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Global Violence

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Global Violence
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Global Violence

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  1. Global Violence By Sheldon Mazzola & Sean Cavill

  2. Definition of violence.

  3. Our Research Questions • •What country is affected most by violence? • •What type of violence is most effecting people in New Zealand? • •What has being done to stop violence in the local community? • •If they died as a result of violence, what was the cause of their death? • •What percentage of school age boys and girls are violent/ are we becoming more violent?

  4. Methodology • How we found the information for our questions. •Internet •Books •Survey

  5. What country is most affected? • This graph shows United Nations(U.N.) rates of physical violence resulting in death, per 100,000 people by country in 2002. • Most violent country Africa • Most violent place Columbia

  6. If they died as a result of violence what was the cause of their death? • 1.5 million people die a year from violence • 50% via suicide • 35% are homicides • 12% are war or conflict. • 782,000 people commit suicide • 535,000 die by homicide • 182,000 war or some other form of conflict.

  7. Another research question that we answered was: what percentage of school age boys and girls are violent/ are we becoming more violent? A number of different sources were combined to find the answer to this research question including, an article about a book written by Steven Pinker, a website title , and an online study on violent victimisations created by the FBI between the years 1993-2010. From these sources we found out that violence has been decreasing and has decreased dramatically. From the article on the book written by Steven Pinker we found out the 15% of the total prehistoric human population was killed as a result of another human. This information was found out by studying skeletons found at archaeological sites. To put this in perspective only 0.021% of the world’s population is killed as a result of violence today. • From the FBI’s Bureau of justice statistics website we found out that the number of violent victimisations in America for the years 1993-2010 have dropped dramatically. It showed that the highest number of violent victimisations was reported in the year 1994 with 17,059,005 violent victimisations reported. From here it rapidly declined with 8,502,602 in 2000 and ending up with 4,935,983 violent victimisations in 2010 showing that the number of violent victimisations has dropped 12,123,022 in 17 years proving that people are becoming less violent. This was important because it showed us that violence isn’t increasing and that it is on a steady decline. It showed us a lot because if u look further into the information, you can figure out that the percentage of violent victimization per people would have dropped much more because there is much more people living today than there was in 1993. It shows us that violence has been decreasing over time and that the number of reported issues revolving violence will continue to decrease. • The next question we are going to review is which gender is more violent? Boys or girls. In the year 1999, a women wanted to find out about violence, and her goal was to survey kids, at across schools in America and see which gender had the biggest issue with violence. They decided this information by interviewing a certain quantity of kids and asking them a few questions, these questions consisted of, if the person had ever brought a gun to school, been in trouble with the law for a violent offence like being in a fight, or threatening someone, or if they had been kicked out of school over a violent matter. Then she went off to analyse the results. The results concluded of the fact that, 55% of boys are classified violent, And only 25% of girls are classified as violent, the supposedly most violent age group of the male sex, was 15-18 years old, and the most violent female age group was just 13-14. The genders had a slight difference in reasons for being angry/violent, the boys mostly because they are made fun of, and the girls generally mad at the universe and existence in general

  8. What have being done to stop violence in the local community • “It’s Not Ok Campaign.” • Helps people with their family problems successful by social marketing • Planned audience approach • Not targeting individuals • Environments that support desired behaviour. created in 2005 • Only successful one of it’s kind in New Zealand.