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Moroccan Argan Oil is Liquid Gold!

If you stumbled upon a coveted elixir with unlimited applications that could practically reduce your arsenal of beauty products down to a single item, you would be delighted right?

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Moroccan Argan Oil is Liquid Gold!

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  1. Moroccan Argan Oil is Liquid Gold! If you stumbled upon a coveted elixir with unlimited applications that could practically reduce your arsenal of beauty products down to a single item, you would be delighted right? Frisco, Texas, May 15, 2014 - Well that is exactly what is happening and customers are RAVE aboutBeauty by Earth’s Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. Demand for the product continues to take offand the argan oil reviews keep rolling in. Here’s but a small taste of what people are saying about their argan oil results: Shiny, frizz-free hair - Marcy Brown I've used a LOT of Moroccan Oil/Argan oil products. I have long, thick, color-treated hair that frizzes, and this miracle oil is the only thing I've ever found to tame it. They all work, some betterthan others. I was given the opportunity to try this oil. I was sure I'd like it. I'm surprised to LOVE it. It's quitedifferent from the others. The first thing I did when I opened the bottle was sniff. I was actuallysurprised to find no smell--whatsoever. Honestly, I've gotten used to the "pleasant fragrance" ofMoroccan oils, but sometimes it's a bit overpowering, especially when combined with otherfragrances (shampoo, conditioner, etc). This is PURE oil, no additives, and has no scent. I lovethat. Second, as it's JUST OIL (instead of oil mixed with a list of unpronounceable synthetics), Isoon learned that I have to use LESS. I put a dime-sized dollop in the palm of my hand andworked it into half of my hair like usual. I should have used that dime-sized dollop for my entirehead of hair (did I mention my hair is THICK AND LONG). I was quite surprised by this. This bottlewill really last. Finally, I did the usually styling after using the oil--blow dryer and curling iron. My curls lookbetter--healthier, and they're staying put even without hairspray.

  2. I'm so pleased with this product. I'll definitely be back, and plan to make it part of my routine. Highly recommend - Kandi This oil is absolutely amazing! The number of uses is endless. i love the ideas they give you on thebottle! This is a product I am now hooked on and will be a lifetime customer!! Go to product - Ivan Being a hairstylist I have used many products on my hair as well as my clients but I love theversatility of this great argan oil!! My clients are loving it in there hair and I will continuerecommending it :) Great product - EM I don't normally write reviews, but I found this oil looking for a good hair product and then I readabout all the other uses it has. I ordered it and I have been using it in my hair and on my face asI have oily skin but it also tends to get quite dry. This oil is not greasy AT ALL and is awesome! Itsoaks into my skin. It is also fully natural with no other toxins. I also got a free peppermintChapstick with my purchase. I have already recommended this oil to other people. On the boxthat the oil comes in, it lists all uses for the oil which is very handy. Thanks! Hooked!! - Brittany C. I was so excited to receive my argan oil today! I used my friends to try it out, and I loved it! I'mexcited about using it for my hair and face, but am really looking forward to using it on my belly.I'm 7 months pregnant and have very sensitive skin. This kept my belly moisturized withoutirritation. Best Argan Oil I've Tried - Amanda I absolutely love my Beauty by Earth Argan Oil! I've found so many uses for it - from a few dropson dry skin to a great leave-in hair conditioner for super soft hair. I've been using the oil daily, butjust a few drops goes a long way, so I expect the bottle to last quite awhile, making it worth everypenny! I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Love this - Aerialla Astrupgaard The oil rubs right in with no residuals and I feel like my skin just sucks it up. Oh the Chapstick bythis brand is phenomenal! Loving my Argon Oil from Beauty By Earth!!! - Haley Birkelbach This oil has been amazing for my face & hair! I've also used on my cracked heels and on dry skinon my children. I love it! Highly recommend --- it has so many uses and I am seeing amazingresults! It really works! - Diana Greve I have only been using this Argan Oil for 6 days now but I can see that it is really working! Eachday my skin looks healthier and feels very very soft -- like my 2 year old granddaughter's skin.The appearance of the fine lines on my face have already diminished too! Honestly, I was a bitskeptical given my age (66) plus a physical condition that severely drys out my skin. Needless tosay I am thrilled with the results! Beautiful moisturizer!!! - Jason Medeiros Wow! My husband ordered this for me as I have trouble finding a moisturizer that will work for myskin. I have fair and somewhat sensitive skin, so I've tried all sorts of moisturizers with no luck.This oil is incredible. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and moisturizes it beautifully. I haven't beenable to use moisturizers on my face for years, though sometimes id get desperate and use one ofthe new organic ones on the market, and just end up regretting it. I was reluctant to try it as it'soil, so I figured it would just make my skin oily, but it's not oily at all! My face looks clean and

  3. healthy again. I'd definitely recommend it. It's amazing being able to put a moisturizer on my facethat's actually healthy for my skin! Real Good Argan Oil! - Andrea Lewis I love this! The same day I got it I used it on my face and the next day I noticed my skin lookedsmoother and less worn. I was really impressed by that as I use all kinds of natural things andthis was really impressively fast at work. Additionally my son had scratched his leg pretty badly that day and I didn't want it to scar or anything and I used this oil on his leg. It was also red. The next day with cleaning it and using theArgan oil, it was notably better and wasn't red anymore. I am really happy with this product and have used it many times so far. This was my first timeusing Argan oil and am very happy with it! It arrived so fast and was packaged in an attractive box that was fun to open :) Glowing skin! - Jessica Radovic I love this product! I started using it as soon as I received it and put it on my face at bedtime, asa serum, under my moisturizer. I look glowing! I almost took a "selfie" last night because I feellike my skin looks better with this product. I am impressed! Love it - Ahvery Jepsen I'm 6 months pregnant. Along with pregnancy can come itchy belly skin as the skin is stretchingand belly is growing bigger. This morning my belly was itching so I rubbed some of my neworganic Argan Oil onto my belly. The oil soothed my skin and the itching stopped instantly. What'seven better is this oil is non-greasy and has the consistency more of a lotion than a greasy oil.Makes it nice for applying and putting clothes right back on over it. Can't wait to try it on my hair,nails, etc!! Would definitely recommend it to others - especially for the belly itching! Beauty by Earth Argan Oil - Amy Olson This stuff is awesome and has multi-uses. So far I have used it: - In my hair as leave in conditioner - My on dry feet - At night on my face - On my baby's bum - Baby's dry feet The results are pretty much instant, no more dryness and it results in soft skin!I would highly recommend :) Great moisturizing oil, love the bottle too - Olesja Mueller I love how non-greasy the oil feels and it seems to moisturize really well. I use it on my heels,and around nails on hands and feet. I have really noticed improvement in dry skin there. I alsoapplied to knees and hands, and it absorbs really well and doesn't leave any greasy residue. Iheard a lot of good feedback about properties of Argan oil and a lot of my favorite products haveit in them, so now I am trying it in its pure form. What I also really love is the bottle it comes in -it has a very convenient long glass dispenser, so you don't need to get a bunch of oil all over youwhile pouring out of a hole in plastic, like other products I have tried. You can target the problemareas and apply only there. Thus it goes a long way, since you use only as much as you need. Ialso plan on using on my hair and face as a night moisturizer. :) Oh, and it came with a superyummy lip balm, I love that it actually has almost eatable taste and it moisturizes lips super well. Amazing! - Kelly Zacks

  4. I've only used this oil once on my face a few days ago but it still feels fantastic. My order came with a free lip balm and after using it twice my lips felt better than they have in forever. I'm a Chapstick addict but think I will only use this lip balm from now on. Would be awesome to come insome different colors!! Now that I've been using the oil a little longer I wanted to add that I had a little scar on my facethat I noticed after the first couple of days getting lighter and now, about a month later, I swear itis totally gone! Also my stretch marks from pregnancy two years ago are almost totally gone! AndI had a couple of tough dry spots of skin that I had been using coconut oil on daily but they werestill dry. After just a few days of this Argan Oil, these spots are nice and soft again! I love thisstuff!! A wonderful multi-purpose product! - Misha Parodi My first use was on my hair and it eliminated the frizz, as well as helped keep my hair lookinggood for two days without needing another wash and style. The second use was for a little sunburn that was stinging and a bit painful. Within a few minutesof application the sting went away. It also works well as gentle eye oil before going to bed or in the morning. I am sure there is a myriad of other uses. I love that it is all natural, has no scent and really doeswork. Please do note the 4 oz size - it is very generous. Most products that come in these dropperbottles are 2 oz and seeing a product picture on the internet can be deceiving. This is in fact agood size bottle and lots of oil that will last for quite a while. The price for this amount cannot bebeat, in my opinion. :) I would recommend this to everyone - Jamie Somers I purchased argan oil from Beauty By Earth a few weeks back and I have been using it daily and ILOVE this product. I have been using it for stretch marks which have visibly improved. I also useit as a daily moisturizer for my face in the morning and at night with my night cream. I love theway my skin feels since using the argan oil, it's smooth, not oily at all and lines and wrinkles Inoticed before are fading. Thanks so much for this fantastic product! Absolutely love this product - The Napiers I had heard about this product through some mutual mommy friends. I received this and startedusing it right away. I live in a very humid climate so mine and my kids hair is constantly needingan Argan Oil to maintain the frizz that comes with living in this climate. I can't wait to use this forother suggestions as well (deep conditioner, facial product diaper rash, etc.). I also subscribed tothe youtube channel they have. Great suggestions. Thank you! Update: I started putting this on with my body lotion and face lotion (as suggested on the box). My skin loves it. It truly does soak/sink into your skin right away and doesn't leave an oily residuelike some other Argan Oil products. So Happy! Love this brand - Stella Bernardi I have used a few different pure Argan oils, this is by far the best I've used. I use it on my hair after every shower and also on my skin because it gets dry very easily. My skin and hair feel amazing after using this product and one of the things I really like about it is that it's not too thickand doesn't make my hair feel oily just soft and shiny. I have fine hair and it's dry and I get somany compliments on my hair about how shiny it is! I would recommend this product to anyone,not just for hair but for skin as well. Not only that, the shipping was super fast as soon as I ordered it the next day it was out the doorand I love that!! I have bought products before where it's taken up to a week to get out the doorwhen it was "in stock" and it's the worst wait when you buy something new and you're so excited

  5. for it to arrive and it takes forever!! I Love this Oil and the bonus lip balm that comes with it! - Mary Kay Carr I recently discovered Argan Oil from a friend. She was using this brand on her face and hair andshe really looked good and her hair was shiny and healthy looking. She let me use some and Iwas hooked. I just love the fact they they give you a free lip balm that is all natural too. I am achap stick addict and I am always on the lookout for something that doesn't contain chemicalsand a bunch of wax. I have to have a tube in my car, my desk, by my bed and in my purse at alltimes. This is great stuff I wish they gave away 4 tubes in each box of Argan Oil :-). Highly recommend these products. Great product - Sarah W This product is so great for extremely dry skin. Living in a very dry climate I had cracked skin onmy heels and this oil improved it 75% in just a few days. I had tried numerous foot creams thatdidn't really make a difference. Also really great when applied to lips before using chapstick orlipstick to avoid dryness. Wonderful Product - Jamie Bristol I've used many different Argan Oil products for my skin and hair and this is my favorite. Many other manufacturers add fragrance, or even dilute with other less expensive oils. This argan oil isalso organic, which is awesome. The price is very reasonable, especially considering the size ofthe bottle. I've spent more on non-organic, diluted argan oil products in tiny bottles. I use this onmy skin, nails and hair daily. My skin is very sensitive and I've not had any issues, which is notthe case with other "pure" argan oil products I've used. Someone finally found what Mother Nature has wanted us to have for centuries! - J. ReissAn amazing product! Highly recommended. I had no idea something so simple and so pure could have such immediate and positive effects onthe human skin. For decades I've been a regular consumer of high-end, high-priced skin productswith all sorts of complex ingredients and empty promises. I have spent many hundreds finding theright moisturizer for my "oily but dry" skin and have to keep spending more as they use up soeasily. It doesn't seem possible that an oil from nature could outdo what scientists have been trying tocreate--the perfect skin moisturizer. 3 small drops of this oil rubbed on my face after showeringand I'm good for the rest of the day. I found that it absorbs in easily and my skin feels fresh allday. Even with daily use, this bottle will last a long, long time. So glad I found this product and am recommending it to others. For a limited time only, Beauty by Earth is now offering its 4 ounce bottle of Organic Argan Oil foronly $23.50 in the Amazon Marketplace. The product is also available with Free Shipping forcustomers with Amazon Prime. As a token of appreciation to existing customers and an open invitation to all to avail themselvesof the miracle of Moroccan Argan Oil, a Coupon Code is being offered for an additional $5.99 offfor a limited time while supplies last. Inventory is moving very quickly, so we are urging everyoneto take advantage of this deal while it is available. By using the link below and entering coupon code YEI5EVVH at checkout you will receive adiscount of $5.99 off the total price: This product can be purchased at http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Certified-Organic-Highest-

  6. Quality/dp/B00I134Y82/ie=UTF8?m=A17119QUPKBK8A&keywords=moroccan+argan+oilQuality/dp/B00I134Y82/ie=UTF8?m=A17119QUPKBK8A&keywords=moroccan+argan+oil Find out the many uses of Moroccan Argan Oil by visiting our website at www.beautybyearth.comor our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxf9UsZ85yZXjv2QxONsj2Q. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact at or email at danielle@beautybyearth.com Contact: Danielle GreveBeauty By Earth5570 FM 423 Suite #250, PMB #154Frisco, Texas 75034469-777-6501 danielle@beautybyearth.com http://www.beautybyearth.com ###

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