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ADT Select Entry Hosted and Brivo Web Based Access Control PowerPoint Presentation
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ADT Select Entry Hosted and Brivo Web Based Access Control

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ADT Select Entry Hosted and Brivo Web Based Access Control - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ADT Select Entry Hosted and Brivo Web Based Access Control
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  1. ADT Select Entry Hosted and Brivo Web Based Access Control for ADT Core Commercial Sales Presented by your Brivo partners: Eleni Manoloudis – Inside Sales Ethan Lewis – National Accounts Call in information (866) 479-6576, access code 32540859#

  2. Contact Information • Eleni Manoloudis • Inside Sales Manager • Office: 301 664 5269 Toll Free: 866 692 7486, ext. 269 • Fax: 240 965 2210 • Email: • Ethan Lewis • Director of National Accounts • Phone: (240) 281-6880 • Email: • Partner Page link:

  3. Who is Brivo Systems? • Privately held company owned by Duchossois Industries, Inc. • Began in 2001 • The only supplier in the electronic access control industry to offer both Web-hosted and Web-based solutions for your customers • Allows us to recommend the right product for the application

  4. “How it has always been done” • Access control systems have traditionally had the following characteristics: • Dedicated onsite server and software • Local control over a single site only • Multiple sites would require LAN/WAN architecture or network engineering • Server/OS/software hassles and upgrade headaches

  5. Web Based and Web Hosted • Web-based means the access control software is embedded in the system and is accessible by a web browser either locally or remotely • Web-hosted means that the access control database is hosted as a ‘service’ for the customer (enables customer to access from the Internet)

  6. Business Technology Trends • Operating expense replaces capital expense • Lower Total Cost of Ownership • Frees staff to focus on core business proficiencies

  7. SaaS • Software as a service (SaaS) is a software application delivery model where a software vendor develops a web-native software application and hosts and operates (either independently or through a third-party) the application for use by its customers over the Internet. Customers do not pay for owning the software itself but rather for using it. They use it through an API accessible over the Web and often written using Web Services or REST. The term SaaS has become the industry preferred term, generally replacing the earlier terms Application Service Provider (ASP) and On-Demand.

  8. Common Web-hosted Architecture

  9. Hardware Review The Brivo solution utilizes one primary hardware solution The Brivo ACS 5000 panel series

  10. Works in Any Environment • Ethernet Connectivity (ACS 5000-E/S) • T1, cable, DSL, WiFi, satellite • DHCP • Outbound only (Secure HTTPS://) • Neither LAN nor WAN required for multi-site management • Wireless (ACS 5000-W) • Cellular - ATT (GSM) • Eliminate line-of-sight concerns

  11. Common System Components:Main Control Board • Provides processor and local memory functions • Provides Ethernet network interface • Provides Ethernet administrative interface for local configuration and diagnostics • Provides support for up to 14 expansion boards • Built-in support for two doors, plus two inputs and two auxiliary outputs per door

  12. Expansion Chassis 1 Main Control Chassis Expansion Chassis 2 Basic Brivo Architecture • CAN Bus Connectivity: Layout • Control Chassis and two Expansion Chassis Connected via CAN Bus

  13. Basic Brivo Architecture

  14. ACS5000-E/W/S ACS5000-DB ACS5000-IO Standard Brivo Components ACS5000-EXP ACS5008-E Brivo OnSite SE/XE

  15. Web-hosted Architecture ADT Select Entry Web Hosted Access Control Solution

  16. ADT SelectEntry Web-hosted Access Control

  17. Web-hosted Architecture • No dedicated servers • No software or software licenses required • Centralized remote administration • Automatic software upgrades • Web-based is different • Backups/Obsolescence no longer an issue • Built-in secure data storage/disaster recovery

  18. Web-hosted…Selling the Value • Remotely manage all sites • Eliminate technology obsolescence • Greatly reduce IT expense • Manage third parties more effectively • Works with difficult wiring conditions • Event history archived for 365 days • Software updates included • True secure Web client architecture over Internet connection SAS 70 type I and II certified

  19. Notable Features - Web-hosted • Photo ID badge templates and printing • DVR integration • Group-activated schedules • Expanded and creative reporting • Dual credential entry (Card/PIN, etc.) • Elevator control • English, French and Spanish language support

  20. Video Integration • Purely Web-based • Transparent loading of controls/applets • Data-driven • No physical connection • Managed sign-on • Supported brands • Intellex • Dedicated Micros • Speco

  21. Email or Text Notifications of Events • Send events to mobile devices • Notifications rules are associated to schedules • Easily track when and where specific personnel are on property from your phone • Follow status of critical equipment and/or alarms

  22. Target Vertical Markets ForWeb-hosted • Property management • Municipalities/public works • Financial • Warehousing/distribution • Transportation/logistics • Religious institutions • Educational facilities • Healthcare • General Aviation Airports • Takeovers!

  23. OnSite – Web-Based Access Control Brivo OnSite Solutions

  24. When Do I Sell ACS OnSite? • When the customer does not want their data stored at our hosting facility • When the customer absolutely refuses to pay ANSC • To get your foot in the door and up-sell to ACS WebService with ANSC down the road • When the customer wants to store their own backup • When the customer does not need to control their system from outside their network • When a typical Client/Server solution is preferred • Brivo has two OnSite solutions: OnSite and OnSite SE/XE

  25. Brivo OnSite – Web-Based Access Control • Same physical hardware as ACS WebService (ADT Select Entry) • No software – browser-based • Suited for one facility of up to 30 readers, even if the facility houses more than one business • On-site storage of data is required • No monthly hosting fee • Go after those applications where the customer may lean towards a conventional client/server solution • Easy optional upgrade to ACS WebService without changing hardware

  26. OnSite – Web-Based Access Control

  27. OnSite SE/XE– Web-based Access Control • Same physical hardware as ADT SelectEntry and ACS OnSite • PLUS – a rack-mounted IT “appliance” that manages multiple ACS-5000S panels • Supports up to 300 readers and 25,000 users; database capacity up to 1,000,000 events • XE supports up to 750 readers • No software – browser-based • On-site storage of data is required • ID Badging capability • Multiple Accounts/Multiple time zones • Caveats • Dedicated Micros is the only integrated DVR currently; Intellex is coming!

  28. OnSite SE/XE

  29. ADT Select Entry Total Sites -Unlimited Total Readers -Unlimited Custom Fields - 60 Elevator Control Badging DVR Integration Cellular - available ACS OnSite Sites - 1 Total Readers - 30 Custom Fields - 10 ACS OnSite SE/XE Sites - Multiple Total Readers - 300/750 Custom Fields - 10 Elevator Control Badging DVR Integration ADT Select Entry Comparedto ACS OnSite

  30. Interesting Options! • HID Edge Plus IP Reader: • Received it’s UL listing • Works with Web Hosted model as well as On Site SE/XE • Great for single or two door applications, especially if it is multi-site • Works with any standard reader • Contact us with these applications • XML API tool • Integrate with other applications like HR, Student Management, etc • This builds value add component and therefore can increase revenue • Contact us with these applications

  31. Do the Demo, Close the Deal! Over 70% of live on-site or phone demonstrations result in a closed deal

  32. Doing Demonstrations • Regional Sales Manager - • Bring equipment with him • Face-to-face • Get to any customer computer with internet access • Inside Sales • Call to set up demonstration • You show up, get to a speaker phone, and any prospect computer with internet access

  33. 2008 Sales Regions

  34. Brivo Regional Contacts

  35. Get the Recognition You’ve Earned! • Sent to a list of more than 2,000, the Success Stories email gives you high-visibility recognition within ADT! • It’s easy to send your successes in: • You can email your Brivo RSM • Or, send us the facts and we’ll write the story: • Go to • Under Quick Links, click on “Send us your success stories!” • Fill in and submit the form • Then, look for the next Select Entry Success Stories email!

  36. Brivo Support Information • Website - • Partner Page link: • Inside Sales - (866) 692-7486, Option 1 • System applications/design • On-line demonstrations • Literature requests • Pre-sale support • Technical Support - (866) 692-7486, Option 3 • Post-sale support

  37. Contact Information Thank You, now let’s see a brief ADT SelectEntry Demo!

  38. Contact Information • Eleni Manoloudis • Inside Sales Manager • Office: 301 664 5269 Toll Free: 866 692 7486, ext. 269 • Fax: 240 965 2210 • Email: • Ethan Lewis • Director of National Accounts • Phone: (240) 281-6880 • Email: