the diary of anne frank n.
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“The Diary of Anne Frank”

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“The Diary of Anne Frank” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The Diary of Anne Frank”. Vocabulary Act I. Appalled (adj.). Horrified; shocked. Conspicuous (adj.). Easy to notice; obvious. Disgruntled (adj.). Displeased and irritated. Foreboding (n.). A feeling of something, especially bad or harmful, is about to happen. Inarticulate (adj.).

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Presentation Transcript
appalled adj
Appalled (adj.)
  • Horrified; shocked
conspicuous adj
Conspicuous (adj.)
  • Easy to notice; obvious
disgruntled adj
Disgruntled (adj.)
  • Displeased and irritated
foreboding n
Foreboding (n.)
  • A feeling of something, especially bad or harmful, is about to happen
inarticulate adj
Inarticulate (adj.)
  • Speechless; unable to speak effectively or understandably
indignantly adv
Indignantly (adv.)
  • Angrily aroused by something mean, unjust, or unworthy
jubilation n
Jubilation (n.)
  • Rejoicing; a celebration or expression of joy
loathe v
Loathe (v.)
  • To hate; to dislike someone or something greatly
oppression n
Oppression (n.)
  • The act of keeping something down through harsh and unjust use of power; the feeling of being heavily weighed down, either mentally or physically
ostentatiously adv
Ostentatiously (adv.)
  • With great show or exaggeration
pandemonium n
Pandemonium (n.)
  • Wild confusion and noise; an uproar
remorse n
Remorse (n.)
  • A bitter regret or guilt after having done wrong
vile adj
Vile (adj.)
  • Disgusting; hateful; unpleasant
wallow v
Wallow (v.)
  • To roll the body about, as an elephant in water or mud; to indulge in or take great pleasure and delight in
zeal n
Zeal (n.)
  • Great enthusiasm; a devotion to a cause, an ideal, or a goal
tension n
Tension (n.)
  • Nervous, worried, or excited state that makes relaxation impossible
resent v
Resent (v.)
  • Feel angry out of a sense of unfairness
bewildered adj
Bewildered (adj.)
  • Hopelessly confused
ideals n
Ideals (n.)
  • The standard of perfection, beauty, or excellence