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Experiments in „Gwiazdeczka” Kindergarten PowerPoint Presentation
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Experiments in „Gwiazdeczka” Kindergarten

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Experiments in „Gwiazdeczka” Kindergarten
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Experiments in „Gwiazdeczka” Kindergarten

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  1. Experimentsin„Gwiazdeczka” Kindergarten Elżbieta ZarzyckaAleksandra MajdzikAgnieszka BaniaAleksandra Florian Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, 11-17 October 2015

  2. Goal of the experiment: Discovering how colours mix in the foam Foam leaves 1. Prepare: shaving cream, paints,aluminumfoil,leafshapes cut from paper 2. Lay out a large piece of aluminum foil on the table

  3. 3. Spread shaving foam on the foil 4. Apply different colors of paint, on the surface of the foam 5. Mix the foam with colours using your hand in such a way that colours of autumn appear

  4. 6. Soak cut leaves of paper in the colorful foam 7. Leave the leaves till they get dry

  5. Goal of theexperiment: Discovering how to mix colours using breath out air Painting withthe wind 1. Prepare: water, tubes, paints, paper. 2. Place in one place, on a piece of paper several colors of paint diluted with water.

  6. 3. Blow paint on the paper using a tube. 4. Leave the work till it dries and cut theshapes of autumn leaves.

  7. Goal of the experiment:discovering that not all liquids are in the liquid state (pouring Once as water, once as a solid – a non–newtonian liquid 1. Prepare: potatostarch, water, bowl. 2. Pour water into the bowl then add potato starch and immediately start mixing.

  8. 3. Add so much potato strach so that the consistency of the liquid looks like thick paint. 4. Sequentially, touch the liquid and check to see how it behaves: dip your hands (quickly and thenslowly),punch, take a small amount of liquid in his hands andcreate balls

  9. Goal of the experiment:discovering how air acts on various items. Hovercraft 1. Prepare: balloon, CD or DVD, a movable cork with valve (eg.after any dishwashingliquid), plasticine. 2. Stick (glue) the cork to the board using plasticine. Try to get him well sealed.

  10. 3. Inflate the balloon and put it onto the CLOSED cork. 4. Now, "open" the cork so that air slowlygets out of the balloon, and put it standing, eg. on the desk. Our hovercraftshould "ride" on the surface of the table.

  11. Goal of the experiment: Discovering that solid materials due can move thanks to chemical reactions. 1. Prepare: 2 glasses, small dish, fork, 4-6 gummy worms, 3 tablespoons baking soda,1/2 cupvinegar, 1 cup water.Cut each gummy worm lengthwise at least four time with a kitchen shears. Electric Eels 2. In a glass mix the water and the baking soda.

  12. 3. Add the gummy worms to the baking soda mixture and mix. 4. Transfer the gummy worms with a fork to a small dish. 5. Pour the 1/2 cup of vinegar into the emptyglass and begin to add the gummy worms one at a time.

  13. Lava lamp Goal of the experiment: Discovering that water is heavier than oil. 1. Prepare: Transparent container, effervescent tablets, water, food pigment, oil. 2. Poursomewaterinto a transparent container.

  14. 3. Add oil into ¾ height of thecontainer. 4. Addover a dozen of drops of coloured pigment. 5. Addtheeffervescent tablet.

  15. Thankyou for yourattention! 