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Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club

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Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club. Travel Coaches Meeting Spring 2014. Agenda. Travel Key Contacts Trainers and contact info Key Dates Friday Night ‘Developmental Clinics’ New introductions this spring-friendlies Technical and Tactical Development. Physical Conditioning and SAQ’s

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Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club

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glastonbury hartwell soccer club

Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club

Travel Coaches Meeting

Spring 2014

  • Travel Key Contacts
  • Trainers and contact info
  • Key Dates
  • Friday Night ‘Developmental Clinics’
  • New introductions this spring-friendlies
  • Technical and Tactical Development
  • Physical Conditioning and SAQ’s
  • Club Policies to be aware of
  • Injuries, First Aid and Concussion.
  • Q & A
  • Thank you
travel key contacts
Travel Key Contacts
  • Andy Pinkowski: Travel Director


  • Dan Sidebottom: Director of Coaching


  • Joan Norman/Scott Schneider: Fields Scheduler/Registraiton/Website


  • John Maher: Referee Coordinator


  • Erik Barbieri-Player Development Consultant
  • Carlos Silva- Fitness Consultant email:
  • Dave Clarke- Coach Consultant
  • Laura Hecker: Travel Uniforms


trainers and contact information
Trainers and contact information
  • Dan Sidebottom

  • Erik Barbieri

  • Chris O’Brien

  • Gui Estes

  • Kofi Remey

  • Nick Balistierri

  • Tom Turvil

  • Andrew Besley

  • Seb Nelson

  • Stacey McConvile

key dates
Key Dates
  • Outdoor practices start tomorrow.
  • UCONN vs Boston College Men's Soccer- Addison 1pm
  • Clinic U9-U14 Boys only 11am.
  • League Schedules released April 5th, league play starts April 12th and ends June 15th
  • Cup Draw posted at on April 18.
  • All teams registered for Hartwell Tournament weekend of April 25th – 27th
  • “Silent Sideline” is May 17-18th. Handing out Lollipops, Pretzels or Twizzlers is a good way to remind spectators to remain quiet. Applies to all towns in CJSA (home and away).
  • Player evaluation to be submitted by 19th May.
  • Try out dates follow.
spring ct cup info
Spring CT Cup Info
  • All Teams U11-U16 entered in CT Cup competition
  • CT Cup Draw published April 18th on CJSA website.
  • Weekend games must be scheduled for start between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM for the Spring Competition.
  • If teams mutually agree, games may be scheduled outside of stated hours but must be played by date specified by cup committee.
  • Games played on the designated day and between the stated hours DO NOT require agreement of away team.
  • All teams are scheduled to play in Hartwell Tournament April 26th – 27th.
  • If you are hosting a CT Cup game that weekend, let scheduling folks know ASAP so that we can find field(s) and schedule games.
  • More information regarding CT Cup policies and rules can be found on Hartwell website and/or CJSA website.

The amount of soccer games played by our teams is an issue. We play too many games!

We should be decreasing the number of friendlies on a Saturday. Alternatively we are promoting:

  • Extra technical practice or tactical session
  • Unstructured play or small sided games (4v4’s)
  • Arest day
  • U9-11 is the key time to develop our children into better soccer players, therefore more environments which allow learning the better our children will be.
  • U12-14’s is an age where tactics become more prominent therefore use this time to work on tactical aspects of the game.
u9 12 s player development
U9-12’s Player Development
  • At this stage, the main component of the training session will be technical.
  • It is sensible at this age to develop technique and basic tactical understanding.
  • Children’s capacity to solve problems increases significantly. Therefore players will begin working on basic and dynamic tactical scenarios.
  • At this stage, players are pre-pubescent and have important physical limitations in terms of strength and endurance.
u13 14 s player development
U13-14’s Player Development
  • Players at this age develop a good understanding of the game.
  • However, these players are limited by their physical size and the significant changes, which arise with puberty. Safety should be considered each practice.
  • The coach must be cautious to avoid overtraining - should focus more on tactical and technical elements of the game and less on the physical aspects.
  • Tactical training plays an important role at this age. Use a Saturday and go over tactical work- go watch a game.
Specific positions played50% playing time and position rotation (U9-12’s) 50 % playing time and Specific position (U13-14’s)
ending the practice
Ending the practice
  • Finish each practice session with 20-15 minutes of play.
  • SSG’s or large sided games.
  • No coaching- let them play
  • Observe and evaluate if the session topic translates into the game.
fitness consultant carlos silva
Fitness Consultant- Carlos Silva
  • For the older ages U12-14’s if you require supplementary conditioning please reach out to Carlos.
  • The session can be set up on a- as requested basis
  • This could be done in small groups or full teams
  • U9-11’s this could be a good opportunity to expose the children to some SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) sessions.
  • PLEASE- use this as an addition session not your 3 hours a week technical/tactical practice.
  • Carlos Silva-
seasonal plans

Seasonal plans

USYS/US Soccer have recommendations which we used and produced our ownin alignment to them.

See website and please use.


style of play formations
Style of play/Formations
  • GHSC Recommend:
  • We want to play out from the back, and possess the ball whilst attacking when possible. This is idealistic, not every team will be able to play this.
  • 8v8 to play 3-3-1
  • 11v11 to play 4-4-2,4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.
  • Please refrain from changing your formation every week. Keep it simple!
club policies
Club Policies
  • Policy on playtime:
    • Hartwell policy is that everyone will play at least 50% of the game.
    • Player’s time is directly connected to practice and participation. If a player regularly misses practice, it will affect playtime.
  • Field Trash Pickup
    • All teams responsible for trash/recycle pickup after practices and games.
    • Parks and Rec may fine GHSC for failure to police grounds and place collected items in appropriate bins
  • Player Sharing
    • Especially in the spring when children play multiple sports we are encouraging movement between Blue, White and Red if needed.
    • Also if the age group above needs players feel free to ask for talented individual’s to play up.
  • Respect the Referees
    • Many refs are kids from within GHSC
    • Please contact John Maher with any issues regarding referee conduct
ghsc field closing policy
GHSC Field Closing Policy
  • Updated field closing policy found on GHSC website
  • Field open unless notified otherwise
  • Player safety paramount
  • Notification via email/text (if registered) and posted on website.
  • Field closing decisions goal (except sudden/unexpected)
    • Weekdays – by 3:30 PM
    • Weekends – 2 hours prior to event (game, clinic, practice)
first aid injury and concussions
First aid/Injury and Concussions.
  • Please take a common sense approach to any injury.
  • If a player is hurt- deal with it to the best of your ability.
  • Inform the parent of the injured child.
  • Concussion Facts: A concussion is a brain injury and all concussions are serious.
  • Concussion symptoms: Sustains a blow to the head or has rapid head movement (can even be a mild blow), confusion, headache, nausea, sluggish, memory issues, answers questions slowly, dizzy, vision issues or just doesn’t “feel right”.
  • Next season all coaches will require to take a CDC (Concussion training course).
  • Enforce “When in Doubt – Sit It Out” policy for your team.
  • More information forthcoming from GHSC

CDC Concussion in Youth Sports document:

  • CDC’s website:
communication with doc
Communication with DOC

I want to know how is:

  • Practice
  • Trainer
  • Games
  • Player progression
  • Team progression
  • If the seasonal plan is appropriate
  • Etc…. the list is endless.
  • Please also talk to your trainers- communication is key.
any questions

Any questions?

Thank you for listening!