. Look for repitition of phrases or words that convey the difficulty of the task e.g. words that refer to the heat.

  10. How does Stanlet feel about Camp Green Lake? Chapters 4-10 Try to match the quotations below to the mind map that you have already drawn. Orange jumpsuit The use of nicknames his "smelly scratchy cot" "there was no nob for hot water" "Everything tasted pretty much the same"

  11. Acrostic of Stanley´s experiences and changes so far S T A N L E Y Y E L N A T S

  12. Holes: The Warden The Warden is a figure of power in Holes. When Stanley first arrives, he is told that “The Warden owns the shade”. 1) Look at pages 66, 67 and 68. Look for five things that Loius Sachar says that creates an impression. 2) What does Stanley find unusual and why?

  13. Task: My character I’d now like you to have a go at creating an impression with a character of your own. Choose one of the following ideas and describe meeting them for the first time. 1. Fitness coach of a new sports team. 2 A new next door neighbour. 3 Primary school headmaster. Some words which may help you are Watchful eyes Intense stare Full eye contact Whispered softly powerful build Hands that could crush stones Burning glare Echoing voice Unmoving coiled

  14. Stanley´s changes Write 2 pairs of sentences that link together in the following way. Stanley used to be .... But now he´s ... They should try and show how Stanley's changed during his time at Camp Green Lake. Example Stanley used to be bullied. But now he´s Caveman.

  15. Purpose of the two letters Divide the ideas below into one of the two columns. What ideas of your own can you add? reassure misguide

  16. Stanley´s real letter home What would Stanley say if he didn´t have to tell white lies to his mum and dad? Write abut the things that he has really gone through and that the changes that he has had to make. Try to write in the kind of informal style that he would use with his mum. Aim for 5 paragraphs or so. Mark criteria Demonstrate selectivity in choice of stories. (chosen to entertain the reader) Accuracy in relating events. Understanding of the changes Stanley has gone through. Tone is correct for the reader of the letter.

  17. Drama Improvisation In pairs you have 8 minutes to put together an improvisation of one of the following scenarios. 1. Stanley discusses with one of the other boys why Zero is so quiet and doesn´t interact with the others. or 2. Stanley discusses with one of the other boys about the Warden and why she is suddenly spending so much time watching over their work. ·All improvisation should be in English ·The scene you present should not be more than 2 minutes long. ·You will have to present your improvisation another pair ·Each pair has to pinpoint one thing they learnt from watching the others´ improvisation. We will watch a few of the best ones.

  18. The Great Escape How many films have you seen where someone tries to escape from a prison or prison camp? The Great Escape. The Shawshank Redemption. What are the conventions (things you normally see) of these stories? Working with a partner, make a list.

  19. Prediction: Stanley´s escape plan Working with you partner discuss and decide whether Stanley will get away. Try to answer the questions below in detail with your partner.

  20. Subplot: chapter 23 Think of 3 reasons why Louis Sachar might use the ´KB´ subplot? Objective Develop our understanding of how and why author´s use subplots in their stories.

  21. Comic strip work As we read the developing story of Kate Barlow try and decide and what the key moments are. What parallels can you identify with the main story. Write a list. Write a list of what you think are the 8 most important moments in terms of how they link with the main story and add to our understanding on what happens there.

  22. Comic strip mark scheme

  23. Prediction work Write 3 predictions about how the book will develop. These don´t just have to be about Stanley. Share your ideas with your partner. Work with the pair who are closest to you to decide on the 5 best predictions between you and put them into an order of likelihood.

  24. The curse What did Stanley's great grandfather forget to do?

  25. Should the curse be lifted from Stanley's family? Organise the points below into order of importance. (from most to least) . Takes blame for sunflower seeds Tries to teach Zero to read Tells mum that he’s having a great time Lets Zero dig his hole for him Has dug 45 holes Hasn’t completed 18 months

  26. Now that we have read chapter 31 fill in the chart 'filling in the holes in Holes'making connections between the two stories.

  27. Quickly remind yourself of the events of chapter 39. What does Stanley do that might lift the curse that his pig-stealing great grandfather brought on the family?

  28. What do the two boys got out of their friendship with each other so far?

  29. Stanley and Zero: best and worst moments Before we read the end of the novel, can you take a moment to reflect on what have been the best and the worst moments the boys have experienced in the story. You can do this for them both: ·personally ·as a pair

  30. Important moments in Stanley and Zero´s relationship Select the 5 points from the lists below that you consider to be most important in bringing Stanley and Zero together.

  31. Emotional moments: events to plot 1 Divide these ideas between the two characters in lists 2 Put them in order 3 Try to add a minimum of 3 ideas of your own for each character 4 Once you have a finalised list, in order, number them and start work on the emotion graph Zero Stanley is an orphan overweight bullied at school Mr P. makes fun of him can't dig a hole runs into desert on his own gets a nickname carried up big thumb Homework Finish your emotion graph for tomorrow´s lesson please.

  32. Emotion : Stanley and Zero positive Emotions negative story events end start

  33. Stanley and Zero´s relationship questions Write detailed notes on the following questions 1 What qualities makes theirs a good relationship? 2 How do their stories link together? 3What benefits they bring to each other?

  34. The friendship of Zero and Stanley is what makes Holes a great book. Discuss. ·Try and select at least 5 main ideas that you can make into a paragraph. ·Remember to include a brief introduction and conclusion in which you reach your conclusion. ·The essay should look at both sides of the question - other than their friendship, what else makes the story enjoyable? Point Example Explanation PointThe way that the story of Zero and Stanley fits in with that of their great grandparents is one of the things that makes the story enjoyable. Example When Stanley carries Zero up big thumb, completing what his relative never did, the reader gets behind the boys. Explanation Although the boys don't even know about it, it gives the reader pleasure to be in on the 'secret' that Stanley is undoing the curse that was created by his grandfather all those years before. The sense that his luck might be about to change gives us a sense of anticipation for what could happen next.

  35. Different points to use 1 If they hadn´t of worked together they wouldn´t have got the treasure 2 Stanley cares enough for Zero to risk his own life 3 They help each other to build their confidence 4 (Against) They are not the only two characters who make the book so interesting 5

  36. Point Example Explanation ·Read your partner´s work ·Underline Their point, example and explanations in different colours if you can identify them ·Select the paragraph which has the best developed PEE to read to the class.