welcome to world finals n.
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Welcome to World Finals!

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Welcome to World Finals! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to World Finals!. We are now one team – COLORADO. Agenda. Registration Parents’ Roles Getting You & Your Props To Iowa State University Arriving on Campus International Event Opening Ceremonies Float & Banner Parade Coaches & Officials Problem Closing Ceremonies

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welcome to world finals

Welcome to World Finals!

We are now one team – COLORADO

  • Registration
  • Parents’ Roles
  • Getting You & Your Props To Iowa State University
  • Arriving on Campus
  • International Event
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Float & Banner Parade
  • Coaches & Officials Problem
  • Closing Ceremonies
  • Creativity Festival
  • Pins and T-Shirt Trading
  • Fund Raising
  • Team
    • Due 2 weeks after Association Finals – April 26th
    • Sooner the better – please don’t delay if you know you are going
    • Scheduling Considerations
    • Online and save $100
  • Housing
    • Due 2 weeks after Association Finals – April 26th
    • Sooner the better – please don’t delay if you know you are going
    • To stay on campus or not stay?
  • Payment
    • Due May 1st
    • 50% refund after May 1st; 0% after May 9th
  • Tournament Schedule
    • Tentative – May 6th – 8th
    • Final – May 10th
parents roles
Parents’ Roles
  • You Decide
    • No right answer for every team
    • Depends on your comfort level
    • Set expectations early
  • Publicity
  • Fund Raising Event per Family
  • Logistics
  • T-Shirt & Pin Ordering
  • Forms
  • Spontaneous Practice
  • Excursions
  • Coaches & Officials Meeting
  • Coaches Recovery Party/Division Party for the team
travelling to iowa
Travelling to Iowa
  • Team
    • Flights to Des Moines
    • Airport Transfers – Odysseyofthemind.com>World Finals>Getting to Campus
    • Driving to Ames
  • Props
    • Shipping Companies; UPS; FedEx Ground
    • Packing Props = Not considered Outside Assistance
      • You can do this, please! Prop Shipping Label
    • Make arrangements for them to arrive by May 23rd
    • Will be delivered to a storage area near your competition site.
    • Make arrangements for their return home
arriving on campus
Arriving On Campus
  • Check In at Registration – International Center
    • Team Packet
    • Housing Packet
    • Forms Stations
    • And more…
  • Housing Check In
    • Room Assignments
    • Meal Bands
  • Coaches Meeting
    • A Must!
    • Parent(s) available to watch the team
international event
International Event
  • Buddy Teams
    • Not required to speak a foreign language
    • Email is a great tool
    • See and support each other’s performances
    • Usually one excursion together
    • Most trade cultural gifts with each other
    • Many stay in touch long after World Finals
  • Homestay Program
    • Usually 3-4 days; stay in the homes of American families associated with Odyssey of the Mind
    • International team is responsible for travel to/from homestay location
    • International teams are expected to pay own personal expenses
    • Host provides lodging, meals and some planned activities
opening ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies
  • Similar to Olympics
  • One team member from each team to represent CO
  • Will meet at Hilton Coliseum tunnel at 6:45
  • Sit on floor with me
  • Block of seats for Colorado teams
  • Spectators sit elsewhere in arena
  • Tickets free, but required
  • Wear your t-shirt
  • Meet up with you afterwards to return team member
float banner parade
Float & Banner Parade
  • Participation is optional, but really fun!
  • 2nd night
  • Outside Assistance Allowed
coaches officials problem
Coaches & Officials Problem
  • Participation is optional, but can be hilarious!
  • Humor for older kids at heart
  • Team members can help you 
  • 3rd Night
closing ceremonies
Closing Ceremonies
  • Will sit together in the arena
  • Spectators seated elsewhere in arena
  • Tickets required, but is free and everyone is welcome
  • Spectators will need to pick up tickets the morning of Closing Ceremonies
creativity festival
Creativity Festival
  • Hands On Activities for kids of all ages
  • Sponsored by each association
  • Starts at 12 noon on Day 1 and Runs through Day 3 at noon
  • Staffed by team volunteers and scheduled around long term performance
  • Creativity Festival Booth Coordinator team receives one complimentary housing package
fund raising
Fund Raising
  • Sources:
    • World Finals Housing Grant
    • Start with your PTO and school districts for any available funds – emphasize how Odyssey develops 21st century skills, STEM & Common Core
    • Corporate sponsors are best sought through employees
    • Local sponsors like to support the community – be sure to return the favor
    • Chain restaurants sponsoring proceeds from one day/night of sales
    • Mother’s Day sales – flowers, nurseries, spa packages
    • Events at the school
  • Things to Keep In Mind:
    • It will likely come in small amounts, but it will add up
    • Ask for a specific amount; keep track and send thank you notes
    • Generate news and press; make it easy for them to run a story
  • Other ideas that have worked? Words of wisdom…
future events communication
Future Events & Communication
  • The Role of Spontaneous at WF
  • Spontaneous Workshop – May 18th 1:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Openings Ceremonies delegation – due May 18th
  • Team member for Float & Banner – due May 18th
  • Item to wear/carry for Opening Ceremonies
  • Creativity Festival Volunteers
  • Colorado Team Schedule
  • Contact Info at Iowa State University
    • Cell Phone
    • Text Messaging
some final thoughts
Some Final Thoughts
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience – it is so awesome!
  • Scoring and judges
  • Support Colorado teams; check the schedule – there is nothing like hearing the roar of a large crowd and seeing a sea of Colorado Odyssey shirts in the audience!
  • Watch the Odyssey website: www.odysseyofthemind.com
  • Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coloradoodyssey
  • Prepare for weather
  • Plan outside trips carefully. Have extra adults with you to help if you go
  • Coaches Recovery Party – Go and have fun, the kids are ready to have fun on their own –hint, hint
  • Parents Responsibilities
  • Coaches Responsibilities
pin trading creativity festival
Pin Trading & Creativity Festival
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp2OyKLmw5I