A Change Agent in Special Education:
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A Change Agent in Special Education: A New Role A New Opportunity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Change Agent in Special Education: A New Role A New Opportunity. The Elementary and Middle Schools Technical Assistance Center. Ron Havelock Kristin Ruedel. April 5, 2002. Research to Practice. Research. Linker. Practice. Content and Process.

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A Change Agent in Special Education:

A New Role

A New Opportunity

The Elementary and Middle Schools Technical Assistance Center

Ron Havelock

Kristin Ruedel

April 5, 2002

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Research to Practice




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Content and Process

  • Content is the specific of what we want to do

  • Process is how we introduce and follow through on the content

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What is the concern? Who cares? How much? How much should they care?


How do we translate into action? Get consensus? Widen the circle of users?


Whose concern is it? Who are the key stakeholders? How do we relate to them?


How do we define the concern as a solvable problem?


How do we pick the best solution? How do we put the elements together?


How do we get help? Who has resources, solutions? How do we gain access to these resources?

A Continuing Cycle of Change

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Change Agents: Who are they?

  • Advocates

  • Pure Process Helpers

  • The Linker

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Using the Linker Model

  • EMSTAC’s mission

  • Local Linking Agents and Technical Assistance Liaisons

  • 3 Strategies

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Supporting Schools across Multiple Topics

  • Accessing the General Education Curriculum

  • Academic and Instructional Topics

  • Behavioral Supports and Interventions

  • Minority Disproportionality in Special Education

  • Low Incidence Disabilities

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A Case Study

An Early Literacy Program Travels to a Rural Atlantic School District

Theory Meets Reality

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Early Literacy Program (ELP)

[Michigan State University]

Linker Support Group (LSG)

[US Department of Ed-supported project]

Troy (MSU- based


Technical Assistance Liaison (TAL)

County Special Education Department

SE Supervisor


(designated linker)

Plainview Elementary





Reg Ed Teacher(s)

School Improvement Team (SIT)

North Slope Elementary

SE Teacher(s)

SE Teacher(s)

Reg Ed Teacher(s)



SE Teacher(s)

Cider Hill Elementary

Reg Ed Teacher(s)

= significant and supportive linker role

= major linker role

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