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Action for Healthy Kids PowerPoint Presentation
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Action for Healthy Kids

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Action for Healthy Kids - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Action for Healthy Kids
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  1. Action for Healthy Kids Presented by Linda Harder, MS, CHES, RD Panhandle Health District

  2. Partnership in Learning Panhandle Health District Serving 5 Northern Counties of Idaho and Mullan Trail Elementary Second Grade Students Post Falls, Idaho

  3. Food Models Grains Vegetables Fruits Milk Meat and Beans Food Guide Pyramid

  4. Teeth Healthy Foods Hard Boiled Egg Experiment: • Soak egg in vinegar overnight • Feel how acid makes shell soft

  5. Acid Causes Tooth Decay How much sugar is in soda pop? -Bacteria feed on sugar and make acid -Acid weakens tooth enamel

  6. Sugar and More Sugar!

  7. Look at All the Sugar Look at all the sugar in one bottle of beverage. Wow!

  8. Choose Teeth Healthy Foods Dietitian Linda talks about: 1) Teeth Healthy Foods 2) The Need to Brush and Floss

  9. Let’s Do Physical Activity Be Active Every Day • Inside Activities • Outside Activities

  10. Get Ready… Miracles Happen Through Activity

  11. Get Set… Miracles Happen Through Activity

  12. And GO! We are ready to get moving…

  13. Heroes in Action Whole Grain: Run in Place! Brown Rice: Turn Around! Oatmeal: Jump Up! Corn: Raise Your Arms! Barley: March in Place!

  14. Goody Bag “Keep on Brushing” Sticker “Snack Smart for Healthy Teeth” Sticker My Pyramid for Kids (Eat Right. Exercise. Have Fun) Idaho Fit Kids = Happy Kids Does Your Child Need Dental Care? Dental Practitioners who accept Medicaid What Am I Missing (Disclosure tablets Instructions) Oral Health Kit: (toothbrush & cover, floss, toothpaste, timer and tablets)

  15. THANK YOU MULLAN TRAIL! Thank you! To the Marvelous Students, Parents & Teachers Who Participated in the Action For Healthy Kids Project

  16. Action For Healthy Kids Choose Healthy!