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Diary of a Worm PowerPoint Presentation
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Diary of a Worm

Diary of a Worm

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Diary of a Worm

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  1. Diary of a Worm By Emily H. 2nd Grade, Mrs. McGinn June 2008

  2. Day 1 Today our teacher made us do our homework. I forgot to eat breakfast and bring my lunch so I ate my homework. My teacher saw it so she gave me another paper and made me write I will not eat my homework ten times.

  3. Day 2 Today I explored a cave and I saw a lot of brown. At night time I gathered leaves and soil, and I built a tent.

  4. Day 3 Today my little sister was born. My mom and dad thought she was so cute so they asked me to bake cupcakes for her. I made her cupcakes that were covered with soil and leaves.

  5. Day 4 Today I went to a place with a lot of dirt. I brought my little sister with me. Together we dug a big tunnel. First I had to teach my little sister how. In the evening, my sister and me dug so deep that we couldn’t get out. It took us a long time to dig up.

  6. Day 5 Today I took my little sister to the worm park. My little sister does not know how to do the monkey bars so she had to do the slides. The slide was made out of mud and dirt. My little sister loved the mud and dirt slide.

  7. Day 6 Today at art class, we made soil necklaces that we put around our necks to take home. I brought mine home and my family and I ate it for dinner.

  8. Day 7 Today I went digging into the soil with my little sister. We dug so deep that we got lost. “Help, Help”! We shouted but nobody heard us. It took us 2 days to find mom and dad.

  9. Day 8 Mom said that we are very important to the earth even though sometimes people forget that we are even here.

  10. The End