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  2. WARP MOTORISED Tungsten Halogen 800W – Lamp Daylight Discharge575 W - Lamp WARP MANUAL Tungsten Halogen 800W – Lamp Daylight Discharge575 W - Lamp CERAMIC Discharge250 W - Lamp WARP Family NEW PRODUCT! NEW PRODUCT! NEW PRODUCT!

  3. WARPAccessories • Colour Changer • Mechanical Dimmer • Combo (Colour Changer / Mech. Dimmer) • Adapter Plate • Hook Clamps • Gobo-Iris Holder • Gobo IN/OUT • Flight Cases

  4. WARP Evolution of the fixture • All lenses are checked before mounting • Socket improved • Zoom/Focus mechanism: Friction break improved • 100 V Version for Japan

  5. Selling WARP WARP is not to position on price but on its enhanced functionality and innovation. The first and only Profile with ringcontrol of all functions. The only Profile that can be focused easily from very hard to reach positions! Accurate fingertip control of all functions from any position around Ground presetting of all parameters

  6. This is Innovation! The Magic of the Rings… • Innovative and patented ring control of shutters, gobos, iris, zoom and focus • Individual endless rotation of shutters and gobo • Unequalled beam shaping capability The Silence of the Rings… • Silent remote control of all functions, including shutters • No need for noisy reset sequences • No fans = No Noise!

  7. WARP/Motorised

  8. WARP/M User Performance • 3900 lux at 12°/10m with 800 W only • Same phtotometric characteristics as manual WARP • No fan – No reset • Set up via HTML browser • Unequalled precision thanks to a 16-bit resolution • Creation of shapes impossible with other profiles • Choice of two zoom ranges, 12° – 30° and 22° – 50° • Colour from gel filters for perfect homogenity • No optional modules • Available for global market: 90-264 V, 50/60 Hz

  9. Performace Comparison

  10. Technical Training • LEVEL 1 Training is of prime importance for selling the WARP/M. • LEVEL 2 Support and Maintenance training is a must for providing service to customers.

  11. Level 1 Training • How to set up, demonstrate and use the WARP/M. • Critical aspects and tricks • Training is primarily for: Technical Sales Personal, Lighting Designers, Operators

  12. Level 2 Training • How to repair WARP/M and order spare parts. • Tools and other necessary equipment • Understanding electronics and mechanics Training is only for skilled Service Technicians

  13. LEVEL 2 TRAINING • 2-Day Training in Zaventem, with our specialists. • In-depth description of electronics and mechanics. • Service Manual and Spare Parts List only sent to Distributors who have followed LEVEL 2 Training.

  14. References & Statements Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

  15. Statements • What do leading Lighting Designers and Professionals say about WARP?

  16. Statements • WARP provides a major innovation in beam-shaping and control; a challenge to think forward for lighting designers, architects, operators, technicians and consultants. JACKIE STANS Lighting Designer, UK

  17. Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

  18. Statements • “Sometimes we might have two or three bands on in one evening, and previously we would refocus the stage front profiles from up in the rigging between bands. Now it’s very easy for us to refocus with the motorised WARP/M’s, and they’re really fantastic spots. The movement is really smooth and silent, and the quality of the beam is wonderful!” DIRK DE CORTE Lighting Designer, Ancienne Belgique

  19. TV – Studio TF1, Paris

  20. Statements • “Geniale Blendenschieber, keine Lüfter, klares Konzept, manuell und motorisch verfügbar,Super-wiederholgenauigkeit, kein störender Reset, DMX und Ethernetsteuerung, einfach ein perfektes Gerät zum Lichtmachen.” MICHAEL BAUER Lighting Designer, Munich State Opera

  21. Glyndebourne Opera, UK

  22. Statements • “The most important thing to know about the WARP/M is that it’s not a toy or a nodding bucket with lots of effects, it’s much more sophisticated than that, a very classy performer. That’s why I really like it – if you want a beautiful light with sheer quality then for me it has to be the ADB WARP/M.” PAULE CONSTABLE Lighting Designer, UK

  23. Barbican Center, UK

  24. Statements • “It has a beautifully flat, even field which, compared to that of its main competitor, is less what I’d call blue-white and cold; the WARP/Ms’ colour temperature is much more sympathetic. The shuttering quality is superb, and because I use a huge amount of low cross lighting, having a unit that allows you to cut the beam shape precisely is absolutely perfect. When I’ve needed to use the movements they’ve been very accurate, and the luminaire is silent. PAULE CONSTABLE Lighting Designer, UK

  25. „Dirty Dancing“ Hamburg 2006

  26. Statements • “We looked at a number of units and noise is a huge factor for us. So I did a luminaire shootout with several leading brands including the WARP/M and I put them all through their paces – and at the end of the day it was the new WARP/M that came up trumps. It is totally silent and is as bright, if not brighter than, the competition.” KEITH BENSON Lighting Director Glyndebourne Opera

  27. Phlippo - Belgium

  28. Statements • “WARP/M is an absolutely silent fixture when it’s moving, and it also gives absolute positional precision. You have 360 degree rotation of four framing shutters, and you have ETHERNET and ARTnet protocol. Because of those three benefits, we chose to invest in having both manual and motorised WARP on stock” Marc Hanze Phlippo

  29. WARP/Motorised at more fine Venues: • Stadthalle Esslingen, Germany • Palau de les Artes, Reina Sofia, Valencia Spain • Philharmonie Luxembourg • Oriental Arts Center, Shanghai China • SHEN ZEN Project, China • Schauspielhaus Zürich, Switzerland • English National Opera, London, United Kingdom • Paul Klee Zentrum, Switzerland • Bayerisches Staatstheater, Munich Germany • Aula Academica, Salzburg Austria • Opera de Lille, France • Glyndeborne Opera, United Kingdom • Shanghai Plaza, China • Opera Estii, Estonia • Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Belgium • Nyköpings Kommun Kultur och Fritid, Norway • ACE Hongkong, China • Design Center, Linz Austria • Grand Theatre de Geneve, Switzerland • Central School of Drama, United Kingdom • AGBT Culture Hall, Asgabat, Turkmenistan Kongreßzentrum Fulda • Kursaal, Bayerisches Staatsbad Brückenau • Theatre de l*Odeon, Paris France • „Dirty Dancing“ Neue Flora Hamburg Germany • TF1 - French News Television • ZDF – New Years Concert, Germany • BARBICAN Center, London, UK

  30. WARP at the following Venues • .....and many more Venues.....

  31. WARP/DAYLIGHT A compact ellipsoidal zoom profile with a dichroic reflector, a 575 W discharge lamp and a tremendous light output, comparable to nearly any 2500 W fixture available today.

  32. WARP/DAYLIGHT12º – 30º & 22º – 50º Zoom Profiles Save energy, space, weight and cost with the brightest daylight beam on the market! ... Brighter with 575 W than others with 2500 W (14500 lux at 12º/10m) ... And still the „Magic of the Rings“

  33. WARP/DAYLIGHT Supplied with : • Hot restrike metal halide lamp 575W/G22/6000K – 1000h – 49000 lm • Attached flicker free electronic ballast with integrated 24 V power supply for accessories

  34. WARP/DAYLIGHT Motorised Supplied with : • Hot restrike metal halide lamp 575W/G22/6000K – 1000h – 49000 lm • Integrated flicker free electronic ballast and 24V power supply for accessories • Balancing Tool

  35. WARP/DAYLIGHT Accessories

  36. Accessories

  37. Use of Daylight? • High Light Output Clearer Key Lights • Colour Temperature similar to natural Daylight (5600 – 6000K) Cannot be obtained with Gel Conversion Filters • Non Continous Spectrum Creates different contrasts in Monochrome Sets. Relative Intensity Wavelength

  38. Competition Selecon Juliat Lighting Innovation

  39. Main Competitors

  40. ERS vs. Condenser Optics • ERS(Ellipsoidal Reflector) • Condenser OpticsMore lenses = Less light output

  41. WARP DAYLIGHT • Compared with 575W Condenser Optics – WARP ERS Optical system has a far higher light output. Comparison: ADB WARP/DAYLIGHT – RJ QUINCY 575W Photo taken at St. Quentin ADB Laboratory

  42. Narrow Angle Comparison 2500 W 575 W 575W 575W Photometric data taken from manufacturer’s data sheet

  43. Medium Angle Comparison 2500 W 575 W 575W 575W Photometric data taken from manufacturer’s data sheet

  44. Wide Angle Comparison 2500 W 575 W 575W 575W Photometric data taken from manufacturer’s data sheet

  45. Technical Comparison

  46. Technical Comparison

  47. List Price Comparison

  48. WARP/DAYLIGHT Save on Space, Weight and your Energy Bill WARP/DAYLIGHT a compact fixture with ellipsoidal reflector source and tremendous light output – comparable to nearly any 2500 Watt condenser optics system on the market today!

  49. User Benefits WARP/DAYLIGHT The only profile with the award winning patented ring control system brings you now the most powerful, energy efficient, quality beam when combined with a 575 W daylight discharge source.

  50. User Benefits Small Size and Light Weight • WARP/DAYLIGHT can be rigged in confined FOH positions • Compact and easy to move around the Venue • Touring and Rental Applications: Saves handling and operating cost! • Rotatable on its axis(No top or bottom – Ideal to change from hanging to standing position)!