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  1. Gardening By Macy Buehner

  2. Introduction Do you like flowers? Do you like fruits and veggies? Do you like planting? I like all of these things! Are you having problems in your garden like: Animals or bugs eating your plants, your plants won’t grow or there is too much litter in your garden? I want to give you the perfect tips about planting, caring for, and protecting your garden. 1

  3. When To Plant Between Spring and Summer is a good time to plant. If you want to know when to plant something, you can look at the back of the seed pack. Some packs might not tell when to plant. If they don’t say, you can look on the internet or ask someone you know. Make sure the weather is warm enough to plant. 2

  4. Soil And Seeds Getting soil and seeds is one of the fun parts, but you might not find every type of seed at every store. Try going to a few stores to find seeds. Make sure you buy the perfect amount of seeds. It depends on how big you want your garden to be. Make sure you get the right soil for your plants. I actually make my own soil by mixing the soil with the remains of our compose pile. 3

  5. Protecting Your Garden Protecting your garden is the hardest part. You might need to spray your plants with bug spray, pull out the weeds, or put a fence around the garden. Isn’t that a lot of work? The easiest part is to water your plants and care about your plants. 4

  6. Harvest Harvesting is the best part! Make sure the plants are big and ripe enough to harvest. You should ask a parent to help you harvest the plants. If you planted zucchinis, you might need to wear gloves because they are kind of prickly. If you planted any root vegetables, you will need a shovel. 5

  7. YOU CAN DO IT! By following these simple steps, you too can grow a fantastic garden! If you have grown a lot of stuff, you can donate some of your harvest to the poor people. The most rewarding part is to share your harvest with your family and friends. 6