use of eds for s w bus adaptor ccsds sois 2013 spring meeting jonathan wilmot nasa gsfc n.
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Use of EDS for S/W Bus Adaptor CCSDS SOIS 2013 Spring Meeting Jonathan Wilmot NASA GSFC PowerPoint Presentation
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Use of EDS for S/W Bus Adaptor CCSDS SOIS 2013 Spring Meeting Jonathan Wilmot NASA GSFC

Use of EDS for S/W Bus Adaptor CCSDS SOIS 2013 Spring Meeting Jonathan Wilmot NASA GSFC

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Use of EDS for S/W Bus Adaptor CCSDS SOIS 2013 Spring Meeting Jonathan Wilmot NASA GSFC

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  1. Use of EDS for S/W Bus AdaptorCCSDS SOIS 2013 Spring MeetingJonathan Wilmot NASA GSFC

  2. Exemplar CFS Architecture Spacecraft Data Recorder File Manager CFDP File Transfer Limit Checker Checksum Data Storage Instrument 1 Manager Stored Commanding Instrument 2 Manager Scheduler Recorder Manager GNC Sensors Onboard Models 5 Hz GPS 232 GPS IO House keeping Time Services Table Services Software Bus Health & Safety Control Law Executive Event 5 Hz 232 Altimeter Services Services Alt IO 50 Hz State Determination 422 IMU LN200 IO Inter-task Message Router (SW Bus) EDAC Memory Scrubber Cnd Ingest Housekeeping Recorder Space Wire Power Time Manager 1553 Bus Controller Telemetry Output C&DH App S/C Data GN&C App CFS App RAM & EEPROM Time HW SpaceWire Power hw SBC 1553 S-Comm cFE App

  3. CFS Software Bus (SB) • CFS components publish/subscribe to CCSDS packets • Packets are either telecommand or telemetry • Publishers have no knowledge of subscribers • One publisher to many subscribers is typical • Control log, Fault management, data storage, telemetry output • Send and forget • Subscribers can request packet meta data (Publisher appid, system, subsystem) • Subscriptions are based on packet app id (2^11) • Common CFS applications use a consistent set of app ids, but missions can redefine them • C structures are used in the software to extract packet data • CCSDS headers are not part of the C structures but via abstractions • Ad-hoc tools are used to convert between C structures and ground systems and tool databases • Common definition parsed to generate packet definitions for other systems • NASA working to establish CFS governance model and community • Architecture, software, and tools commonality across many NASA missions • Potential support for SOIS MTS compliance (Likely in the long term)

  4. CFS Software Bus (SB) • SB implements QOS only at the network interfaces • SB API accepts QOS parameters and passes them down • There is a Software Bus Network (SBN) component that plugs in for each network type (Ethernet, TTEthernet,1553, SpaceWire...) • SBN is also used for interpartition (ARINC 653, PikeOS...), inter-core messaging (Multi-core), and intra-processor • SB is not aware that SBN(s) exists • SBN will pass network to network through traffic • SBN implements a peer to peer network • No protocol master, connection mappings are kept local • Peers can come and go at runtime • All subscription requests are replicated (This can have scaling issues) • Ground interfaces are through Command Ingest and Telemetry Output plugins • Not all components look at packet contents • Data storage, telemetry output, both just filter and forward

  5. Formats • CFS may move toward the DEM format which moves beyond the 2^11 appid (topic) limitation • Support for audio and video encapsulation CCSDS format Data Exchange message (DEM) format

  6. EDS gets used in many places EDS(s) Subnetwork services Channelizations and service type (packet…) defined here Data Consumers I/O Schedule Device SpaceWire I/O Device Device specific driver(s) Device I/O Schedule device Raw Sensor processing device RIU Partition, core, network… device 1553 I/O Device Device Device I/O & Driver Software Bus Network (SBN) Software Bus Network (SBN) 422 Device

  7. Layered Approach: Use of EDS in the System Stack HW and/or software logic SpaceWire 1553 Subnetwork I/O Sensor Processing Telemetry Output

  8. End to End EDS EDS XTCE database EDS comm Telemetry monitors Control Center EDS Software Bus SOIS MTS EDS Star Tracker EDS Reaction Wheel EDS RTU driver EDS EDS File Manager EDS Command EDS Telemetry comm CFDP File Transfer EDS EDS EDS SOIS Stack HW RTU Mass Storage Meta data for file contents? XTEDS HW thermistor thermistor EDS 1451 HW 1451