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Further Word 2000 Further Formatting Techniques PowerPoint Presentation
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Further Word 2000 Further Formatting Techniques

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Further Word 2000 Further Formatting Techniques - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Further Word 2000 Further Formatting Techniques Word 2000 - Intermediate - Adding Bullets to a List Use the Bullets icon Or use the Bullets and Numbering command under the Format drop down menu and then select the Bulleted tab Customizing Your Bullet Formatting You can customize:

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Further Word 2000 Further Formatting Techniques

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adding bullets to a list
Adding Bullets to a List
  • Use the Bullets icon
  • Or use the Bullets and Numbering command under the Format drop down menu
    • and then select the Bulleted tab
customizing your bullet formatting
Customizing Your Bullet Formatting
  • You can customize:
    • The bullet symbol
    • The font used
    • Bullet and text Indentation
picture bullets
Picture Bullets
  • New feature in Word 2000
  • You are no longer restricted to using special font characters for your bullets, you can now use pictures!
numbering a list
Numbering a List
  • Use the Numbering icon
  • Or from the Format menu
    • Select Bullets and Numbering
    • Select the Numbered tab
    • Select from the different numbered styles that are displayed
customizing your list numbering
Customizing Your List Numbering
  • Customize as required!
outline numbering
Outline Numbering
  • Sometimes referred to as multi-level lists
  • Use the Tab key or the Indent More or Indent less icons to control the level within the outline list
different odd and even pages
Different Odd and Even Pages
  • Useful when printing on both sides of your paper
    • Different Odd andEven pages
    • Different First Page
  • The Borders and Shading feature can draw lines and boxes to enclose:
    • Paragraphs
    • Graphics
    • Table cells
  • Borders can also be shaded using color or pattern shading
line spacing
Line Spacing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Ctrl+1 for single line spacing
    • Ctrl+5 for 1.5 line spacing
    • Ctrl+2 for double line spacing.
paragraph text flow
Paragraph Text Flow
  • Affects how pages are set up in the document to avoid such things as dangling last lines, or orphans, on what is a mostly blank page

Options include:

Widow/Orphan Control

Keep with Next

Keep Lines Together

Page Break Before

Suppress Line Numbers

Don’t Hyphenate

  • If a word extends beyond the right-hand margin of a page, this option will insert a hyphen to divide it and wrap the remainder of the word to the next line
  • This feature allows you to set tabs to:
    • Left, Centred, Right, Decimal and Dotted leader
  • You can also set tabs via the Word Ruler
  • You can create newspaper columns, parallel columns, and uneven columns




Microsoft Word 2000

- Intermediate -

creating a table
Creating a Table
  • Allows you to create tables in order to organize items in columns and rows
    • Instead of calculating tab settings
table manipulation
Table Manipulation
  • It is important that you know how:
    • To turn off table gridlines
    • To insert a column or row into the table
    • To delete a column or row in a table
    • To merge cells in a table
    • To split cells in a table
    • To split a table

Are table gridlines printed?

formatting tables with table autoformat
Formatting Tables With Table AutoFormat
  • A variety of preset table formats are available
file management within word 2000

File Management Within Word 2000

Microsoft Word 2000

- Intermediate -

word 2000 user information
Word 2000 User Information
  • Used to add basic information concerning a document file
  • Edited via the Tools/Options/User Info dialog box
word 2000 properties
Word 2000 Properties
  • From the File menu, choose the Properties command
  • Displays information about the current document:
  • Five tabs include:
    • General
    • Summary
    • Statistics
    • Contents
    • Custom

TIP: Defining keywords or assigning a Category can be VERY useful when performing searches at a later date!

opening files a review
Opening Files - A Review
  • Sometimes known as loading a file
    • Note: A list of the four most recently opened files is displayed under the File menu (Words default is four files)
      • You can open these files by clicking on them
      • If you want to increase the list of recently opened files, choose Options from the Tools menu and select the General folder. Increase the value in the Recently Used File List making sure its check box is selected
selecting the location for opening files
Selecting the location for opening files
  • Choices include:
    • History
    • My Documents
    • Desktop
    • Favourites
    • Web Folders
selecting and manipulating files
Selecting and Manipulating Files
  • To mark sequential files
    • Click on the first file
    • Depress the Shift key
    • Click on the last file of the range you wish to select
    • Release the Shift key
  • To mark non-sequential files
    • Click on a file
    • Depress the Ctrl key (and keep it depressed)
    • Click on other files you wish to select
    • Release the Ctrl key
finding files using word 2000
Finding Files Using Word 2000
  • You may search for a file if you know either:
    • The file name
    • A word of phrase contained within the file
copying deleting renaming files and creating shortcuts
Copying, Deleting, Renaming Files and Creating Shortcuts
  • Display the Open dialog box
  • Select a file and right click using the mouse
  • Select the required command from the pop-up displayed
file saving options
File Saving Options
  • File/Print/Options
    • Note the difference between “Always Create Backup Copy” and “Automatic Save Every … Minutes”
    • Embedding TrueType fonts can be very useful!
    • Files can be password protected or designed to be opened as read-only
using word 2000 scraps within windows
Using Word 2000 Scraps Within Windows
  • Select all or part of a Word 2000 document and then drag it directly to the Windows Desktop
    • NOTE: This assumes you are NOT running Word 2000 full screen!
inserting a separate word file into a document
Inserting a Separate Word File into a Document
  • Use the Insert/File command
  • Select the file and click on Insert
using find replace and go to

Using Find, Replace and Go To

Microsoft Word 2000

- Intermediate -

using find and replace
Using Find and Replace
  • Under the Edit drop down menu
go to
Go To
  • Go To allows you to move to any page in a current document, or between different elements of a document, such as sections


Microsoft Word 2000

- Intermediate -

  • Under the Tools drop down menu
    • Add commonly miss-spelt words or abbreviations
autocorrect using the spell checker
AutoCorrect Using The Spell Checker
  • New feature in Word 2000
  • AutoCorrect can automatically replace incorrectly spelt words with suggestions from the dictionary


Microsoft Word 2000

- Intermediate -

  • Used to store words, phrases or graphics which can be inserted into any document at a later date

TIP:Autotext also works with GRAPHICS!

mail merge envelopes and labels

Mail Merge, Envelopes and Labels

Microsoft Word 2000

- Intermediate -

what is mail merging
What is Mail Merging?
  • You can produce a standard letter and combine this with a list of names and addresses (i.e. a database) and produce a large number of apparently customised letters
  • You could also use a similar database to print directly to mailing labels
mail merging to labels
Mail Merging to Labels
  • Use the Mail Merge Helper to step through the required stages
mail merging form letters
Mail Merging Form Letters
  • The Mail Merge Helper will lead you through the required stages
mail merging addresses for envelopes
Mail Merging Addresses for Envelopes
  • The Mail Merge Helper will lead you through the required stages
printing an addressed envelope and letter
Printing an Addressed Envelope and Letter

NOTE: this is NOT a Mail Merge operation, but a ‘one off’ procedure

text boxes graphics and wordart

Text Boxes, Graphics and WordArt

Microsoft Word 2000

- Intermediate -

  • From the View menu, select Print Layout
    • This is the only mode in which you can draw objects in a Word document
creating and manipulating text boxes
Creating and Manipulating Text Boxes
  • Can not be used in Normal View, use Print Layout View
  • Will display a Text Box toolbar
  • Allows you to insert text or graphics into a document and to control the text flow around the text box
the text box toolbar
The Text Box Toolbar
  • Icons include:
    • Create Text Box Link
    • Break Forward Link
    • Previous Text Box
    • Next Text Box
    • Change Text Direction
linking text boxes together
Linking Text Boxes Together
  • You can create a number of text boxes and then link them together
  • This means that when you enter text into the first text box, when the text box is full, then the text automatically flows to the next text box in the chain of text boxes that you have linked together

The text starts here and then

flows here when the first box is “full”

Second Text Box

First Text Box

formatting text boxes
Formatting Text Boxes
  • Text box formatting options include:
    • Colors and Lines
    • Size
    • Position
    • Wrapping
    • Picture
    • Text Box
    • Web
text box fill effects
Text Box Fill Effects
  • Instead of filling a text box with a background color you can instead use a fill effect

A text box with a picture as a background

controlling text box wrapping
Controlling Text Box Wrapping
  • Text can wrap around your text boxes!
  • Allows you to produce special effects with text
what is a watermark
What is a Watermark?
  • An image or phrase set into the “background” of a document
  • An example is a banknote
ole object linking and embedding

OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)

Microsoft Word 2000

- Intermediate -

what is object linking and embedding
What is Object Linking and Embedding?
  • OLE
    • Facilitated by Windows, and used by the applications
    • Word 2000 has extensive features built into it to make better use of OLE

OLE Links


If disk space is a consideration, you should use linking rather than embedding





paste special
Paste Special
  • Allows linking or embedding of objects copied to the Clipboard



embedding an object
Embedding an Object
  • Objects are types of data such as Clipart, pictures, sounds, and video clips which can be inserted into a document
embedding a picture
Embedding a Picture
  • Allows pictures with many different formats to be inserted into a document