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  1. Autonomous Programmable Robot INSPIRON ENTERPRISE SoccerRobo SoccerRobo915 Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  2. AUTONOMOUS SOCCER ROBO 915 Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  3. ROBOCUP FEDERATION • Non-profit Organisation • International joint project to promote Robotics and • Artificial Intelligence research • Robocup International Competition • RoboCup Soccer • RoboCup Junior • RoboCup Rescue Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  4. SPEC. • The autonomous robot is to move independently by recognizing signals emitted from the ball and goals as shown in the picture. • A ball uses red LEDs, and SoccerRobo can recognize it with its visible light sensor. • The goals use infrared ray LEDs, and SoccerRobo can differentiate the goals with its infrared ray sensors. • The robot can recognize the home and opponent goal by sensing the difference of the timing of the emission from the trigger of infrared LED. - Emission timing: Goal A / 1.2m sec. Goal B / 2.8m sec. Goal marker Electronic Ball Autonomous SoccerRobo Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  5. Details of Each Part-1Hardware • Electronic Circuit • The electronic circuit boards installed in the product are: mother board x 1pc, visible light sensor (for searching the ball) x 1pc, infrared sensor (for searching the goal) x 1pc, touch sensor x 2pcs • For grading up the robot, there will be various units and sensors, such as motor rotation sensor, as optional materials. • Main circuit board is designed to be expanded and responded to the users’ technical levels and experiences. The flash memory is used, so that the users can rewrite programs many times. • One chip microcomputer is Microchip PIC, which is well known and easy to operate for individuals, educational and research institutions. • LEDs and a buzzer for monitoring are mounted.The power supply for the electronic circuit is 9V, and for the motors, 4.5V(“AA” x 3pcs.) Mother board Visible Light & Infrared sensors Touch sensors Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  6. Details of Each Part-3 Software • Programming • The main body of the autonomous SoccerRobo does not have input devises to program its movement. Instead, you will program the movement in a computer and transmit it to the robot to execute. • RS-232C cable is used for connecting the serial port on the computer. • In order to make the programming procedure simple and intuitive, the Tile Designer has been developed, which uses GUI (Graphical User Interface) to program the movements on the screen. • For the Operation System, Windows (95, 98, me, 2000, NT) are scheduled to be used. • Software CD-ROM is included in the product. Upgrade version can be downloaded on the internet. Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  7. Tile Designer, You just place the tiles! You will see that you are programming while you are placing the tile. It is good for learning that the robot is moved by the program you made. ●ICON FOR FOR WAIT ●ICON FOR BACKWARD ●ICON FOR LEFT BACKWARD ●ICON FOR RIGHT BACKWARD ●ICON FOR LOOP ●ICON FOR VISIBLE LIGHT SENSOR FOR CONNDITIONE ● ICON FOR POSITIVE (YES) ●ICON FOR END ●ICON FOR LED INDICATION ●ICON FOR PROGRAM-START ●ICON FOR GO-FORWARD ●ICON FOR LEFT FORWARD ●ICON FOR RIGHT FORWARD ●Nop (ICON FOR CONNECTION) ●ICON FOR REPEAT ●ICON FOR TOUCH SENSOR ● ICON FOR NEGATIVE(NO) ●ICON FOR INFRARED SENSOR FOR CONDITION coloration Order for Movements Order for Conditions Order for Repeat Action Direction tool bar for tile conjunction Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  8. Three Types of SoccerRobo Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  9. Other usage of SoccerRobo 915 • Line Tracing • Sumo Wrestler • Obstacle Avoidance • Dancing Robot Platform Autonomous Robot Project

  10. The End THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND HAVE FUN!!! Platform Autonomous Robot Project