gardening with liquid gold n.
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Gardening with Liquid Gold

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Gardening with Liquid Gold. Conservation is the name of the game! By Romell at Magic Gardens. Lovely, Lovely Rain Water. Collect as much as you can. Determine your needs. Than double your storage collection.

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gardening with liquid gold

Gardening with Liquid Gold


is the name of the


By Romell


Magic Gardens

lovely lovely rain water
Lovely, LovelyRain Water
  • Collect as much as you can.
  • Determine your needs.
  • Than double your storage collection.
  • For one year we will have abundance of rain, than there will be 5 to 7 years of low water fall.
  • Every drop will count.
make a plan
Make a plan
  • Gardening with rain water is a constant learning process.
  • Use container gardening first.
  • As you adjust your gardening style to ultimate conservation.
  • Train your plants to water once a week.
  • Do not let the water run out of the container. Onto the the ground.
  • Waste not want not!
container gardening
Container Gardening
  • Use compost in all container soil.
  • ½ compost half potting soil.
  • Add 1 cup of clay to one 5 lb bag of soil mixture.
  • Place leaves at bottom of container to slow water from running out of pot.
  • Make sure soil is moist before you plant.
water with shower head nozzle
Water with shower head nozzle
  • Containers need to be 2 times deeper than the original plant container.
  • Water 2 to 3 seconds each container.
  • Than go back and water a 2nd time. This second watering is critical to water conservation. The plant will get water all over the soil and deep down into the container.
train your plant
Train your plant
  • Water every other day for 2 weeks when freshly planted.
  • Than go to 3 times a week for 2 weeks
  • Than 2 times a week for 2 weeks
  • Than 1 time a week even in 100 degrees.
  • Roots will go to the bottom of the pot were it is cool and moist. They will live and be beautiful.
  • Think how Beautiful Texas would be if we received rain once a week.
management of your gardening size
Management of your gardening size.
  • Too large of a landscape can make this dream a nightmare.
first and always conservation
First and always conservation
  • Uncovered open soil increasing drying time.
  • Drip irrigation for all flower beds.
  • Do not use sprayer irrigation system.
  • Plant only low water type grasses and plants.
cover exposed soils
Cover exposed soils
  • Rock beds hold moisture and do not rob your beautiful plants of their precious life giving water.
  • Hard scapes are the key to conservation in South Texas gardens.
hard scapes and preparation
Hard scapes and preparation
  • When we set the Zoysa grass. Soaker hoses were set for once a week Only.
  • Grass was growing vigorously in one month.
  • Planted this tree and set a rock bed on top. Watered once a week for one month. It set beautifully.
good plant selection
Good plant selection
  • Use Texas natives for best results.
  • Or drought tolerant plants.
  • Some Examples of Low water vegetables are onions, peppers, green beans and even tomatoes if set up properly.
setting up your vegetable bed
Setting up your vegetable bed
  • Till soil and add compost.
  • Allot of it. Make sure it is composted down to a point you can not tell what the compost is.
  • Add organic fertilizer into the soil.
  • Plant your vegetables in rows.
  • Set soaker hose down in line with vegetables.
  • Cover with weed cloth as secure with landscape staples or cover with rocks.
technique technique technique
Technique, Technique, Technique
  • Covering the exposed soil is the key to low water usage.
  • Keep the soil evaporation low.
  • Soaker hoses keep the water close to the plant
  • Gravity takes the water down were it is cooler.
  • Trains the plant to send its roots further down.
  • The more water the plant reserves the juicier the fruit and the better it tastes.
fertilize only with organics
Fertilize only with organics
  • All natural products require less water.
  • Chemical fertilizers require 3 to 4 times the amount of water to make the plant healthy.
  • The more you push a plant with fertilizers the more you have to water.
  • Remember you are using precious liquid gold.
fertilize only two times a year at the most
Fertilize only two times a year at the most.
  • If we are not getting good healthy rain do not fertilize your yard or plants.
  • In Texas we have to garden when mother nature says so.
  • Rain water is precious and scares here. So limit the size of your garden if rain is below normal.
  • Train your plants like mother nature does.
typically fertilize
Typically Fertilize………..
  • Spring time is usually best to fertilize in March. Temperatures have to be consistently above 70 degree for the plant to get the best use of the fertilizer.
  • Fall fertilization is typically in October. If your lawn or flower beds have been set for one year or more, only fertilize once a year if at all.
  • Do not push your plants, for you will have to water them or risk them burning.
  • Once again only use organic fertilizers. Period!!!!!!!!!!
the more committed you are to using rain water collection
The more committed you are to using Rain water collection
  • The more you become the ultra conservationist.
  • You accept Texas and its constant fluctuation of temperatures, rain and droughts.
  • You use more and more native plants in your landscape design.
  • Here in South central Texas we are closure to the desert than the coast. So act like it in the selection of your plants.
  • Use hard scapes to add comfort and intrigue to your outside surroundings.
let your grass go dormant
Let your grass go dormant
  • Our summers can be brutal and hot without measurable rain.
  • Plant zoyza and buffalo grass even Bermudas in high sun places.
  • Shade areas do not plant grass. Set these up for special flower or shrub beds .
  • Or Make special places for patios, decorative chairs and tables.
  • Do not water your grass or forget using your precious rain water.
with all of that said
With all of that said
  • You will be so excited with your results.
  • You will be able to grow anything.
  • All of your vegetables will taste better than ever before.
  • Your flowers will be brighter, fuller and soooo extra special.
  • You will not be a slave to your dreams.
  • You will become one with Mother Nature.
rain water has change my life of gardening
Rain water has change my life of gardening
  • I run a 2800 sq. ft. green house.
  • And a commercial business using rain water.
  • In South Central Texas I have a Tropical paradise.
after you learn mother natures rules the life of gardening gets sooooo much easier
After you learn Mother Natures Rules. The life of gardening gets sooooo much easier.
  • And soooo much more rewarding with less work, less money, and more time to enjoy what you love.
necessary equipment
Necessary Equipment
  • A pump system is a must.
  • For you have to have pressure to get the water were it needs to go.
  • Water will not run up hill ever.
  • Filtration is good even in a greenhouse.
  • Particles get in the collection system and can stop up your pipes and misters.
temperature control is easier
Temperature control is easier
  • Misters are set for the hottest part of the day.
  • Cooling is more efficient with rain water.
  • Equipment does not get stopped up or break with lime deposits.
plants require less water
Plants require less water
  • Fertilizers work sooo much better. When it does not have to compete with the hard water of the Edwards Aquifer.
  • No lime deposits on the leaves of the plants.
  • ¼ the amount of fertilizer is needed when you use rain water.
  • Everything grows. With less effort.
all sorts of varieties of plants
All sorts of varieties of plants
  • You can grow Orchids, Bromeliads
  • To cactus and succulents.
  • Moistures is the primary reason plants can grow on this planet.
  • Keeping humidity at 30% to 50 % and a balanced ph most all plant life is happy.
interior container plants
Interior Container Plants
  • Another whole presentation.
  • My business is called Magic Gardens
  • Specializing in container gardening with an emphases on interior plants.
  • All plants are sprayed with rain water and watered with rain water.
  • Only organic fertilizers are used to keep them in floral quality condition.
presented to you
Presented to you
  • Written by
  • Romell
  • From Magic Gardens
  • Copy rights reserved