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Combining robust engineering , advanced performance and a palmtop PC interface for supreme user-friendly flexibility. WWW.CORBETTLIFESCIENCE.COM. Why a Palmtop PC Interface?. Familiar Windows operating system Allows total flexibility in cycle programming

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Combining robust engineering, advanced performance anda palmtop PC interface forsupreme user-friendly flexibility


why a palmtop pc interface
Why a Palmtop PC Interface?
  • Familiar Windows operating system
  • Allows total flexibility in cycle programming
  • Free software upgrades via web download
  • SD memory cards for program transfer & backup
  • Computer supports advanced software(for auto-calibration, primer design, virtual runs, etc)
  • Intuitive graphical user interface with large back-lit, color, touch-sensitive screen
  • In-built palm calendar software makes a perfect lab booking system!
thermal control
Thermal Control
  • Eight Peltier array
  • Four separate sensors
  • Sensor distribution allows Peltier devices pairs to be controlled independently via feedback loops to computer
thermal gradient cycling
Thermal Gradient Cycling
  • When enabled, a programmable gradient from 1°C to 24°C can be setup from left to right on the Palm-Cycler
  • 8 Peltiers and 4 sensors enable a true linear gradient to be established
  • Gradient technology allows the user to quickly identify the best possible set of annealing conditions in one run when optimizing cycling conditions
logging and graphing information
Logging and Graphing information
  • A real-time temperature graph provides information on temperature across block during cycling
  • The Blue line shows set temperature and the Red line actual temperature
  • Four sensors across the block enables accurate indication of the temperature in each well across all 12 columns
heated lid hot bonnet technology
Heated Lid (Hot Bonnet) Technology
  • Heated lid keeps the void air volume in the tube hotter than the reaction
  • This prevents evaporation of the reaction mix and condensation within the tube
  • No oil or wax condensation barrier is needed

PCR Tube

Reaction Mix

Aluminum Block

programming the palm cycler
Programming the Palm-Cycler

From the Cycling screen, simply:

2. Set Temp.

1. Set Time

3. Set Repeats

touchdown applications
Touchdown Applications

Touchdown programming can reduce non-specific product formation

long range applications
Long Range Applications
  • In Long Range programming, the extension step of an amplification cycle is automatically time incremented
  • This provides the DNA polymerase more time to complete strand synthesis in later cycles where this becomes limiting
  • Useful for targets greater than about 1 Kb in length
limit rate feature
Limit Rate Feature
  • Thermal transition times can be precisely controlled by the limit rate option
  • This allows the user to specify a heating or cooling rate over time
  • For example, you may wish to heat from 55°C to 95°C over 15 minutes (or vice versa)
  • Used during cycling protocols only
hold lists
Hold Lists
  • The hold list allows you to create temperature holds during the program at a defined Cycle, Repeat, Number, or Step
  • When running a program with this feature active, the unit will hold the temperature at the programmed point and a beeping sound will be emitted
  • Select Continue in the top right hand corner of the display to proceed
  • Useful if you need to remove tubes or add reagents at a particular point
oligo calculator
Oligo Calculator
  • The powerful palm computer allows the inclusion of advanced functions suchas an oligonucleotide calculator
  • Used to calculate various usefuloligo information such as:
    • %GC
    • Molecular weight
    • Temperature of melting (TM),
    • Optical density (OD)
    • Bond information (for detecting Primer Dimers, Palindromes etc)
auto calibration
  • Utilizing the calibration mode within the Palm-Cycler means thermal accuracy should never ‘Drift’ throughout the life of the unit
  • An external thermal couple can be used to measure block temperature
  • These readings are fed back into the calibration settings in the units memory
  • Any disparity between readings is automatically compensated by the Palm-Cycler to ensure accurate temperature control

Active-cooled block (range 4°C to 99°C)

  • 8 Peltiers and 4 platinum sensors
  • True linear gradient capability (1°C to 24°C)
  • Intuitive Palm computer interface
  • Easy programming and backup
  • Advanced cycling options(Touchdown, Long Range, Ramp Rate, Hold Lis,t etc)
  • Advanced functions(graphing interface, auto-calibration, oligo calculator etc)
  • Built tough to last

Brisbane Australia

Corbett Robotics Pty Ltd

42 McKechnie Drive

Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

T +61 7 3841 7077

F +61 7 3841 6077

United Kingdom

Corbett Research UK Limited

Unit 296 Cambridge Science Park

Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0WD

T +44 (0)1223 424 288

F +44 (0)1223 424 144

Sydney Australia

Corbett Research Pty Ltd

14 Hilly Street

Mortlake, NSW 2137

T 1 800 803 915 (Toll free)

T +61 2 9736 1320

F +61 2 9736 1364


Corbett Robotics Inc

185 Berry Street, Suite 5200

San Francisco, CA 94107

T +1866 380 1166 (Toll free)

T +1 415 348 1166

F +1 415 348 1177



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