Geological Timeline
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Geological Timeline. Jeopardy. Hosted by Mrs. LaBelle. Fossils. Period. Era. Dating. Interesting Stuff. $100. $100. $100. $100. $100. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $300. $300. $300. $300. $300. $400. $400. $400. $400. $400. $500. $500. $500. $500. $500.

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Geological timeline

Geological Timeline


Hosted by Mrs. LaBelle

Geological timeline
































Geological timeline

Fossils are almost always found

in _______________

igneous rock

– or –

sedimentary rock

sedimentary rock

Fossils for $100

Geological timeline

Most fossils form when

organisms die and are

buried in

a. sediment

b. faults

c. unconformities

d. ice

Fossils for $200

a. sediment

Geological timeline

A scientist who studies fossils

is called a ____________________.

volcanologist – or – paleontologist

Fossils for $300


Geological timeline

  • A petrified fossil forms when ______?

  • minerals seep into the empty

  • space of a mold.

  • b. minerals replace all or part

  • of an organism.

  • c. an organism becomes trapped in amber

  • d. the weight of sediment squeezes

  • everything away except carbon

minerals replace all or part of an organism

Fossils for $400

Geological timeline

Fossils provide evidence for all of

the following EXCEPT for:

a. changes in the Earth's surface

b. how Earth originally formed.

c. how environments on Earth have

changed over time.

d. how groups of organisms have

changed over time.

Fossils for $500

how Earth originally formed

Geological timeline


Period for $100

Geological timeline

Period for $200


Geological timeline


Period for $300

Geological timeline

What period were giant cockaroaches

And dragon flies common?

Period for $400



Geological timeline

In what period did Pangea

come together?

Period for $500


Geological timeline

On the Geologic Time Scale, eras are

divided into _____________?

a. epochs.

b. indexes.

c. periods.

d. relative dates.

Era for $100


Geological timeline

Plants and animals first reached

land during the ____________ Era.

Paleozoic – or – Cenozoic

Era for $200


Geological timeline

The earliest forms of life appeared

during the _______________

a. Paleozoic Era.

b. Cenozoic Era.

c. Precambrian Time.

d. Mesozoic Era

c. Precambrian Time.

Era for $300

Geological timeline

The Mesozoic Era is often called the

a. Age of Mammals

b. Age of Fish

c. Age of Reptiles

d. Age of Amphibians

Age of Reptiles

Era for $400

Geological timeline

A part of the Mesozoic Era,

named for the Jura Mountains

in France, is ________________

a. Cenozoic Era

b. Carboniferous Period

c. Paleozoic Era

d. Jurassic Period

Era for $500

Jurassic Period

Geological timeline

Scientists use radioactive dating to

a. determine the absolute ages of rocks.

b. discover the source of index fossils.

c. determine the relative ages of extrusions.

d. find trace fossils in igneous rock.

Dating for $100

determine the absolute ages of rocks

Geological timeline

The ____________age is the number

of years since the rock was formed.

relative – or - absolute


Dating for $200

Geological timeline

The__________ is the age of a rock

compared to the ages of other rocks.

relative – or - absolute

Dating for $300


Geological timeline

The _ ______ __of a radioactive

element is the time it takes for half of

the radioactive atoms to decay.

absolute age or half life

half life

Dating for $400

Geological timeline

What is an unconformity?

A gap in the geologic record.

It shows where some rock layers

have been lost to erosion.

- or -

Something you wear to school

A gap in the geologic record.

It shows where some rock layers

have been lost to erosion.

Dating for $500

Geological timeline

The deeper one travels into the

Grand Canyon, the younger the

rocks become. ___________

True – or - false

Interesting Stuff for $100


Geological timeline

According to the law of superposition,

the older layer is at the bottom.

Each higher layer is __________

than the layers below it.

older – or – younger

Interesting Stuff for $200


Geological timeline

An animal with a backbone is

called a _________________.

invertebrate – or – vertebrate

Interesting Stuff for $300


Geological timeline

The process by which all living

things have changed over long

periods of time is called _________

evolution or vertebrate


Interesting Stuff for $400

Geological timeline

Magma that forces its way into

rock and hardens is called ________.

a) extrusion

b) unconformity

c) fault

d) intrusion


Interesting Stuff for $500