robbery training 2007 l.
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Robbery Training 2007

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Robbery Training 2007. Detective Lieutenant Fred Davis Detective Sergeant Matt Wietbrock Purdue University Police Department Criminal Investigations Division. Definition of Robbery.

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robbery training 2007

Robbery Training 2007

Detective Lieutenant Fred Davis

Detective Sergeant Matt Wietbrock

Purdue University Police Department

Criminal Investigations Division

definition of robbery
Definition of Robbery
  • A person who knowingly or intentionally takes property from another person or from the presence of another person: 1) by using or threatening the use of force on any person; or 2) by putting any person in fear; commits robbery, a Class C Felony.
          • Cont……
definition of robbery3
Definition of Robbery
  • However, the offence is a Class B Felony if it results in bodily injury to any person other than a defendant, and a Class A Felony if it results in seriously bodily injury to any person other than a defendant.
do s and don ts
Do’s and Don’ts
  • Dobe aware of where cash funds are counted…….not within public view!!!!!!
  • Don’t allow unauthorized persons in work area!!!!
  • Do keep all accesses to work area secure.
don ts and do s
Don’ts and Do’s!!
  • Don’t discuss openly how much money you’ve taken in during work shift!
  • Do be aware of persons who may be lingering near work area or acting suspiciously.
if approached by a robber
If Approached By a Robber
  • Consider all robbers armed and stay as calm as possible. Listen closely to any demands. Note them exactly!
  • Listen closely for any speech impediments, slang terms, accents, unique tones of voice.
    • This aids in the pursuant investigation.
if approached by a robber8
If Approached By a Robber
  • DoExactly as the robber says…..
    • Move as quietly, smoothly and unthreatening as one can.
  • Don’t move quickly or in any way startle the robber.
    • His/her adrenalin level will probably be quite elevated.
  • Do take a mental photograph of the robber, note hair color, and length, eye color, any distinct facial features such as tattoos, moles or scars.
    • In the event that the robbers face is covered or disguised there are plenty of other identifying features such as observed jewelry, clothing, height weight, odor.
  • Do make note any weapon displayed…
    • A description of the weapon could prove useful to the investigation!!!
more to do
More to DO
  • In addition to being able to describe the weapon take note as to which hand it was displayed. Note any identifying marks on both the “weapon hand” and the other hand….being alert for rings, tattoo’s, or scars.
after the robber leaves
After the Robber Leaves
  • Do lock down the immediate area and then telephone the police.
  • Don’t move or touch anything that the robber may have touched
  • Do note any other witnesses to the robbery, and ask them to remain until the police can arrive
after the robber leaves20
After the Robber Leaves
  • Don’t discuss the details of the robbery with others and ask the witnesses not to discuss the details either.
  • After the robber, all victims and witnesses will be asked to provide detailed accounts of their observations.
    • Those accounts are to be affirmed as true and factual and maintained at police headquarters.
  • Good, precise descriptions of robbers often make for quick apprehensions and good witnesses make for convictions.
  • In robberies, the police need good “star witnesses” more often than heroes or heroines.
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Purdue University Police Headquarters

(765) 49-48221

In case of emergency dial


mcwietbrock@purdue edu fvdavis@purdue edu