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Special Education Reporting System (SER) PowerPoint Presentation
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Special Education Reporting System (SER)

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Special Education Reporting System (SER)
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Special Education Reporting System (SER)

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  1. Special Education Reporting System (SER) Web-based IEP Training Training Link https://sert.doe.louisiana.gov/sertrain

  2. IEP Forms Process Flexibility • Local security administrators should maintain a list of staff authorized to request access to SER & SER IEP. • Majority of IEP data can be entered prior to meeting and teacher can either update the form during the meeting on the computer or the IEP draft can be printed and used as a template during the IEP Team Meeting. • Any edits to the IEP during the meeting must be entered on the SER IEP form. • Once the parent signs the paper copy, then the IEP can be made OFFICIAL in SER.

  3. SER/IEP Form Security Access • Local security/confidentiality policies must be followed.  The policy should include the minimum requirements: • Each LEA/district should have a written security policy that includes IEP security. • Each LEA/district should cover security guidelines and policies in local training annually. • All requests for IDs/ access to SER and SER IEP security groups should be approved by Special Education Supervisors or their designated representatives prior to being sent to the local security administrators. • Each user should be required to sign a confidentiality assurance statement annually.

  4. Production URL • Production Link: • https://serp.doe.louisiana.gov/ser

  5. Sign On • Enter USER NAME and Password • Click OK • Read and adhere to information on the SER Home Page • All student information is confidential and subject to LEA, State and Federal regulations regarding privacy of individual student and family information. Use of SER must be for official school purposes only, and all users must follow local and state security procedures. • Before using SER, you should: • Be familiar with LEA/System policies regarding confidentiality of individual student information. • Be familiar with State and Federal Laws and Regulations regarding confidentiality of individual student information. • Follow SER procedures for security.

  6. SER Welcome Screen

  7. Searching for a Student • Student Search (or Quick Search) • Enter student’s first and last name or state ID • Then press ENTER or click GO • Regular Search • Name or state ID search • Limit search to your LEA • Then click SEARCH (not ENTER)

  8. Quick Search

  9. Regular Search

  10. Advanced Mode

  11. Recent Students • Up to 7 of the last students modified will display in the upper right corner • Click the student’s name to access the student’s record

  12. Search Process

  13. Search Results • A list of students found will display at the bottom of the screen • The search list can display up to 200 students • Select a student by clicking on the STATE ID link

  14. Student Options Area • For IEP Writers access • Student Profile Data • Student State ID, name and DOB • Student demographic data (Gender, Race) • IEP Forms are active • Create IEPs • Amendment IEPs

  15. Student Options Area

  16. Creating an IEP • Click IEP forms • The IEP Forms Page will display • Displays summary IEP information • Contains IEP Print Option, Status and the Submitted to SER flag • Option to View an existing IEP (only the new IEPs created will be able to be viewed)or ADD NEW

  17. OR

  18. IEP Statuses • Draft • Official • Amended - Draft • Amended - Official

  19. Draft IEP • IEPs are Drafts until the parent signs • A teacher can DRAFT the entire IEP for the IEP Team meeting • Once parent signs, teacher/user changes status to Official in SER • Make sure IEP type and Team Meeting Date are correct before marking as official

  20. Official IEP • The IEP form has been signed by the parent • Data is not moved to SER until a supervisor or authorized individual (IEP Form Approver) verifies the information and chooses to submit the data. • Any changes to the IEP will result in an Amendment. The only exception to this rule is “Date Achieved” on the Instructional Plan form. • IEP Type or Team Meeting date CANNOT be changed once the IEP is marked OFFICIAL.

  21. Amended - Draft • Used to change an Official IEP • Parents must be contacted before the IEP is amended • During the Amendment process, the status of the IEP will be changed to “Amended – Draft”. • Each change to the IEP will be tracked on a form by form basis. • Amendments require an explanation prior to completion (made “Amended – Official”).

  22. Amended - Official • IEP changes have been marked as Official. • Data is not moved to SER until a supervisor or authorized individual (IEP Form Approver) verifies the information and chooses to submit the data. • There is no system limit to the number of Amendments that can be processed.

  23. IEP Forms Available

  24. IEP Forms Operations • The top toolbar allows the users to perform the following operations: • Refresh the screen • Save the data on the current page • Data also automatically saved: • when navigating to a new page • before system timeout (after 28 minutes of inactivity) • When the VALIDATE button is selected

  25. IEP Form Help • Each IEP form is equipped with a help screen. • Throughout the form clicking on the help button • Additional help related to the current IEP form can be obtained by scrolling the window to the particular field help section. • The HELP window is closed by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner of the popup. • The question mark at the top of each form can be clicked to display the SER/IEP Forms Users Guide in PDF format.

  26. Spell Check • All text areas on the IEP may be checked for proper spelling. Spell check is a manual process and is invoked by clicking the spell check icon on the top toolbar. • Spell Check will check the spelling on the current page, not the entire IEP form.

  27. Transition Services • If the IEP is for a G/T student, go to GSI page and select IEP type for G/T. Transition Services (TS) page will no longer be displayed • Transition services must be in effect when a student turns age 16- • Transition Services page will be required if a student is age 15 on the Team Meeting Date. • If your student does not require TS proceed to the GSI page. Do not enter anything on TS page.

  28. Transition Page Student’s vision statement has been replaced with Measurable Postsecondary Goals. Training or Education and Employment Goals are required. Refer to the HELP page for more information. 29

  29. Transition Page (cont) List the multiple assessments – documentation must be kept in IEP folder Refer to the Transition Help Pages for more information

  30. General Entry Requirements for Action Step Blocks • Action step blocks (narrative blocks) cannot be left blank • School • Student • Family • Agency (this block can contain NA)

  31. To move from one page to another by either using the drop down arrow or the green arrow

  32. General Student Information (GSI) • Student Profile Information displays from SER • IEP Participant’s position and name must be entered • ODR defaults as one of the participants • Age of majority and rights information has been moved from the LRE page to the GSI page for the web-based program only – it remains on the placement/LRE page of the IEP form when printed • Requirements for GSI have been broken into separate narrative blocks • A narrative block has been added to allow the teacher to record general information about the student and for gifted students, student interests and language needs need to be addressed here

  33. General Student Information

  34. This information is grayed out because it is pulled from SER

  35. ODR is defaulted • Type in Participants name - let them either initial or sign

  36. If a box is gray, it means you do not have access to it – e.g., Section 504 is only applicable to students with only gifted/talented exceptionalities

  37. If you have a question or need assistance concerning CONTENT for the IEP, click on the round question mark

  38. GSI – Special Factors • This section is completed one of two ways: • If there is a special factor that needs to be addressed, complete all boxes that apply and put “none” or “N/A” in the other boxes. • If after consideration by the IEP team, NO factors need to be addressed at this time, click the check box below the special factors blocks. • G/T IEPs - This section of the IEP has been disabled for G/T IEPs

  39. If the student has no special factors that need to be addressed, leave boxes blank and check this box

  40. GSI – General Requirements • Attaching a Individual Graduation Plan to the IEP eliminates the writing of the transition courses of study necessary for the student in the GSI. • At least one of the Individual Graduation Plan boxes must be checked in the Transition Course of Study Area. • At least one Educational Need must be identified.

  41. General Student Information You must select at least one Transition Course of Study You must select the appropriate Educational Need area(s)

  42. Instructional Plan • The Instructional Plan has one Goal per page • If an Educational Need Area is checked on the GSI then the IP is populated • As many Goals can be written as needed – just click on ADD NEW

  43. Instructional Plan ESY Instruction – This box is only checked after the student has been determined eligible for ESY Targeted for Transition – Check this box if the goal supports the student’s transition needs

  44. Instructional Plan • Date achieved can be left blank. This is the only field that can be changed after the Parent has signed the IEP (IEP made official) without having to amend the IEP. • When date achieved is added to the Instructional Plan, teachers should print out a copy of the page and put in IEP folder and send copy home to parent.

  45. How to save Date Achieved

  46. Accommodations • Check the accommodations the student needs during instruction and regular classroom assessment. • Those accommodations that are bolded transfer to the LEAP box for statewide assessment. • For G/T students – accommodations must be addressed on the IAP (504 plan). This page does not display on G/T IEPs.

  47. Bolded accommodations are approved statewide accommodations. If a bolded accommodation is checked for instructional purposes then it populates the accommodation section in the LEAP box on the Program Services page