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  1. Public Service Announcement By: Guy Ciancia & Charles Thweatt PSA

  2. Howard Gardner’s Intelligences for the 21st Century Synthesizing Mind: ability to integrate ideas from different disciplines or spheres into a coherent whole and to communicate that integration to others. • To let people know that smoking is bad for you and doesn’t make you look cool, no matter what galaxy you are in. • The use of two famous droids from the Star Wars universe to communicate their message.

  3. Media Literacy What techniques are used to attract my attention? • The use of the memorable Star Wars universe and characters • The comedic interplay between R2-D2 and C-3PO • The comedy and absurdity of a robot smoking

  4. SUCCESs Unexpectedness • The unexpectedness of seeing a robot smoking grabs and holds your attention. • Generates interest and curiosity. • Changing the way we think about R2-D2 by having him smoking and using that as a tool to deliver their message.

  5. Appeals Identity Appeal: people make decisions based on identity rational, self-interest appeal: By changing your behavior you can expect rewards in the future. • We identify them as heroes of the Star Wars universe. • People look up to these characters and relate to them.

  6. Why-How-What “What Drives Human Behavior?” • Why – What is that smoke? • How – R2-D2 is holding a cigarette much to C-3PO’s surprise. • What – Smoking is bad for your heart and lungs.

  7. Results • No results from this particular early 1980’s Star Wars PSA were found. From: Nixon CL, Mansfield PM, ThomsP of the Department of Psychology, Penn State Erie, the Behrend College. • They found that, among younger children only, viewing an antismoking PSA at least once reduced smoking intentions, although these positive effects did not remain over time. However, antismoking PSA’s are effective for younger at-risk children. After younger at-risk children viewed an antismoking PSA once, their intent to smoke decreased significantly. Notably, these positive effects remained stable over time and mirrored the smoking intentions of younger children who were not identified as at risk.

  8. May The Force Be With You

  9. Sources • Star Wars Anti-Smoking PSA • Nixon CL, Mansfield PM, ThomsP “Effectiveness of antismoking public service announcements on children's intent to smoke.” Department of Psychology, Penn State Erie, the Behrend College.