Observing Electrical Safety
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Observing Electrical Safety in Workplaces 8 th May 2014 Presenter : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Observing Electrical Safety in Workplaces 8 th May 2014 Presenter : Er . Ken Jung Gee Keong Executive Director Quality Power Management Pte Ltd. Watch out !!!. An Introduction. Mr. Ken Jung Founder & Executive Director

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Presentation Transcript

Observing Electrical Safety

in Workplaces

8th May 2014

Presenter :

Er. Ken Jung Gee Keong

Executive Director

Quality Power Management Pte Ltd

An Introduction

  • Mr. Ken Jung

  • Founder & Executive Director

  • A Member of the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontario, Canada (APEO), the Singapore Professional Engineers Board and the Chartered Engineers of the United Kingdom.

  • 37 Years of Working-Experience

  • An Authorised High-Voltage Switching Engineer (AHVSE) with the Energy Market Authority (EMA).

  • Taught at the Singapore Polytechnic - Property Maintenance and Facilities Management Course

  • Happy to Share My Experience as a Licensed Electrical Engineer for Major Corporations

Ken Jung Gee Keong

Overall View of Electrical Safety

- Regulatory Aspects

Topic Focus - Licensing

14 Items to be Registered/Approved from Spring Singapore Before Use

3-pin rectangular type 13-Amp plugs

Fuses ( less than or equal to 13 amperes ) for use in plugs

3-pin round type 15-Amp plugs

Multi-way Adaptors

3-pin Portable Socket-outlets

Portable Cable Reels

Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters

Mains Pressure Electric Storage Water Heaters

Topic Focus - Licensing

14 Prescribed Items

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

3-pin 13-Amp Switched Socket-outlets

3-pin round type 15-Amp Switched Socket-outlets

13-Amp Wall Switch


Isolating Transformers

Arc Flash – A Close-Up

  • Temperature 35,000°F

  • Molten Metals Vaporizes

  • Produces A Plasma Fireball

  • Expansion of Super-Heated Air & Vaporizing Metals Creates Extreme Pressure

    May Cause Severe



An LEW’s Perspective

Before Stepping Into A Switchroom:

Smellfor ionization, foul or burning smell

Hear for humming, hissing or rapid energizing and

de-energizing of contactors

See, look out for irregularities like improper installation, broken handle of MCCB or sign of water seepage. Do not step or touch the water surrounding the switch board, it could be “live”

Feel the heat in the switch room

Touch for vibration, surface temperature


That’s A Lot To

Know Or Learn !

Do You Have To Know Everything???

Good If You Know Everything…

If Not, You Should Know Who Knows…


Your LEW




He / She Acts As

Your DoctorOrLawyerFor Your Building

Or Electrical Installation

There Are:

Good Doctors

& Bad Doctors

Good Lawyers

& Bad Lawyers

Good LEWs

& Bad LEWs

What Makes A Good

Inspection Report?

Clear (eg. Refers to Regulations / Photos)




Provides Advisory

An Inspection Report Sample

Report and Defect List

Received and

Acted Upon by

Management On

A Timely Basis

Inspection Findings

It’s All In The Details

Maintenance Regime (Servicing, Inspection etc.)

Accessibility / Housekeeping (Cleanliness, Eqpt. etc)

Improper Installation

Protection Systems

Protection Against Spillage / Rodents

Instrument & Indicating Lights

Protective Relays

Readings – Loading / Temperature

Signs of Overheating

Excessive Humming Noise

Fire Extinguisher

Inspection Findings

Poor Housekeeping

Areas like passageway, surrounding of switch room should be kept clear

Inspection Findings

Improper Installation

Loose cable dangling without mechanical protection

Inspection Findings

Faulty Protection System

Lightning conductor removed by roof

retrofitting contractor

Inspection Findings

Flashovers Caused by Rodents

Ensure rodent bait is used

Inspection Findings

Expired or Soon-To-Be Expired

Fire Extinguishers

Inspection Findings

Overdue Servicing

Servicing regime should follow the Maintenance Matrix in SS 538: 2008 published by SPRING Singapore

Inspection Findings

Signs of Overheating

Check for any overloading or overheating on the main switchboard as the surface should not be hot and does not produce any unusual/ excessive humming sound

Inspection Findings


Overcurrent Relay

Burnt Switchboard

Inspection Findings

Burnt Air Circuit Breaker

In Summary:


Quality Power Management Pte Ltd

Thank You

Er. Ken G Jung

Executive Director

Quality Power Management Pte Ltd

16 Boon Lay Way, #01-43 Tradehub21

Singapore 609965