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STAFFING ORGANIZATIONS. Dr. Barbara Lyon, SPHR (Note: Be sure to check the after-the-game review items located at the end of this slide show.). Show what you know!. BE SWYK!. SWYK Instructions Each contestant will choose a category. (Ex: I’ll take FLSA for $200)

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Dr. Barbara Lyon, SPHR

(Note: Be sure to check the after-the-game review items located at the end of this slide show.)

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  • SWYK Instructions

  • Each contestant will choose a category. (Ex: I’ll take FLSA for $200)

  • Response must be in the form of a question. (Ex: What are the overtime exemption categories?)

  • Kick it up a notch with SWYK Kick items by choosing to double the value posted on the game board.

  • The three contestants with the largest amount in their $WYK CA$H Pot will play…


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SWYK Board Instructions

  • Select a category on the main game board (slide 4).

  • On the main game board, click on the dollar amount of the item chosen. The item will appear on a separate slide.

  • To reveal the correct response, click in the blue space under the question.

  • To return to the main game board, click on the yellow arrow/box.

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Staffing Models & Strategy

Legal Compliance

















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Q:The process of acquiring, deploying, and retaining a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality to create positive impacts on the organization's effectiveness is called what?


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A:Job requirements with KSAOs and job rewards with individual motivation.

Q:The person/job match model says that there must be a match between what?


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A:Recruitment, selection, employment.

Q:The staffing system components model says that the phases of the staffing process occur in which order after the initial interaction between the applicant and the organization?


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A:Person-organization match.

Q:When jobs are highly fluid, it is probably advisable for organizations to focus more on what?


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A:Internal recruitment.

Q:According to the overall staffing organizations model, an example of a(n) core staffing activity is what?


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Q:The most prevalent form of the employment relationship is what?


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Q: What law supersedes any other source of law or regulation?


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A:Past court decisions.

Q: The primary source of common law in the United States is what?


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A:Percentages of groups in job categories relative to their availability in the population

Q:When using stock statistics in job selection discrimination cases, the comparison being made is what?


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A:It justifies discrimination based on reasonable necessity of the job.

Q: The essence of a BFOQ is what?


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Q:In general, the U.S. labor force is becoming what?


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A: 70%.

Q:What percentage of employers believe high school graduates are deficient in work habits such as professionalism, critical thinking, personal accountability, and time management? 


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A: Organizational responses to sudden changes in the environment.

Q: Project-based HRP consists of what ?


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A: Availability forecasting.

Q: Markov analysis is a technique for what?


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A: They are not based on a legal imperative.

Q:  Diversity programs differ from AAPs because ?