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Federal Work Study Graduate Assistantships PowerPoint Presentation
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Federal Work Study Graduate Assistantships

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Federal Work Study Graduate Assistantships
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Federal Work Study Graduate Assistantships

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  1. Federal Work Study Graduate Assistantships

  2. Terms of Graduate Work Study Assistantships • Students must be full-time, and matriculated • Students will work an average of 10 hours per week • Students will earn $4,002 for the academic year ($2,001/semester) • Students will receive a 50% tuition scholarship • Students will be eligible for GSEU health benefits

  3. Applying for the GWS Program • The number of Work Study positions is limited, and application is required. • Submit a request explaining the proposed work activities using the application form at http://gradschool.binghamton.edu/gwsapplicationform.doc • Requests should be sent to John Kilmarx, AD134 (jkilly@binghamton.edu)

  4. Approval for the Work Study Program • Decisions about which department/unit will receive allocated positions will be made based on an evaluation of each job description; priority will be given to positions that promise to offer students opportunity in the following areas : • University teaching/assisting • Community service • Research • Other professional experience that will enhance students’ professional development • Once approved, you will receive a confirmation that your unit may participate in the Work Study Program

  5. An Overview of the Process • Department applies for position through the Graduate School • Department posts job description on Financial Aid website (optional) • Student applies for Work Study Assistantship • Financial Aid determines eligibility • Department views list of eligible applicants • Department interviews applicants • Department selects desirable applicant(s)

  6. Overview (cont.) • Department uses GWS website to declare intent to hire • Once intent is declared, Financial Aid completes financial aid portfolio and approves for hirevia website • Department makes official (written) offer • Department appoints applicant via HR SmartForms

  7. Posting Job Description • Departments submit job descriptions through Financial Aid web site at: http://bingfa.binghamton.edu/employment.htm • You can also reach this page from the gws site at: http://gradschool.binghamton.edu/workstudy/gws.htm • Be sure to specify title as “Graduate Work Study Assistantship” and indicate that students must be “full-time and matriculated” in the job description section of the form

  8. The Application • Students may complete the Work Study application on line at: http://gradschool.binghamton.edu/workstudy

  9. Viewing Eligible Applicants • Departments can view eligible Work Study applicants at the following website: http://gradschool.binghamton.edu/workstudy/gws.htm • Choose the “Review Eligible Applicants” option • Provide the 4-digit year code (e.g., 0607) • For log-in and password details, contact Venkat Ananthanarayanan, 7-3156 (venkat@binghamton.edu) • The complete application for each eligible applicant can be viewed on line by clicking next to an individual name.

  10. Selecting Desirable Applicant • Once a department has decided on an applicant, visit the website at http://gradschool.binghamton.edu/workstudy/eligible.htm • At the bottom of the page, complete the “Wish to Hire” data • Submit • Financial Aid will now complete the applicant’s financial aid portfolio. (Please allow sufficient time.)

  11. Viewing Approved Applicants • Once the “Wish to Hire” data has been submitted, department may check the “Approved for Hire” list periodically to determine if the selected applicant has been approved for hire; check for approved applicants at: http://gradschool.binghamton.edu/workstudy/approved.htm

  12. Official Offer • Once the chosen applicant appears on the “Approved for Hire” list, department should prepare the official offer: • Offer Letter • Terms and Conditions for Employment • Terms and Conditions for Tuition Scholarship These forms are available from the following website http://gradschool.binghamton.edu/workstudy/gws.htm

  13. http://gradschool.binghamton.edu/workstudy/gws.htm

  14. Complete HR SmartForms • Select the “28029 GA and TA (Lag)” Payroll • In completing the form, under the section entitled “GA/TA Data Elements,” select • Title: “GA” • Funding Unit: “Grad Work Study” • Academic Year Stipend: “$4,002” for a full academic year appointment; half the amount for a spring or fall appointment [please contact the Graduate School, 7-2072, to confirm amount] • Appointment Length: “Academic Year” (or “Fall” or “Spring”) • Percentage of Tuition: “50%” (for both semesters if this is an academic year appointment; otherwise, 50% for the appropriate semester of appointment) • CC/ABD Status: “Neither” (Contact the Graduate School for details) • FTE = 25%

  15. Assure that Funding Source = FWS • Departments that already have TA/GA line #s may use vacant lines to appoint Work Study TA/GAs; however, the funding source must be changed. • Submit a web Position Request Form to Human Resources, requesting that the funding for the position be changed to Federal Work Study

  16. Complete a Labor Distribution Schedule For GWS positions allocated by the Graduate School: • Line 1 • P = Department’s chosen project • O = Department organization (not Graduate School!) • E = PST0 GA and TA (Lag) • T = Will depend on the appointed student’s duties: • 01.97 for TAs assisting with or teaching lower division (100- or 200-level courses) undergraduate instruction • 01.98 for TAs assisting with or teaching upper division (300- or 400-level courses) undergraduate instruction • 01.99 for TAs assisting with or teaching graduate instruction • 02.99 for GAs doing research • 04.99 for Gas doing tasks that do not fit into any of the other categories • S = 2115020 Standard (Regular GWS allocations) 2115021 Read America (America Reads/Counts, SEHD only)

  17. Payroll Information • All applicants must complete an I-9 form in the Human Resources Office before they can be placed on the payroll. • Insurance is not automatic; encourage students to contact the HR Employee Benefits Office in LSG 528. • Payroll information such as direct deposit, withholding forms, etc. are available from Student Payroll Services in AD 405. • Stipends are paid on a bi-weekly basis (2-week lag)

  18. Process for Rehiring Continuing Students • Contact Ramona Cornell at moner@binghamton.edu • Request to have student(s) portfolio reviewed and approved for hire • Send official offer letter once student has been approved for hire • Submit SmartForm TAGA Appointment

  19. Questions? • Questions may be referred to: • Kate Hastings, Student Payroll Services, AD 405, 7-4185, hastings@binghamton.edu • Ramona Cornell, Office of Financial Aid, SW 109 (moner@binghamton.edu) • John Kilmarx, The Graduate School, 7-4203, jkilly@binghamton.edu