1900 s in action we didn t start the fire
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1900’s in Action “We didn’t start the fire!”. By Pat Horan and Zach Smierciak. Buddy Holly.

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1900 s in action we didn t start the fire

1900’s in Action“We didn’t start the fire!”

By Pat Horan and Zach Smierciak

Buddy holly
Buddy Holly

  • A professional singer, whose real name was Charles Hardin Holley, who typically sang rock and roll. On February 3, 1959 he died in a airplane crash, though much of his music influenced bands like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. He began an era of music.

Ben hur

This was a film in the 1959 produced by Sam Zimbalist. The story is when a Jewish prince is betrayed and sent into slavery by a Roman friend, he regains his freedom and comes back for revenge. This film was very popular during this time period and is still played today.

Space monkey
Space Monkey

Between 1948 and 1962 the USA sent monkeys into space. Scientists investigated the biological affects of space travel. After the USA did this, it was also followed by many other nations. The USA space monkey was called HAM.


There were many mafia leaders within the United States. During 1959, the Mafia leaders all met in upstate New York to get better organized with their plans for the future.

Hula hoops
Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops became a national fad. The system included children and even adults trying to spin the large plastic hoop around their waist. It was even brought to TV by the biggest of celebrities. The fad peaked and died out quickly.


Fidel Castro was a wealthy lawyer, supporting social justice and fighting against the influence of the United States in Cuba. He became involved in politics and led the revolution to overthrow Cuban dictator 1959. He then became the Prime Minister of Cuba. Moving toward Communism, he removed allies with the United States.


Ford Motor Company came out with a new car, the Edsel. The car was named after Edsel Ford, Henry Ford's son. The car was to fit in between the Ford and Mercury, but it did not fit the needs of the drivers so the existences was short lived.

1900 s in action we didn t start the fire

America had been secretly sending over U2 planes to investigate what was going on in the Soviet Union. Eventually, the Soviet Union discovered these planes and one was shot down while another was taken captive. This made America look very suspicious in the eyes of the world.

Syngman rhee
Syngman Rhee

Syngman Rhee was the first President of South Korea, being president from 1948 to 1960. His was of ruling became unpopular, and he was forced to resign by a student-led democratic movement.


This was when people would over play a song to regulate the CD’s that were being bought and sold. This was often found with disk jockeys that were paid to play songs. Allen Freed was the biggest scandal of this event.


John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States in 1960. Starting president with a lot on tension in the United States, his presidency was short lived when he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on 22 November 1963.

Chubby checkers
Chubby Checkers

Singer Chubby Checker came out with the song The Twist, which started a national dance sensation. Soon, not only teens but also adults where doing the twist. The dance was responsible for modernizing the dance era to a faster pace. Chubby Checker's name was based off of the name of the popular rock singer Fats Domino.


Psycho was a thriller movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It was one of the first famous horror films. Based off of a psychotic murder in a motel room. It was a new and altogether different type of screen excitement.

Belgians in the congo
Belgians in the Congo

The country of Belgian Congo gained independence from Belgium in 1960 to become simply the Congo. For the next several years there was civil trouble, resulting in 100,00 deaths, as Congolese political parties fought for power.

The end


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