cross worlds by rosario and kristal n.
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Cross Worlds By: Rosario and Kristal

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Cross Worlds By: Rosario and Kristal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cross Worlds By: Rosario and Kristal.

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Introduction of heroAdriel has been cooped up all her life from the human world, studying spells in an academy, but she’s never been in the real world before.When she was only a child her parents died trying to protect her from trolls. She was then raised at True Cross, an academy that prepares young fairies for the real world. There she studied spells and magic, while training for her upcoming task.


The Call to Adventure:The King chooses her to go on a mission to buy the land from the people who own it before the trolls get to it. She must do it without anyone discovering she is a fairy, and without getting killed.Refusal of the Call:At first she refuses because she is frightened of the human world and believes she might fail. She tells the King that she is far younger than her fellow students at True Cross, and doesn’t have much experience with magic yet

shadow antagonist
Shadow (Antagonist)

Unlike Adriel, the head troll, the most furious, biggest, fiercest one of them all is out to kill her and destroy her home land. All he wants is the to find out where the portal is so he can go and take over the land. Not only that, he is also the one who killed Adriel parents when she was only a child.


Mentor: The king is very old but also very wise and has been ruling for over a century. When her parents died he took her in and has, at times, trained her personally on spells and magic.


Before she sets on her mission, the king gives her a magical gold necklace with a small vile that will protect her from trolls and hide her wings while in the “human world”. It beautiful and also very rare and precious.

allies helpers
Allies & Helpers

Krees has been her friend for years now, and once she accepts her mission he offers his assistance which she gratefully takes. Luckily he has at least been out into the “human world” a couple times, and has the experience to guide her.

Aiden goes to her school that she must attend and also offers her a place to stay while on her mission. He is the only human that knows she’s a fairy and helps her survive high school. He is very handsome , bold, and courageous, and just her type.


Crossing the Threshold:Before setting foot on the “human world”, Adriel must first cross the portal that separates the two worlds apart. Once she has crossed the portal she must complete her mission on getting the land which means she must not only pass for a human, but do it without anyone discovering she is a fairy. Threshold Guardians:Unfortunately, surrounding the portal is a forest with forest nymphs who are extremely protective over their territory. Not only do they want to kill anyone who sets foot on their land, but they are also working along side with the trolls.


Test #1They fight the forest nymphs once she crosses the portal. With the help of Krees, they fought them off and escaped alive.

The Road of Trials

Test #3Two trolls kidnapped them and threw Aiden and her in a fierce river. Just before they nearly drowned Krees dived in and pulled them out safely.

Test #2For weeks now her teacher has been telling the students about a major exam coming up, which she must pass. Luckily Aiden has been helping her study and she aces the test.

archetypal settings
Archetypal Settings
  • The Wilderness: The forest outside of the portal, which holds forest nymphs who are dying to kill Adriel, trolls, and wildlife. She must be careful because in the forest her magic is very weak.
  • The Wasteland: The School she must attend to appear human is not the nicest or friendliest place for her. She doesn’t fit in too well with the other students and is always getting into trouble.
  • The Garden: On the land there is a cabin where a boy and his parents live. They make her feel at home, and she feels safe and finds herself actually relaxing for once.

Supernatural AidThe character meets, discovers, or gains a Supernatural Aid that will help the characters on their quest. (Describe what it is in 2-4 sentences + picture)


Dragon BattleThe characters have to battle a “dragon” or a major minion of the antagonist. (Describe the conflict and outcome in 3-5 sentences + picture)


Test and the Supreme OrdealThe character has to face the Shadow in order to complete the quest. (Describe the climax of the story in 3-5 sentences + picture)


Return Homeand Master of Two WorldsThe character returns home and uses what she has learned to help her solve problems in the real world.(2-4 sentences + picture)

archetypal quests
Archetypal Quests

The Warriors quest to save a group of people was one because she goes on the quest to save her world from the trolls.

The quest for revenge was another because she partly accepts the quest knowing that maybe one of the trolls who she might encounter might have killed her parents when she was a child.

The quest to rid the land of evil is also one because she trying to get rid of the trolls trying to destroy her home land.


Resolution:The end!Do they live happily ever after?Now, go back and check every slide for correctness in grammar and spelling.Make sure your story makes sense!