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Afghan Education

Afghan Education. Triangle Group 2. The Afghanistan Education System. There are two systems in Afghanistan Education .

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Afghan Education

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  1. Afghan Education Triangle Group 2

  2. The Afghanistan Education System There are two systems in Afghanistan Education The older system is the religious system. This system is taught by mullahs. Mullahs conduct schools in the village mosques, teach the religious precepts of the Koran, reading, writing, and arithmetic. And there is also a different system.The different system takes place today.

  3. About Afghanistan Education Education was very important but is now more than ever. Education is more important now because their rebuilding the country. In 1996 it was the height of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan and had the highest illiteracyrate Asia. Education is now especially important to girls and women. Today there is now 5.4 million people enrolled in schools.

  4. The Difference Between Boys and Girls In Afghanistan Education Did you know that forty eight percent of the Taliban attacks were on girls schools and twenty eight percent on boys schools? Girls today are more important with education today in Afghanistan but during the Taliban, girls and women were forbidden to go to school at all. Later on in 2010, 2.5 million girls went to school in Afghanistan, this dropped more than fifty percent between six and seventh grade. The boys and girls had to be in different school buildings.

  5. Afghan Schools Afghanistan was once taken over by the Taliban's. Schools were bombed and kids were eventually not allowed to go to school. Schools could be blow up or closed down even. Schools were very important to the Afghan people though. This was very devastating for the schools to be lost. Thankfully, today though, we are rebuilding schools and making them better! The schools were very small. The school room was usually very tiny and then there would be one teacher with many students. The grades would even be mixed, for example, if needed, there would maybe six, third, fifth, and forth all in one class room with one teacher. Classrooms could also be outside or in a tent.

  6. Higher Education in Afghanistan There are a lot of higher education places to go to in Afghanistan. There are tons of colleges and universities that they offer. There are many universities in Kabul such as Kabul University, Kabul Medical University, Karwen University, Kardan University, Bakhatar University, American University of Afghanistan, Pawat University, and there are many, many more. Those are just a few universities that you can find and go to in Afghanistan.

  7. Professions That Afghan People Often Do… • List of Jobs: • Construction Workers • Aid • Security (Often Taken) • Transportation Jobs • And Sometimes if Last Resource They Would Be Market Place Sellers These are just a few of the MANY!

  8. Things You May Do In a Afghan Class I read an article online that told of a story of an Afghan boy reading a loud a story to the front of the class in a tent. This tent had no chairs or anything in it but a washed out chalk board, by the way. This Afghan boy read fluently and clearly and was praised by his teacher because of his handwriting. This article showed me that they treated their education with the same respect and did it mostly the same way. The would learn reading, writing, math, they would read a loud, talk, and other things and class like we do today.

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