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Reports. Holly Kiel, Becky Houston Batchelor & Ashley Luck Regional Immunization Consultants NC Immunization Branch. Reports to be Discussed:. Vaccines for Children (VFC) Report Assessment Report Request Reminder Report Benchmark Report New Client Form Vaccine Administration .

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Holly Kiel, Becky Houston Batchelor & Ashley Luck

Regional Immunization Consultants

NC Immunization Branch

reports to be discussed
Reports to be Discussed:
  • Vaccines for Children (VFC) Report
  • Assessment Report
  • Request Reminder Report
  • Benchmark Report
  • New Client Form
  • Vaccine Administration
vaccines for children vfc report
Vaccines for Children (VFC) Report
  • Allows an administrator to run a report that details the number of clients vaccinated by your organization for each type of eligibility within a specific date range
  • Only produces data for public doses entered from inventory into the NCIR

Your Organization will be selected by default

Enter the Report Date Range Click Generate

what is an assessment
What is an Assessment?

Standardized routine collection, analysis

and summary of immunization records

what is the purpose of the assessment report
What is the Purpose of the Assessment Report?
  • Generate immunization coverage rate
  • Identify service delivery problems
  • Identify useful changes in policy and practices procedures

Benefits of the Assessment Report

  • Helps to see your immunization rates right away
  • Keeps track of your clients’ immunization status
  • Shows the number of clients that could have been brought up to date with additional immunizations.
  • Assesses missed opportunities for vaccination

What information do you need to run the report?

Evaluation Date: used to set the age range for the clients in the report.Client Population: options are available based on what type of provider is requesting the assessment. (Private Provider or LHD)


Verify the correct

Client Population

Review the number

Of Records Analyzed

Note the Date Report Was Run

Notice the Evaluation Date and

How it corresponds to the

Birth Date Range

Verify that the Birth DateRange corresponds with the age group(s) of interest. These birth date ranges will be used to generate the Request Reminder report to identify clients who are not up to date

Shows how many activeclients were in each Age Group as of the date the report was run

Records Analyzed

age groups include clients who are
Age Groups Include Clients Who Are:
  • 36-72 months of age
  • 24-35 months of age
  • 12-23 months of age
  • <12 months of age

as of the Evaluation Date,

which was selected when the

report was generated

Data included in this report is NOT updated “real time”, but rather on a nightly basis.

Therefore, changes made during a particular day will not be reflected until the following day.


% UTD for

2 yr olds

Focus on this age group


utd with one additional visit
UTD with ONE additional visit

This represents 25.0% of the total clients in this age group.

There were 2 clients

24-36 months of age who

could have been UTD with

additional immunizations.

That 1 client represents 50.0% of the 2 clients who could have been brought UTD.

1 client needed only 1

vaccine to be brought UTD.

children who got a late start or have dropped off schedule after a good start
Children Who Got a Late Start or Have Dropped Off Schedule After a Good Start

The upper portion of this table shows Late Start Rates for 3 different age groups.

The lower portion of this table displays Drop Off Rates for 5 different age groups.

clients who do not have a birth dose of hep b and have not completed the 3 dose series
Clients Who Do Not Have a Birth Dose of Hep B and Have Not Completed the 3 Dose Series

Footnotes provide further clarification of the clients being assessed.


Missed Opportunities shows the count of and percent clients who were not UTD by a specific benchmark, and of those, the count and percent that had a Missed Opportunity for an immunization(s) on their LAST VISIT.

Please be aware the missed opportunity on last visit may reflect

incomplete documentation of immunizationhistories rather than true

missed opportunities for simultaneous vaccination.

assessment report summary
Assessment Report Summary

Know the Variables

  • Evaluation Date
  • Birth Date Range
  • Date Report was Run
  • Age Group
  • Records Analyzed
assessment report looks at
Assessment Report looks at:
  • % of clients Up-to-Date (UTD)
  • % of clients Late UTD
  • Age Specific Benchmarks
  • UTD with one additional visit & with additional immunizations
  • Drop Off Rate
  • Late Start Rate
  • % of clients missing birth dose of HepB
  • Missed Opportunities at last visit
request reminder
Request Reminder
  • Used to generate reports, letters, address labels, or a client listing for clients “active” in the organization.
  • Unlike the Assessment report, the Request Reminder reports will show client specific information.

The Reminder Recall Report will help to….

  • Determine which clients are not up to date with their immunizations
  • Provide a fast way to run a report with all the contact information for those clients that need to come back in
  • Improve immunization rates because you will be able to keep your clients up to date
  • Identify patients that no longer receive services from your practice
  • Help with the management of vaccine in your refrigerator
  • Identify duplicate clients in the NCIR
  • Correct inaccurate patient contact information
how do i run the request reminder report
How Do I run the Request Reminder Report?

Private Provider

Which one are you?

Health Department

Click on the request reminder link under the Reports section


Private Providers


Select vaccine group. The default is set to required vaccines.

You can add or remove additional vaccines as necessary.


Type in your birth date range


Click Generate



Select the Client Population


Select vaccine group. The default is set to required vaccines.

You can add or remove additional vaccines as necessary.

Local Health Dept


Type in your birth date range



Request Reminder Process Summary

What about Varicella?


Part 1

Click on Omitted Clients

Click Refresh

When your report is ready click on the ‘Omitted Clients’ link


Omitted Clients


This client

has a Chart Number

  • Print the omitted client list
  • Go back to Manage Client
  • Add the responsible person information

Print the omitted client list

Go back to Manage Client

Add the responsible person information


Click Find

If you have chart numbers, you can search by that number

Go back to Manage Client

Take the first client on your “Omitted Clients” list and enter the info into the Client search screen


Click on the

Responsible Person(s)Tab

responsible person information
Responsible Person Information

Note that the √ has been removed from the “Notices?” box

Note the last updated info.

Click the back button from to return to the status page


Click the report link which is underlined in blue

Type in the name of the report

Click here

Questions to Consider:
  • Are there any active duplicate clients under my organization?
  • Have all doses administered been keyed into NCIR?
  • Have keyed doses been entered correctly?
  • Are there clients that need to be made inactive?
client query listing
Client Query Listing

Look for not valid (NV) shots

client query listing1
Client Query Listing

Look for ‘blank’ records


Look for duplicate addresses

Enter historical doses

identify duplicate clients
Identify Duplicate Clients

Don’t forget to report duplicates to the NCIR Help Desk!




Client Evaluation:

  • Responsible Persons: NC address and TX address
  • No doses entered since 2006
  • Received confirmation from parent that patient now lives in Texas
  • Moved or Gone Elsewhere (MOGE)

Out of State

Last Updated by: WAKE COUNTY HUMAN SERVICES on 07/21/2009


The client has not been seen by your office in the last 6 months

  • All available telephone numbers are no longer valid (disconnected or family no longer associated with number)
  • A postcard and/or letter has been returned as undeliverable and no other address information is known

Unable to locate:

If all 3 have been met...INACTIVATE!

run request reminder again
Run Request Reminder Again!

Any time you edit client information (i.e. demographics, shot info.) a Request Reminder report must be run again in order to reflect the changes you have made and see your progress.

how to get the most from reminder recall
How to Get the Most From Reminder Recall
  • Enter all children into the NCIR
  • Enter historical immunizations (properly and completely)
  • Check the ‘Notices’ box for at least one responsible person
benchmark report1
Benchmark Report

Purpose of report

Various uses for report

How to generate a report

purpose of report
Purpose of Report

A Benchmark Report is used to create a count and a list of clients who have met or have NOT met an immunization “benchmark” or a predefined series of benchmarks

the benchmark report can be used to
The Benchmark Report can be used to:

Provide an estimated coverage rate for a practice’s active clients

Show a detailed list of clients who are not up to date with required vaccines for the selected evaluation date

Help find possible errors of doses that were not entered into the NCIR (doses not documented)

the benchmark report can
Provide an estimated coverage rate for a

practice’s active 2 year old clients who are:

up-to-date (UTD) by 24 months

late UTD

UTD @ 19 mos or UTD @ 36 mos

For individual antigens or a specific vaccine series

(NOT yet for rotavirus, HepA, Flu, etc.)

The Benchmark Report can…

A Benchmark Report can be generated to determine who is not up to date on kindergarten entry vaccine requirements


The Benchmark Report can also provide an estimated coverage rate for:

  • 11 and 12 year olds to determine if they have met the Tdap for 6th grade entry requirement
  • Young adults as they prepare to go to college;

Meningococcal and HPV (note limitations)

  • Older adults





Select Client Population

Did/Did not meet or ALL

Select Age or Birth Date Range

Standard Assessment?

report status
Report Status

Click on link to view report

How are Refusals per vaccine group documented??

Medical or Religious Exemptions are not seen in the report

a closer look
A closer look…

3 out of the 4 DTaP were received

"C" means the client was late up-to-date

important tips
Important Tips
  • If changes are made the results are not immediately updated; wait until the next day
  • Once a new report is generated, any previous reports ran are replaced
  • If you want to be able to review a particular report in the future, click “Display as a PDF” and then save it
best practice
Best Practice

Generate a Benchmark report monthly to monitor your clients UTD status

Make sure all client comments such as client refusal are document properly in NCIR

new client form
New Client Form

Blank Form

vaccine administration record1
Vaccine Administration Record

Client Specific Information

immunization history
Immunization History

Previously Administered Doses


Practice Specific

Inventory Information


Contact your Regional Immunization Consultant, Regional Immunization Nurse or the NCIR unit at the central office in Raleigh