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e campus initiatives by vtu for effective teaching learning process n.
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E –campus initiatives by VTU for effective teaching learning process PowerPoint Presentation
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E –campus initiatives by VTU for effective teaching learning process

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E –campus initiatives by VTU for effective teaching learning process
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E –campus initiatives by VTU for effective teaching learning process

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  1. E –campus initiatives by VTU for effective teaching learning process • Dr. K. Balaveera Reddy,Vice Chancellor, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. • Dr. M.S.Shivkumar,Registrar,VTU Belgaum. • Smt. Nandini S. Sidnal, P.G.Coordinator,VTU Campus Belgaum. VTU Belgaum

  2. Introduction • 120 Engg. Colleges affiliated • Offers 25 UG & 59 PG courses and research programs • It conducts 2 M.Tech. and MBA courses on full time basis in its campus. VTU Belgaum

  3. E-campus concept • Unique initiative at VTU campus. • Integrates digital tools for effective teaching, learning, evaluation and communication. • Campus wide * Wide-band fiber optic LAN * Pervasive wi-fi network coverage * 2MBPS dedicated leased line internet connectivity for global access. * Digital class rooms * Wireless enabled Laptops are provided to students and staff VTU Belgaum

  4. Digital Class Roomwhen Technology enters the class room A innovative way of Teaching Teachers role is less central but definitely not unimportant Morphing the Class Room teaching

  5. VTU Belgaum

  6. VTU Belgaum

  7. Features of Digital ClassRoom • E- Board • Sharing of E- Board • Control Presentation from E-Board • Recording of the lecture for future use • Snapshot • Print VTU Belgaum

  8. On-line examinations (Pilot Project) • Continuous evaluation Memorizing knowledge and reproducing it on demand does not develop students reasoning skills. • VTU ----Assessment Management System (browser based application) comprehensive testing and assessment feature creation and storage of questions Web based authoring facility scalable (Can handle 1400 concurrent users at a time) monitor ,analyze and guide the performance of individual student or group of students VTU Belgaum

  9. On-line examinations cont.. can cater 22 types of questions Uniform and transparent online assessment of performance Instant and effortless performance measurement. Standing of individual student can be known Unique question paper with same weightage Question bank is developed Based on the outcome of this pilot project it can be extended to all PG Programs of VTU Significant time , money, effort can be saved. VTU Belgaum

  10. VTU Belgaum

  11. Teachers At Advantage • Innovative way of teaching with technology enabled education making them flexible and technologically gymnastic. • A Picture is worth a thousand words • Animation adds spice to teaching • “Save” and reuse of Lecture. • Most Important of all --- TIME VTU Belgaum

  12. Students at Advantage • Students are consumers of knowledge and customers of academy • Traditional class rooms were place and time bound & source of knowledge and learning was only professor but now it is beyond that. • Professor + supplementary tools (digital class room) = Learner centric , open & flexible education ie opportunity for deep learning • To listen, remember, synthesize and interpret knowledge is drudgery but with digital tools it will be effective b’coz there is a chance to repeat, practice and fail . VTU Belgaum

  13. Students at Advantage cont.. • No need to take class notes • Efficiency increases since students attention is 100% on teacher’s lecture rather than on his notes and spellings. • Students at various universities can swap their notes in a fraction of time • Instant availability of any material through “ GOOGLE ”in the class room • Virtual programming lab in the classroom VTU Belgaum

  14. UNIVERSITY AT ADVANTAGE A Quality Student Who can meet the challenging requirements of the emerging knowledge economy VTU Belgaum

  15. Education system has not changed but role of student, teacher and institution has changed THANK YOU VTU Belgaum

  16. VTU Belgaum

  17. E-board Supported by Webster software for interactive chalk less writing, wireless lapel µphone to pickup audio ceiling mounted camera to capture video & multimedia projector for display. Can be used As touch screen to control the computer (finger as mouse) To capture and markup any image from the computer Run slide presentations VTU Belgaum

  18. E-board cont.. has facilities • for onscreen keyboard • to reveal the projected screen one line at a time • to spotlight portion of screen with circle of light • to select Pen colour • to Highlight • to erase VTU Belgaum

  19. Netmeeting • All participants are enabled to write on the current eboard from their laptops receive the writing on the eboard on their laptops. VTU Belgaum

  20. Control presentation from the e-board • No need of a mouse or keyboard to navigate the slides. • Contents of the slide can be underlined or highlighted • All the board contents can be captured. VTU Belgaum

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